Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

 The one day a year, when its perfectly normal to Be A Clown...A little Cole Porter for you all!

Pardon the Spanish subtitles, this is the best version I could find on Youtube!  Have a happy and safe Halloween everyone.

Lots of Trick's and maybe some Treats!


Monday, October 29, 2012

Build-A-Thon Part II!

This is how Saturday morning started out, a box full of donuts and coffee percolating in the pot! Friend Tobi arrived at the Casablanca rearing to go at 6:30 in the morning! Construction started a little later and Readers if it wasn't one thing it was another... We were so busy I didn't get to take many pictures. The first delay came when we were hoisting the last wall up, The power line to the house was in the way. It took about an hour and a half to get it all fixed and squared away, but we go the wall up and progress progressed!
(I am far to nostalgic for my own good)
The picture above is some writing we found underneath the window hinges. You can tell at one time the hinges were directly on the house, and later a 2x4 block was added to give the hinges room to swing. Finding this writing was neat, and it really makes me feel a bond with Mr. Martin (The man who built the house in 1943). It made me think the last time that wood saw day light there was uncertainty if the man building the house would ever return from "The conflict overseas" later know as World War II. I stop and wonder what must have been going on in his mind as a he built. How tough he was as he built the ENTIRE house without power tools, and to top it off as soon as he had finished he had to go off to the Navy to fight in the war... but there was no time to stand around and daydream!
(Larry & Bryson cutting the roof line back.)
A lot of progress was made, everything is framed, and five of the ceiling cross beams are in 11 more to go! After that is finished all that will be left (construction wise) will be building the trusses and eaves for the roof.  Now comes the part of our story, that gets just a little bit sad... (Book of Mormon reference anyone?) There is a fairly good chance that Friend/builder Larry is going to get called away to do insurance adjusting for Hurricane Sandy.  He'll know this week if he has to go, which could mean that the room inst finished in time for Thanksmass. I'm keeping that thought at bay I have my Wonderful Dad to help me if Larry has to go. So lets all keep our fingers crossed and say a little prayer for the safety of all the people up north and that Larry doesn't have to go!

We have a Month... a lot can happen in a month.

I'm optimistic and ready to get the roof on this project and in the dry!


P.S. Damn you Hurricane Sandy!

Friday, October 26, 2012

The Build-A-Thon Part I

(Larry on the job!)
 Well Readers, cooler weather has set in and there is now only 36 Days until Thanksmass, it is time to kick things into high gear! This weekend Friend Larry is hosting a "Build-a-thon"  with help from my Dad and friends Joe, Tobi, Seigen, Matt, Bryson along with Myself! We have a goal of getting everything on the new addition framed and ready to go, so the roof, walls, windows, and doors can follow suit!

(Makes me think of the Barn Raising in "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers"!)

Wish us Luck...
Lots of good weather...
(Now that's dangerous...)
We'll be back Monday with pictures, pains, and hopefully with Part II!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ho, Ho, Hold It...

It's not even Halloween yet, and here I am posting about some newly found vintage Christmas decorations! I picked up everything above for a whopping sum of $9.00. It was a nice pick-me-up from the crappy vintage Christmas experience I had the same morning. Our friend Jennifer is hot to trot on the estate sale circuit, I tell here every time we meet to keep an eye out for an Aluminum Christmas Tree for me. Last Thursday she sent me a text about a sale that has a "vintage silver tree" in the add the sale started Friday at 8:00A.M. in a small town about 17 miles from where I live. So bright and early Friday (6:30) friend Joe and I headed out to be the first ones in line to get the tree, I took $50 out of the bank just for it!  After a little trouble we find the house where the sale is, and much to our surprise it is NOT an estate sale, but a one car garage sale...and it went down hill pretty quickly from there.
The lady and her husband who are running the sale come out, and not wanting to waste or miss out I ask the lady "Is this the sale with the Aluminum tree?" She says "Why yes it is, are you interested? I said "Yes Ma'am." she says sweetly "Well it's going to COST you." She then goes into the little routine asking "Dad" (her husband) to get the tree down off a shelf. as he pulls it down she says "It's still in the original box"(water stained tatters) "This was our first Christmas tree in way back in 1956" (thats funny, since they weren't mass produced until 1958...) "I think I paid a whole $9.00 for it then."
*As she displays the box to me, my heart SLAMS against my chest cavity. Its a 5'8" tall "pine" Aluminum Christmas tree, Just what I have always wanted and here I am the first pick of it.* She finishes her story of how many Christmas' its seen but now she wants 'the ratty old thing' gone. So I ask "$9.00 huh!? Well *chuckle* how much are you going to charge me?" To which she sweetly says-
If you listen very closely you can still hear my heart shattering like glass. I thought for sure $35.00 would be her asking price in this little Podunk middle-of-nowhere garage sale. My mouth dropped open, honestly didn't expect a kick to the gut that early in the morning. I asked if she was joking and she replies "Not at all, I got on the 'ebay' and trees like this are going for $300-$400." All I could think to myself was well this isn't ebay, its Scotland Texas at 7:50 in the morning... If I was wearing a puppy face, it was doing nothing for her- so I very kindly said "Well thanks anyways, at least I got to see one."
I tried to haggle with her, but she wouldn't come off $400.00, I told her that I had $50.00 I had brought and could give her right here and now, but she wouldn't have it. So slightly broken hearted Joe and I drove back to town and had breakfast together and went our separate ways to work.

