Monday, March 30, 2015

The 1961 Casablanca Spring Break Dance.

Hello Readers!
Well, 1961 has kicked off with a lot of pomp and circumstance! Oh yes, and rain...

58 guests turned out in their finest to celebrate this years dance "The Way You Look Tonight", and the 5th year of the founding of our Casablanca Club. Friends came in for states all over the country just to attend!
The decorating and eats committees had endeavored to make this the best dance we've had, and I must say it was a smashing success!  Everyone looked so nice in their formals, there was scarcely enough counter space to contain all the food! The dance hall was transformed into an elegant black and white striped tent, enchanted with lights and paper lanterns.

After all the guests had arrived at 7:00pm we promptly kicked off our dancing program for the evening...

(Guests were met at the coat check by our wonderful friend Rachel!)
With the Social Season officially open, un-dampened by the light rain, the music started and guests took to the floor to swing and sway.
Up first in our dance music program, friend Seigen our all around Casablanca Casanova with "The Best Things In Life Are Free".

 This was most certainly the year for "dance crazes" The Twist, The Pony, The Nitty-Gritty, The Mashed Potato,The Cupid Shuffle, The Madison, Limbo, and a NEW dance craze all our own- "The Panther Prowl" invented by our very own friend and member Meg!
 (Mr & Mrs. McClellan)
 (Sheila & Meg)
 (Melissa & Robert)
 (Logan & Emily)
(Raeanne & Cindy)
What our friends love most about the dance, is there really isn't any pressure to bring a date, we are all pretty close so there is never a shortage of dance partners!
Next up in our cavalcade of musical stars,
The lovely Katherine with Cole Porter's "Let's Do it!"-

("Let's Do It!" is one of my all time favorite Cole Porter songs, I've waited 5 years for someone to make it to the dance and preform it, and Katherine was just sensational!)
(Josh & Kate!)
(Kara & Luke)
 (Chloe & Ty drove down from Oklahoma City!)
 (Bobby & Katie Jay, soon to be Mr & Mrs. Bobby Kiefer!)
(Sisters Claire & Kate!)
The next portion of our evening featured popular hits of the day, it is 1961 after all! The entertainment took a sharp swing from classic big band to American Bandstand... 
So introducing the Casablanca's very own Teenage heartthrob Luke, with "Dream Lover"

How about those back up dancers!?
The merriment continued, as did the rain, but it didnt bother the party guests in the slightest.
 (Jeremiah "Jazz Hands" Stevens!)
Up next on our Americna Bandstand stage, 
Kara and the Karetts with our bulls eye chart hit, "I Only Want To Be You."

Pretty soon it was 9:00pm and was time to vote and crown our dance King and Queen!
(1961 King Jeremiah & Queen Mary-Grace!)
Then as is tradition, the King and Queen led the court in dance....

 (Jacqueline & James)
 (Ty & Chloe)
 (James & Kristen)
 (Mr. & Mr.s Stevens)
 (Jennifer & Seigen)
(Amanda & Myself)
After the coronation dance, Seigen crooned the theme of the dance.

(Joy & James)
(Russ & Deanna)
(Claire E., Katherine, and Kara!)
(James, John, Malachi, Jaqueline, Kate, Josh, Claire W.)
(Ryan & Mary, after a three year hiatus!)
(Evelyn Lee, Belle of the Ball and Dame of the dessert table!)
(Dan & Stephanie)
 (Lynn & Patricia, Miss Casablanca 1960!)
(Dylan & Raeanne!)

Friend Mary-Grace took to the floor and sang one of the latest hits, "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?" 
The Dance was in full swing, and everyone was ready to Stroll!
(Hannah & Tres)
 (Kate & Logan)
 (Jacqueline & Johnathan)
 (Claire &m Josh)
(Kat & James Tiberius)
We Bunny Hopped, Twisted, and Cha-Cha-Cha'ed the night away until our feet hurt! As the clock neared closer to 11:00pm it was time for the last song of the dance by special guest (record guest) Frank Sinatra, "I'll Be Seeing You".
 (You can almost smell the "Evening in Paris" perfume.)
This years dance, as well as the last song of the dance was in memory of  my Grandmother Jordan. It is hard to believe it has been a year since she passed, she was a big supporter of our club parties and was particularly fond of the Spring Dance.

If by now dear Readers, I haven't conveyed to you that a marvelous time was had by all I don't know what will! It was an enchanting evening of friends, food and dancing! I am so glad that all that attended came, and I wish those who couldn't be with us this year might make it for the next.
(Good to the last drop!)

I have to thank every single person in the club both past and present, for getting us here today. As well as thanking everyone on the Planning, Decorating, Entertainment, Eats, Photography and Carpool committees for their hard work. The dance would not have been a success without all of you! ( A very special Thanks to friend Teresa W. for ironing all our tent sheets!) I cannot say how much I appreciate your hard work and help!

Another Swellegant evening in the books!