Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Thank You, And Some Mystery....

This morning I heard a knock on the front door and  when I opened it there stood our neighborhood friendly Post Man with a Box for me! (not gonna lie, I love getting mail as long as its not bills or a jury duty summons) 
It just so happen to hold my prizes from Zootsuitmama's  guys give away!  I couldn't get the box open fast enough... and Inside oh what treasures all of which will provably go to the Casablanca!  Here's what will soon be on the Casablanca scene...
A vintage travel plate from Hawaii, a travel plat from Florida, a cocktail glass from Coral Beach Florida, and an awesome paper weight/ thermometer also from the 'aloha state' and at the very bottom of the box was this, and its mystery quickly made it my favorite.... take a good look at the vintage travel scarf....
here's some close ups.
I like theres a red headed guy at the beach, maybe me in a past life? : )
Look close here, Isn't their something missing?
Well here it says "Hollywood Movie land" ...
But where is California's MOST iconic land mark the HOLLYWOOD sign?!  Thus the Mystery begins... Im going to go out on a branch here and say this scarf was printed sometime in the 1930's. BECAUSE  in 1939 the sign was still 'HOLLYWOODLAND' for the popular development in the hills.  The sign would not be altered to say "Hollywood" until 1949.  The other reason I think this is an early to mid 30's scarf is because of the missing Hollywood bowl. construction did not begin until 1929 that could explain why its not on here (or did it simply not make the Icon cut?)  I will now sit back and wait for you fine readers to shoot  down my logic haha! if its not 30's my next guess is mid 40's....  Either way isnt it great?! I love, love, love it!

Thanks again Zootsuitmama!


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Goodwill Power!

Actually its 'Good' will power, but first this Public Announcement...

Please RSVP by sending an email to JahJah_Jordan@hotmail.com ! We'd love to have you as our guest!

Now back to our feature presentation,

Yesterday my friend and I headed to Walmart to print photos, I didn't realize how long it had been since my last visit. they now have these cool HP machines that print your pictures in 3 minuets!!!  Now most of you might be thinking "Oh dumb back woods boy... hes talking about the chain store of rednecks and "NEW FANGLED" technology."   But you have NO IDEA how much I love this!  See during the summer I try and take pictures at the lake every weekend, and we put them in "The Box". (An Idea based on my grandmothers photos)
Lets do the math on that, twelve or so pictures put into one hour photo at 4:30, finish time = ETERNITY....
However I used my charm and dashing good looks (HA HA) to persuade the photo girls to give me my pictures early. (Actually I just frequented the place so much they'd give them to me in about 15 min once they come out of the machine.)  So this new 3 minuet printer is mind blowing!

Now that we had our pictures in hand, I asked my friend if shed liek to stop by Goodwill and she said sure. so we go... and Oh the things we saw.
I love old group pictures, (so if your coming to 'As Time Goes By' be prepared to smile!

I also found this little plaster of paris souvenir picture frame  for $2.99
Then I spot it sitting on a table, I think for only a moment 'now why would there be a cord running out of a suitcase? ...Maybe because its a DROP RECORD PLAYER!
It even had the little adapter 45 thing you put on the "dropper" so you don't have to put those weird things on your 45's. All for $6.99  And right beside the record player I found  this little Organ, wish I knew how to play would be great at the lake for movie accompaniment  $14.99.
Then Just as we were going to leave I spotted this little box of formal dinner invitations. for $0.99 but the tape on the orniginal box was kind of a downer.

Now here's where the "Power" comes in, I only had a $10 and I decided I really didn't need any of the stuff I found.  I honestly think that's the FIRST time iv walked out of a Goodwill with money where there was good stuff there and not bought anything.  Im still debating on the record player I almost bought it then and there, but of all the time to find a STACK-O-MATIC there was not 1 record to be found in Goodwill to test it. (And Iv already made my mind up im getting a Crosley Stack-o-matic in Oak  for my 20th Birthday. In the Case of record players Id rather have a new one that looks old and really works, than an old vintage one that doesn't.)
When I go back Wednesday if its still there I may buy it just to get the little "45 adapter" to stick on my Crosley.

Friday, March 26, 2010

What is so classic about Paper Lanterns?


When ever I think of a garden party I have this default image in my mind. Its a summer evening, everyones dressed in formals, there's big band music floating in the air, and suspended there in the night sky is a row of paper lanterns, and for some reason its 1948?!.....

So today when I went into our local $1 shop and Spotted these I bought them in every color!
There are 8 more left at the store, and I will provably get them Monday. These are cool, fun and match the colors of my house! However what id really like is a string of 1940's 1950's lanterns you see in movies all the time.  Like in the Movie "The Majestic", watch this clip and just look at the decorations!

See how cool those are?! But I can never find them... I try going to rich peoples estate sales  (because it would figure the richer people would have classier garden parties)  Does anyone know what they are called?
I'm hoping to have a whole bunch of lanterns collected by June so I can hang them in the back yard for "As Time Goes By"   I also think were going to be making ropes covered in crept paper flowers to string around.

