Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Kansas Part 2!

 Dont let the display picture fool you this, place was fantstic! Bright and early Thursday morning, (more like the crack of 10) we headed out to Johnson County Kansas to visit the "1950's All Electric House Museum" .

(The 1953 All Electric Ranch style house)
(Spacious Living room)
(To die for Kitchen!)
(With the nicest little patio!)
Patricia and I loved this place! Its been almost fully restored  and the last time I saw it was when I was 11 years old, I didn't realize just how much this house influenced what I would do three years later at the start of the Casablanca. The house tour lasted about 20 minuets and then we were able to wander the rest of the Johnson County Museum at our own pace.
(Patricia as a Frontier woman)
They had the neatest exhibits on consumerism in the early part of the century from the early 1920's to the Baby Boom and post war years of the 1950's
(Look at that Television set!)
(A Restored 1955-56 Bel-Air, oh yes and Pat!)

After we'd had our fill of fun at the Museum, off we went to the nearby town of Bonner Springs Kansas to see the Moon Marble Factory!
Once in the store we both went wild buying souvenirs and novelty items I came out with these...
(A Cigarette Donkey, postcard, build-a-hut, and Glass eye marble)
We also too turns playing with marbles!

After Bonner Springs, we met up with Curtis and Lauren in Overland Park Kansas (fictional setting of the TV show "United States of Tara"   we then had dinner and headed back to Lawrence to pack up all our stuff and get ready to depart for the Missouri part of our trip the next morning...

Tune in Tuesday for our fun adventures, and out of this world thrifting finds with a fellow blogger in Missouri!

Have a safe and Happy 4th!



Cee said...

Nice! My friend was telling me abou the all electric house when they were going to visit it. Also, that is a 55 Bel Air :) The 56 is the first year with the curved chrome on the tail but it doesn't extend fully to the front, then 57 has the full chrome plus the chrome panel on the back curve. Only 3 years of cars I can 100% tell apart! :D

1950s Atomic Ranch House said...

Very cool!

Oh gee I remember when we had one of those original smoking donkeys...

That's the one where you put this little ciggy in his mouth and he "smokes" it right? That's the kind we had.

Or is that the one where a real cig (stored in his body) comes out his rear end? lol..

Zootsuitmama said...

OH my!! If I would have known you were THAT close, we could have met up!! I live 20 minutes from there. Darn!


Amber Von Felts said...

What is the All Electric House exactly? Was it made to showcase the modern marvels of living with electricity?