Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I'ts Madison Time!

As some of you might know, Patrica and I (and quite a few members from the Casablanca) are currently in rehearsals for an upcoming production of "Hairspray" the musical! Last night our fabulous choreographer and Dance Queen 1959 Stephanie taught the cast how to do "The Madison". Also last week Stephanie saddled me the "white male dance captain" for the show. No Pressure!  The above 45 record cover with the Ray Bryant Combo is from the 1988 movie soundtrack if "Hairspray". and is what I have chosen for the cast to sign for this show, and I'm sure this dance will be a favorite at all of our parties!

(We've practiced this dance till our legs hurt!)

I should be able to do a pretty good "Jackie Gleason" by the time the show opens!

"And Awaaaaaaaaaaay we go!"


Monday, July 28, 2014

"For The Season"

I have seen suitcases used as side tables, I have seen a set of suitcases that stacked and made a dresser, but I been done seen b'out everything when I see suitcases used as suitcases!
I love my Grandmother's set of white marble Samsonite luggage. I always have, from the train case to the hatbox! So much so that A few years ago I started collecting/building my own set of Samsonite luggage in the blue marble with white trim. I inherited my Grandmothers luggage, and its very dear to me because she let me use it in shows. (Maria VonTrapp honeymooned with Captain VonTrapp with Grandma's hatbox in tow!)
From time to time (mostly Fall and Winter) the Casablanca, being a "country house" has mice problems. I mean, we aren't overrun but an occasional mouse will check in for a stay. This year, instead of storing the sheets in rubbermaid buckets under the beds as we always have. I thought why not in Samsonite?!  This was also brought on from a book I'm reading set in a hotel in the early 1950's one of the characters remarks about how much luggage the guests carry and that so many suitcases indicates they intend to "stay the season" I love that phrase!
There were enough suitcases to store all the sheets and blankets, I used my Grandma's train case to store pillow cases in, and my train case for the Lost and Found. As an added bonus, the blankets will smells like Grandma (which is a good thing!).  I don't think the scent of her perfume "Evening In Paris" will ever air out of her luggage...and that's just fine with me.
Now vs a pile of blankets at the foot of the bed it looks like we've come to "stay the season"! I hope to find one more blue piece of luggage. The hatboxes of both the white, and (someday) blue set will be used to keep pictures and memorabilia in.

With things out from under the beds, and no place to hide, maybe the mice will winter in Capri or Monte' this year.

Haha one can only hope!


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Mail Call, Coast to Coast!

I do believe we've gotten more mail this summer than ever before! Thanks to all of our wonderful Casablanca members who take time to send us a "card" on their travels. Let's see whats been in the mail this month...
Friend Emily C. sent us a fabulous vintage postcard from Seattle WA! Emily was there as a delegate for national Gamma Phi Delta sorority convention!

*  *  *

Miss Kelcie sent us Salutations from Kilgore! Somewhere I lost the message side picture, but it is a quaint card none the less!

*  *  *

Friend Kat sends us greetings from New York City! She went to see performer Idina Menzel in her one woman show, and also got to see the new Broadway show "Matilda", how exciting!

(The bowl where the postcards go, on the coffee table.)
Thank you for writing, ladies! I simply love it when friends send cards to the Casablanca, and all the interesting things they write. Postcards are a dying art form, so I'm pleased that a small portion of the North Texas theater community is keeping the tradition alive!

Drop us a line, anytime!


Monday, July 21, 2014

Chalkware Repair...

Missouri Michael found this Asian lamp for me at an auction! It is a Silvestri Brothers chalkware lamp from 1955, and it had seen better days...
In fact we couldn't even plug the lamp in because of the frayed cord. Apparently some one had tried to extend the cord/repair it and did a pretty shotty job. I'm not plugging that in...
The switch was also in need of replacing, so basically the only usable parts were the shade harp and the actual chalkware body of the lamp. So after a trip to Lowes, I bought a brand new socket and an extension cord. Thanks to VonLip for getting me motivated to get this project going!
(Yes, you're reading that right. 15ft.)
The tables where I'd planned to put the lamp are out of normal reach of a standard cord. I really only needed an 10ft cord, but they only came in three, six, eight, and 15ft cords. The first time I put the lamp fully together, I noticed a small hold in the base where the cord was supposed to be fed into first. So, I took the whole thing apart only to realize the new thicker cord would not fit. So I put it together a second time...
(Notice anything missing? ... Damn it.)
(That's better, third time is the charm!)
Yay! It works! After I got it rewired, it needed a good scrub to get the 60+ years of dirt, and there were a few places to touch up where the chalkware was chipped.
The gold paint accents really needed to be touched up on the figures, and the edges of their douli (bamboo hats) were badly chipped.
The touch ups did wonders! And I bordered the chips on the edge of the hats with gold paint as well, and it looks like they have always been that way.
Here it is on the tables in the living room! I love how it turned out, and it gives off just the right amount of illumination with a 40 watt bulb. AND it's SO 1950's!
One less thing to do around here, haha if only all the projects were this easy!  I have been letting the grass grow (as we are in a terrible drought and I am afraid if I cut it it will die.)  That along with the "summer clutter" that accumulates, Casablanca is starting to look more like Grey Gardens! 

