Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fourth of July!

I know im a little late but, Friday Evening when I got off Work, I stopped only to get Groceries and then Headed for the Casablanca because this weekend we were going to be hosting a slew of celebrations!  That's right Folksies, make the beds and Windex the couch Company's a Coming!
(Friends Joe, Kenny, & Lara)
We kicked off Friday night by celebrating the 25th Birthday of friend Joe. I promised him a meatloaf dinner so we all got together for dinner, cocktails, & a Drive- In movie. 
 (Mrs. Betty Crocker  Lara Williams)
While most of us cooked a few lounged around and listened to records.
 (Birthday Boy Joe, and friend Spencer!)
Friends Sheldon and Spencer went fishing, when dinner was ready I went to get them from the shore and suddenly my smart-ass comment was turned into an iconic TV setting!

There were nine people in all and the cooking as well as eating was fast, furious AND delicious! 
 (Lara, Joe, Anna, Sheldon)
(After dinner Lara serves the cake!)
We then topped off the evening with more cocktails and  a showing of "Ma & Pa Kettle, Waikiki".  Joe, and newly weds Spencer and Lara stayed the night and in the morning we had a big breakfast of egg omelets and bacon before heading back into town for a Hairspray work call. Saturday Night we were visited again by friends Terrace and Nancy for a second meatloaf dinner and a showing of the musical 1776 in Celebration of the 4th!

While down at the theater on Saturday the new vintage shop across the street had a few things out on the side walk for sale, and as soon as I walked up on this old wooden card table, I turned to Patricia and said "I HAVE to have this!" 
(And for $15.00 I did!)
(Lovely isn't it?!)
The best part aboutthis folding card table is that it folds away where you can hide it! (rocket science I know)  but Patricia was lecturing me on where I was going to put it and I'm "running out of room for stuff, and blah blah blah ..." well just as soon as I'd laid eyes on it Saturday i knew the perfect place to store it when not in use...
The way the floor molding is, keeps the radio about two inches away from the wall and makes it the perfect storage place for the Table!
(Set for Sunday nights Dinner guests)
Sunday we were visited by the Kelcie, better know as Miss Casablanca 1957! This will be her last visit for a while as she is spending the month of July abroad in London!
 Later that evening  friend Dillion joined us for swimming and then Joe showed up just in time to eat dinner with all of us! Even though we JUST purchased a card table, they still insist on playing cards on the kitchen's all the rage in Paris...
 (Patricia, Dillon, & Joe)
The next morning we had a hearty breakfast of Omelets and Waffles (Patricia makes the best waffles).

After breakfast we cleaned up the dishes and went for one last swim before heading home!

All in all it was a Wonderful 4th of July Weekend! 


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Amber Von Felts said...

Good friends & good eats! I'd say that was a successful holiday!