Oh well I'll get a 6ft Aluminum tree someday, I am crazy but I'm not $400.00 crazy! I'll wait until they go out of style in about 10 years haha!



Monday, October 22, 2012

The 1958 Casablanca Costume Ball

(The Casablanca Clientele!)

Oh Readers, What a time we had! Friends dressed up and came from all over to attend our 7th annual "Costume Ball".
This years theme was a little different from the norm, the party committee choose "Dr. Who & History" as this years theme.
(Friend Emily, our in House cob-webber!)
(Patricia "River Song", Brandon "The Dr.", Jennifer "Rose Tyler", & Ben "Sherlock Homes"!)
Several of our friends are fans of the BBC show "Dr. Who" and for the rest we said "pick a person from history to come as." (Now pretend reading this next part in a "Rod Serling" voice, I knwo I will!) -and so unfolded a wonderful evening of entertainments with a colorful cast of characters.
(Matt "Jedi Knight", Seigen "Future President", Cameron "Mad Hatter".)
(Chloe "Mary Crawley from Downton Abbey", Me "The host", Kayla "Cinemark Employee"!)
(Jordan "The Dr's Tardis", Ben "Sherlock & Watson",Zack "The Phantom of the Opera")
(JT as "Ducktape-acus" & Dana as a "Sailor".)
(Kelcie as Wednesday Adams!)
(Friend Emily as a Hippie protester.)
(Friend Evelyn as a Wicked Witch!)
 (Russ as Robin Hood!)
(Dillon the pirate!)
(The Host with the most, and Sheldon as Marc Anthony.)
 (Best Friend Amanda & eyes wide shut...)
(Cora Belle as "Debbie Reynolds, in 'Singing In the Rain'.")
(Brandon, Michael & Logan.)
There were so many other wonderful costumes, unfortunately my current camera is on its very last leg and most of the pictures taken at the party were very blurry. I wish I had thought to take picture of all the food! Friends Ben and Zack graciously volunteered to supply hot dogs for dinner, and all the guests brought food or drink for the buffet, thanks to everyone there was a feast!
(A few of the things I made for the party)
(Halloween Chex mix in an orange carnival glass bowl.)
("Yellow cake Jubilee" in Orange Pyrex!)
(Peanut butter 'Mary Jane's' in a Frankoma leaf)
(Harvey & Chloe!)
We all enjoyed taking in each others costumes and after everyone had sized everyone up it was time to vote for the Costume Contest, and the prized "Skele-mingo".

(Our Winners!)
Left to right,
1st Place - Logan as "Gloria Steinem under cover for her 1963 book 'I was a Playboy Bunny'.
2nd Place- Jordan as "The Tardis from Dr. Who".
3rd Place- (For the first time EVER in a three way tie!) JT as "Ducktape-acus, Kelcie as "Wednesday Adams" & Jenny as "Daphne from Scooby Doo"!

Congrats to our winners! Prizes in hand, and the sun one down it was time to start our Flamingo Drive-In Double feature!
Our feature presentations-

Second movie of the night-

It was a wonderfully spooky and funny night at the Flamingo Drive-in! The Comedy of Mel Brooks had everyone laughing until their sides hurt.
Yet Another fabulous party, here at Mick's! I would also like to say Thank You to everyone who came, contributed to the food or drinks pile and made this a wonderful event. Patricia and I couldn't do it without you guys and gals!