Haha it's always something!


Friday, July 11, 2014

Please Don't Clock Me...

The 4th of July seems to always involve a project for me! Remeber this $2.00 Clock I picked up at the "Happy Days" lunch box estate sale? Well, it needed a little TLC... if you are a "clock purist" you might not want to read anymore. 
My amazing Dad, once again saved the day by welding a new point back on the top of the clock.
 (Missing in this picture.) 
I then took the clock apart to repaint the black spoke backing.
(Made in Germany, December 6, 1954)
The entire clock was held together by these three mounting screws on the back. Before I painted the spokes I thought I would try to polish up the gold plate on the clock surround.
(You know what I shouldn't do? THAT.)
The gold was a little pitted with rust and when I tried to clean the gold plate, it just came right off...
(The gold plate on the inside of the clock surround.)
Since I had ruined the finish, the clock doesn't work, and it was only $2.00 I decided to just paint the surround gold. 
(Almost as good!)
While the paint dried, I polished up the clock and moved the stopped hands to 2:00, in homage to the Casablanca's late night 2 O'clock Club!

(Ta-da! Finished product.)
For something that was $2.00 and I was worried about painting, it turned out looking pretty sharp! It also compliments the "space age" feel of the Sputnik light and theme of the formal living room. I'm pretty pleased with the result, and who knows maybe someday after the bathroom is in I can have the works fixed... right after I get the Predicta up and running!


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Welcome to the 60's!

Looks like it will me the "Summer of '62" during our summer of 1960! 
Patricia, Cindy, Seigen, Myself and many more of the Casablanca crew auditioned and have been cast in the Wichita Theatre's upcoming production of "Hairspray"! I am so excited for everyone, Patricia and Seigen landed leading roles of "Penny Pingleton" and "Seaweed Stubs", while Cindy and I landed the coveted spots on the "Corny Collins Show"  Cindy will be playing "Shelly" and I will be "IQ" we will also be each others dance partners

I am so FREAKING EXCITED to be one of the dancers/council members on the "Corny Collins Show"!!! Friend Stephanie is the choreographer for this show, and I'm thrilled to announce she will be using ACTUAL novelty dances from the early 60's in the choreography! Ya know things like, The Madison, The twist, The Pony... the list goes on and on. I see a dance at the Casablanca in the near future!

Can't wait to do the sets for this one too! 

Hehe all the more reason to go out and buy furniture!


Monday, July 7, 2014

4th of July Palo Duro Canyon Trip!

I'm not sure If I have mentioned it dear Readers, but our friend and long time Casablanca Council member Austin is working this summer as a dancer in "Texas" the musical out in Palo Duro Canyon in Canyon TX!

Austin was nice enough to give us some of his comp tickets to the show, and we were able to visit this 4th of July weekend.
(Friends Cindy, Patricia, Austin & Seigen)

They sound so thrilled in the video because a group of tourist came walking by, and they thought it was silly. 
The setting for the show is the actual Canyon walls. So many cool effects, they project on the walls, there's a water show, a tree that is struck by "lightning" during the show. It's really neat and definitely worth the trip!
(Our exclusive backstage passes!)
 Since Austin is in the cast, he hooked us up with back stage passes and a tour before the show!
(Back of stage right)
It is so neat to get to see how an operation like this works! Austin took us high and low, showing us all the detailed set pieces for the show. 
(Austin our guide, From the stage looking into the audience!)
The Canyon itself is awe inspiring-
It was a terrific show! The music and dancing was fantastic, I loved the hoedown during the party scene! Austin, we are SO freaking proud of you!
(The Flag guys of TEXAS! Austin on the back right.)
*  *  *
Those of you who are long time readers of "Everyone Goes to Mick's" might remember our friend Andrew. He passed away last summer during the run of the show, to commemorate his life and the lives of the others who died, the TEXAS foundation erected a plaque and added a song to the show in memory of their cast mates.
It is a wonderful tribute that looks out over the stage and canyon from the back of the house. When the setting sun hits the polished granite plaque it shines and sparkles, just as they do in our hearts.
*  *  *
(Cindy, Me, Austin, Patricia, & Seigen, after the show.)
Seriously, I cannot brag on Austin enough. WE ARE SO PROUD OF HIM! Landing his first professional job as a Dancer in TEXAS. We are looking forward to seeing a lot more of his dancing!
As a late surprise for my birthday, Austin presented me with a souvenir program that he had most of the cast autograph for me!
(Holy crap what a cool gift!)

(A place of honor on the coffee table.)
We thoroughly enjoyed our 4th of July trip out to Canyon, and can't wait to see Austin again!Thank you Austin for the Tickets, it was well worth it.

We love you Austin!


Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July!

Happy Independence Day to all of my American Readers! We are off on a whirlwind trip to Palo Duro Canyon to see friend Austin in a production of "TEXAS" the Musical.

Here's hoping you all have a safe and happy 4th!