What Garden Party ideas do you fine readers have?


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Obsession, and Reflection...

I love my "WOW" factor :)

Example in class today the teacher was asking us what we've done with our lives. Many people said they've gotten married, had kids, bought a new car, won a trophy for football, went to the Art Fair in Austin... and then She comes to me "Mr. Jordan, what have you done in your life..."  with out batting an eye, I reply "I own the Worlds Smallest Drive-In Movie Theater." = WOW factor.

It wasn't until I started digging through some of my old thing that I realized just HOW obsessed with Drive-In movie theaters I have been, and for how long! 
(My mother thought I was so dumb for taking a picture of a speaker post)
This is whats left of the "Chief" Drive -In movie theater in Quanah Texas, I  remember begging my parents to get off the main highway So I could jump out and take pictures in 2002!   The deeper I dug the more stuff I found. Such as this picture here.
 You'll have to look hard,(its not the best picture) but this Was the ticket booth of my very first Drive -In movie theater. "The Southern Palace" . My friends and I work so hard on this, See before the Casablanca existed, there was the city of "Stanford".  We started spring break of 2000 with two pieces of lattice and a can of paint. Stanford was a 20x20 square in the back yard under some pecan trees. Over the years we had 7 regular buildings in Stanford. The Governors mansion, The Hotel (later turned 50's diner), a "Theater" , The Old castle (turned into a general store later), The 50's flair cafe (That became the Drive-In),  A hardware store, and the Snack Stand of the Drive -In.  During the summer kids would come from all over town on their bikes to "play" in Stanford.  We were Always building and improving.  I remember working all summer to save money to by red bricks to pave the street in Stanford! A lot of those bricks ended up at the Casablanca. We'd Have Dances. and Dinners and Festivals. I remember my mother almost having a stroke when she found out we'd wired the entire city for electricity using a series of extension cords and 3 way plugs haha!  Stanford Lived on for 7 years. Spring break and all through the summer with the then "Copa" (later to be Casablanca" on the back burner, and then one summer something tragic happened.... We all grew up.
You'd never even know it was there....
But from the ashes of Stanford bloomed the rose that is now the Casablanca.  Lets face it The C.H.&R. had a real roof, (not sheets of tin held together by duck tape!) and it was an honest to goodness house.  As we grew up the Casablanca became the new Stanford, we could drive and its the cool place to go. I just hope the Casablanca never goes the way Stanford did.  I will have to ask everyone If they have pictures of Stanford, so I can do a full post about it. Seems we never took enough pictures...


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Your Presence Is Requested...

Saturday, June the 19th 2010.

 At the Casablanca Hotel & Resort for....

-Celebrating five years of the Casablanca-

Please R.S.V.P.  by sending an email to JahJah_Jordan@hotmail.com

If you would like information on local hotels, places of interest, as well as Lake Diversion arrangements send us an email!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Break On The lake Day 2 and Day 3.

Day 2 = uneventful.

Day 3 However was fantastic!
We had a crowd! there should be another girl in this picture, but she deiced she didn't want to be in the group picture.  A few of my cast members turned up, as well as the Casablanca regulars.  Today was my friend Jay's birthday, so of course we had to make him a cake!
Savannah was in charge, (She came all the way from Oklahoma to be here today ) and we made him a cookie cake!
Lydia (who is Mary M. in Jesus Christ Superstar) did her thing with the guitar.

He turned 17 today, and to top it off his last name is Patrick! He also drives a pretty cool car.
I just couldn't resist snapping some drive-in pictures, so Jay parked his car in the Drive-In.
All in all, it was a pretty fantastic day, as well as a great finish to Break On The Lake 2010. Our group didnt get to stay long, because we had to head into town for Jesus Christ Superstar rehearsal at 5:30. However I think we all had fun!


Monday, March 15, 2010

Break On The Lake : Day 1

Not many people showed up, It seems were all having a 'series of unfortunate events' preventing guests from getting to the Casablanca, but Im here! Ready to see today's projects?  When I got here at 9:30 I deiced I was going to border the house with rocks to match the flowerbeds ...
After an hour so I started toying with the idea of a "landing for the steps, rather than the worn welcome mat that covered up an old tree stump. The step came out very easily, I guess it had just rotted in the ground, So I go busy moving dirt and leveling the area the best I could. an hour or so later and Vi-ola!
At first I was having second thoughts about these red our of place stamped concrete  blocks, but then I made a border for them with some rocks and am quite please : )  Tomorrow im supposed to have more people coming to hang out. I invited my fellow cast members in Jesus Christ Superstar to come and join in the fun. (I really hope Jesus comes, becaus that would look GREAT "Jesus gives the C.H.&R. two thumbs up!) Haha.  Tune in tomorrow for part two!


Sunday, March 14, 2010

"Always Hoped That I'd Be An Apostle"

"Knew that I would make it, if I tried."

(The Last Supper)

"Then when we retire we can write the Gospel, So they'll still talk about us when we've died..."
(Simon is on the far left)

Just a Sneak Peek!  I hope to have more pictures after Thursday.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Prelude to Break On The Lake

Readers I can hardly stand all of the GREAT things that will be happening this next week!