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Annie Get Your Gun!

("There's no business like Show Business!")
Well readers, I have to say as far as "classic" musical theatre goes "Annie Get Your Gun" is a steadfast Hallmark. Sporting a wonderful score penned by Irving Berlin, and the mostly real life tale of Annie Oakley and Frank Butler its no wonder that its a crowd pleaser (and one of my all-time personal favorites). Boasting the anthem of Broadway "There's no business like Show Business" it has one of the most iconic Irving Berlin scores ever written. Another special bonus to this production is that friends and long time Casablanca members Lara and Spencer starred in the show! Lara as Annie Oakley and Spencer as Buffalo Bill!

For this production my projects included-
A Larger than life 1800's circus tent setting
along with props & set dressing.

The Tent- 
To create the big top, we went with a mantra of "less is more" for the atmosphere the surrounding stage walls were painted in three foot wide alternating stripes of burgundy and mustard. The yellow panels then received a distressing by using a medium brown paint and a sponge to give the effect of tent canvas.
What Circus tent would be complete with out a central pole? We used a 20ft pieces of 6" PVC pipe for support pole. It was painted a light grey, and then accented with the same brown that went on the walls.
To create the tent canopy, Christmas lights were strung from the top of the pole down to the tops of the "side walls" of the tent. With white paper lanterns hung all around to complete the turn of the century feel.
(View of the set from the lower balcony.)
(Annie's dressing table, with period oil lamp.)
All of this looks pretty simple, but so much work from an amazing team! Chris did most of the period signage, and Kyle made sure the project was finished in time for the big show. Not to mention the help from countless cast members and volunteers, there really is No business like show business- And readers, it is mostly a labor of love.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

It's Almost Time!

For the annual Casablanca Halloween Costume Ball dear Readers!
(Check out our 'Halloween' Pyrex!)
(Our 'Fall Fridgies'!)
Patricia & I have been collecting Orange Pyrex since January JUST for Halloween! If you think about it, they made Pyrex for every other season/ occasion but this one. So we started collecting plain orange and autumn colored pieces to bring out for our big Halloween Party we throw each year. Haha like I said, when i'm gone I want the phrase "He had Pyrex for every occasion" in the eulogy. I wish I could find some of the more rare black pieces of Pyrex to mix in, all in good time!
We have already started putting up decorations for the party, its still a few weeks away (and there will be a big decoration & party post when we get it all ready!)  Friend Ben helped put together this MASSIVE paper chain garland that we are going to decorate the lounge in. Patricia and Cora B tried counting the links, but quickly gave up and played with a chew toy.
There's lots going on around here so stay tuned, things are shaping up to be spook-tacular!


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I Provably Shouldn't Have...

Well Readers, at least not at this stage...  I found this cast iron enameled sink in an antique store a few months ago. I have been batting around ever since if I was willing to pay the firm asking price. It is not that I fear someone would have walked in out of the blue and been like "Excuse me, do you have a 1940's cast iron pedestal sink on hand? You Do! Fantastic I'll take it..." It's just that it is EXACTLY what I want for the new bathroom, and it was only about $50 more than what I would have gladly paid. I did a poll on Facebook and my other vintage loving friends agreed that since the enamel was good, it had its original drain, and the taps were on it it was well worth $150.00.
(The Taps were a big selling point. Anybody know what that hole in the center between the taps is for? I don't have a clue.)
Thrifty as I am I did feel a little guilty paying full price, but the people were dead set on the "firm" price. (believe me I tried haggling and trading) After WEEKS of scowering the "RE" stores and Habitat for Humanity with no luck, I thought to myself  "A pedestal sink at a big box store is A) going to be all porcelain. B) Will provably cost me anywhere from $125.00 and Up for a vintage look. and C) I will more than likely have to spend 40- up to get some kind of taps for it. So after much debate with my self-
It came home to live with me. I hope this little splurge wont come back to bite me later... But its something I really wanted and was perfect, AND right here in town. (Yay no shipping fees! it weighs a ton!) Now I just have to find a new toilet that will kind of match the bathtub and the sink! But that is a ways off.

Have any of you ever been fickle over a major purchase like this?