Monday, July 11, 2011

Missouri Part 2- The Hunt!

Bright and early Saturday morning Michael, Pat and I headed out for an all out Thrift-a-thon in the lower portion of Missouri!  We first headed over to Golden City M.O. Where Michael tried to get me to change my mind about estate auctions....
Here we all spotted several things that we would want, but didn't want to hang around for. One item I wish I could have just bought and paid for was this crown.
I know its hard to see with the box of junk behind it, but it was a (I'm guessing 50's) metal crown with five stars across the band and tons of fake rhinestones! I know most of you are provably thinking "have you lost your mind Mick?" But I thinks this would have been PERFECT as the Miss Casablanca crown! However lucky for the young ladies in the contest this was in a box way in the back that wouldn't be reached until late afternoon... so it went home with someone else. BUT I'm still searching for one like it!
Next stop Carthage M.O. Nice little Courthouse isn't it?!  We hit up a few antique stores here, found lots of things I Wanted to take home, but could not have fit in the car. Mike got some Pyrex for a steal, Patriciafound a few records, and I ended up getting this Frankoma mug that Mike pointed out to me.
I have this shape of mug in brown, but the gray-blue color is what sold me for $1.50!

*  *  *
 Now comes the part of our story, that get a little sad. Well more somber really, do you remember when Michael posted this video of the people covering for their lives in a gas station cooler?

Well He took us to the very spot where that video was filmed, and here is all that's left of the gas station.
A lot has been cleaned up in Joplin, but looking at it all makes you silent.
(Formerly Joplin High School)
It just goes on and on, I didn't take many pictures be cause I was awestruck by what I was seeing (and this is after lots of clean up) houses ripped right down to the floors and studs, cars crumpled up like old Pepsi cans... It just so much to take in, I pray for the people of Joplin and for the families of the 150 who lost their lives in the storm.
*  *  * 
After that wake up call, our thrifting group visited a pretty fruitless outdoor flea market, and a few thrift stores, then we hit the mother load of antiques stores in Joplin!  I cant remember the name, but it was huge and the prices we SO GREAT! Mike and I all but knocked each other down to be the first one in the next isle haha!  we spent a good two hours going up the seemingly endless isles but finally we they dragged me out of the store with the following-
Three bowls to the "Amish" Pyrex set $18.00 (found by Mike, then  pack-ratted by me!)  a small plastic Bullet Planter $3.00, and my very first working Sunburst clock $12.50!  After this store we haded over to Pittsburgh M.O. for the last thrifting of the day, at a nice little store called -
This place had a little bit of everything, lots of Pyrex and Frankoma!!! 
after about 45 min Mike walked away with some great planters, and I swooped up these five "Navajo" white glaze Frankoma plates for $1.00 A PLATE! The brown Frankoma Cornucopia $10.00 will be used as the center piece during Thanksmass this year, and the Turquoise Pyrex Loaf pan was snatched for $9.00! After this we headed Back to Small Town M.O. for a hamburger dinner and a trip to the nearby Drive-In!

(They sound so thrilled to be alive because people were "staring" while we filmed this....)
And what would a trip to the Drive-In be with out a side trip to the original Concession stand/projection booth!
Jumbo Popcorn, two large frosty Cokes, and a packet of Reeses Pieces and we were set! We stayed for the double feature of Cars 2  and Tangled. When the movie was over, Mike dropped us off at the Hotel and we exchanged goodbyes, I HATE GOODBYES!  We had so much fun on our Midwest trip, and I cant say thank you enough to Michael Missouri and Curtis in Kansas for their hospitality! We had so much fun, and hope you guy's will come down and let us return the favor.


Sorry I've been on the fritz with blogging, but things have been crazier than Normal with Hairspray going up at the theatre!  This Wednesday we'll have our delayed 4th of July weekend and Friday (hopefully) a set post on Hairspray!


1950s Atomic Ranch House said...

Oh boy, a road trip, vintage shopping and a Drive In!!!!

Too much fun!

Amber Von Felts said...

Your trip looks so interesting! I am in awe of the tornado damage, how insane! Your bullet planter and star burst clock rock my socks!

Missouri Michael said...

The great place in Joplin is called Connie's Antiques. Hopefully next time you visit, you can add a bit in your post on how much Joplin has rebuilt since this summer! Glad you had a good time while your were here!