Tonight: Is the Costume Parade for Jesus Christ Superstar (we open Thursday).

Sunday: Is Dress rehearsal!

Monday: From 10:00 Am - 4:00 Pm  its Break On The Lake!!! Then 6:00 Is rehearsal for JCS.

Tuesday: Day 2 of BOTL rehearsal at 6:00.

Wenesday: Last day of BOTL, rehearsal at 6:00.

Thursday: 5:30 Theater Call, 7:30 Press/ Family Night performance.

FRIDAY: Opening Night!!!!!!

Seriously I'm a Theater Junkie, I love that rush you get when you preform well and get response from the audience!  I think I have fixed my "twangy problem" Last night the Director told me "You were spot on, and your costume suits the character well done."  Another cast member also told me I sound like Neil Sedaka (and I happen to think that's a step up from 'Blanche Dubois' ) I just hope I can keep it up! Haha

On a different note, I would like to extend a thank you to Kevin over at  Hollywood Forever! The Morning after the Oscars he took some pictures out in front of "Graumans" Theater and sent them to me.

One of these days im going to save my pennies and take a trip to Sunny California! You will most likely find me lurking around MGM studios, wandering around the housing development that sits on what used to be RKO Studios backlot ( formerly home of the King Kong, Andy Griffith Show, and Gone With the Wind sets)  I love old Hollywood, and Kevin won himself some good will points with these pictures! Im actually quite jealous of a hunk of concrete he owns, the one that JUST SO HAPPENS to have Rosemary Clooney's  signature on it...  : )
Iv considered making a patio and replicating some of these squares... however I just don't think I could bring myself to forge the names of 'Hollywood Royalty'. I think I'd much rather watch their movies instead : )

Well I am off to highlight maps to the Casablanca, and put the finishing touches on my costumes for tonight!


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Let The Social Season Begin!

So Shortly after yesterdays post, I deiced I couldn't take anymore Spanish, anyone else using me, spending my night off at the theater that now owns me, or at home with my father who was angry about me wanting to sleep (but hey, you try rehearsals 7- 12, 6 days in a row and tell me you don't want an afternoon nap....) SO I pulled my hair shouted "ENOUGH! " threw my record player into the back of the Lincoln and away I went to the Casablanca.
Looks pretty bare doesn't it...  As soon as I got to the C.H.&R.  I unloaded the record player threw on 'The Best of Buddy Holly'  and started caring lawn chairs out of the Lounge. Its funny, I can remember the early days when I had only 2 chairs and a side table and EVERY weekend they would be brought in the house. 27 pieces later they are just fine sitting in the yard haha!

Thats more like it! Now if the grass would just green up! At this point my "panic" has started to wear off and Im easing into the feeling that is Casablanca. As I got the last lawn chair in place and the drive-in speakers hooked up the sun was setting. I must say the weather was intune with my feeling, when I got there the wind was blowing like hell   every which way; then Magically as if nature itself said "Oh hey, Mick's here cool it"  the wind died down and it was a very pleasant evening.
Now that all the chairs were in the Drive-In I finally have the Lounge back! Even though the sun was going down it was nowhere near quitting time.  I grabbed the broom, a dust rag, and My trusty 1957 Kirby vacuum cleaner and attacked the Lounge at full force. While cleaning I couldn't help but laugh at out of all the rooms at the Casablanca its the one that is exposed to the elements that has CARPET for flooring. (As the kitchen and bedroom have linoleum)  
In comes the furniture!
The Tv set used to go between these two chairs, but now having a permanent place in the Turquoise Room I think maybe we'll construct a vintage looking cocktail bar for entertaining!  Couldn't daydream about a mixing drinks for long, I had a lot of stuff to clean and put back up in the lounge...
I just have an accumulation of crap! haha but everything has a story behind it, so we clean it up and put it back in its usual spot.  My favorite thing on this table is that Star-burst multicolored wooden plate from Costa Rica, $0.99 at Value Village!  Here are some close ups for all you 'planter lovers' out there!
This one I found in Kansas long before I had the house, I knew it was cool and provably 50's so it became mine.
This one was found in the trailer a few years ago, it needed a home and to the Casablanca it went!
We call this one "Rick" for some reason... 
Just before going to bed I popped in an "I Love Lucy" dvd and cut the paper template for "George" out!
Went to bed slept like a rock! Woke up to a bright new day and got busy!
This was around 9:00 am, when I started using the skill saw I thought to myself "people are provably trying to sleep" followed by "Well more than likely they are hung over (I have some neighbors who are constant lushes), and besides they've had ALL winter to sleep!"  so away I went.
There you have it!  Our 8ft cowboy "George", he'll be painted next week during 'Break on the Lake'  just like in the movie...
Other than that, I just sorted through and sent some honest to goodness junk to the trash...  let the 2010 Social Season begin!


Oh! P.S.  A new couple just moved in across the street form the C.H.&R. ... They have NO idea what they just moved next too : )