Thursday, February 24, 2011

It Might As Well Be Spring, BREAK That Is!

Well Readers,
I am aware there are a few days left in February but im rearin' to go for March! As you know each year on March 15th the doors of the Casablanca are thrown open, lawn chairs are hauled out of the house, and after a good cleaning reopens for the Social Season.  Each year I host a three day come and go break of activities, and this year we're cooking up some authentic 1940's fun!
Since most of us are still tapping our feet from the Glenn Miller Concert, we've decided that this year for our (Spring) 'Break on the Lake' we will be holding a 1940's themed Big Band dance in the lake Pavilion!
 we will be dressed to the nines and the party's colors will be that of green and gold. I made the decision since this is cooking up to be quite some party, that  we should some flowers arrangements made up for the occasion! I really like the arrangements in the old photo above, especially the once at the bottom of the photo in the center in that metal basket thing. Well I got the order put in at work, but I really wanted a 'vintage' metal basket just like in the photo for the arrangement, But they go for crazy amounts on Ebay (apparently there is a market for Vintage Floral, Who knew?!)  Well today as I was ransacking Grandma's barn for "Tom Sawyer" props look what I found hiding under a few boxes!!!
( Its almost EXACTLY like the one in the picture! )
 I'm Proud to say 'I come from a long line of pack-rats!' Although it's a bit rusty, after a fresh coat of paint I do believe its going to shine up like a new penny! I love my Grandma she said I could take it and do whatever with it! I'm thinking a light green for the new color, at one time it looks like it may have been robins egg blue...
I love these little ridges, won't try and claim its "Art Deco" like a few sellers but they are a neat little touch.
The bottom is marked "CKS", with a little diamond shape around the letters. Anyone know what that is? I assume its a company mark/ brand name. Either way this basket will help make our 40's Party just that much more authentic!

*  *  *

In March I hope to get back on my regular 3 blogs a week schedule. things have been crazy this month with Valentines/Cinderella/ Tom Sawyer/ and coming soon Sound of Music!  I will have a "sets" post up about Tom Sawyer this next week,  not only is it my second show in a long line this year, but its also my little sisters stage debut!

Tune in Monday! 


Monday, February 21, 2011

The Weekend Haul!

Well Readers,
 This weekend was mostly spent Downtown. I had to be at the Theater around 11:00  to help set back up for Cinderella, everything had been moved to make way for the fabulous Glenn Miller Orchestra. However between setting up and seeing my record 17th and 18th viewings of "Cinderella" (this was closing weekend)  with friend Savannah.
 (Savannah and I)
(Terrace-Cinderella & myself)
 I did manage to squeeze in some thrifting/ antique shopping and I hit the JACKPOT! My first find was this $1.00 ( I think it was a) planter in the shape of bamboo, 
 I plan on hanging it on the wall and keeping my wooden stiring spoons in its little slots. 
 The little Santa Mug  was found next at my favorite thrift store Value Village snagged for 17 cents! Next I happened upon the sheet music $1.00 a book...
 I picked up Frank Sintatra's arrangement of "Lily Belle" (circa 1945), and the "HOOP-DEE-DOO" Polka (circa 1950). When I got back to the Theater I caught my friend Shara ( who is also one of the best Music Directors at Wichita Theater)  on a break and asked if she would play the "Hoop-dee-doo" Polka sheet music for me,  well after a few rounds the tune was so catchy that friend Joe (Director of Tom Sawyer) joined in and sang vocals. Sorry for the poor visual quality, its REALLY dark in the theater, but they sound fantastic!

 (Wasn't that fun?! SO worth the $1.00 investment!)

Next I saw and nearly passed up the 2nd best find of the day, this amazing 14" turquoise boomerang lamp.
I spotted it in the corner of a booth, and thought "Oh wow!" followed by "Do I really need another lamp?" It was kinda pricey at $25, and I thought to myself "maybe for my birthday?" and walked on. Well the more I wandered through the antique mall, the more it thought about hearing how hard these were to snag on Ebay, how I had wanted one for quite some time, that buying in person would save shipping cost, that I knew it would make it to me in one piece... Then Just as the voice of reason was settling in I thought "Well, it IS Turquoise... and that is my color of choice." So it became mine, I can justify buying this if I use it on a Set, you might think me an idiot for giving $25.00 for a lamp, but I thought it was a deal haha!
The Best find of the day (and a much needed Item at the Casablanca) was hands down this...
It is a "CHEF AN-ETTE" tin recipe holder! I have never seen one of these and found it just minuets after finding the boomerang lamp.  Whats neat about this it it looks like a normal stack of books on a little shelf...
BUT the "Books" labeled with things such as breakfast items cakes, meat and fish, and desserts hinge forward to store your note-carded recipes! It even has little brackets cut out so you hang hang the "shelf" on the wall.
 (How neat is that?!)

I was already feeling guilty for buying a $25 lamp, but this was just to cool and perfect for the Casablanca not to get. So I begrudgingly  payed the $15 (Happy Valentines to me!)  I'm sure once my mother reads this post I will be getting a long lecture about how I "Spend money like a sailor on leave" however Its going to be used, and it was a deal.

All in all a pretty fun and fantastic weekend!


Thursday, February 17, 2011


  Well that might be stretching the truth just a tiny bit... I'm sure most of you read (but were to shy to comment) on Tuesdays Post about my surprising Patricia with a late Valentines outing to see the World Famous Glenn Miller Big Band Orchestra . Patricia loved it!  I got tickets they were $19.43 apiece (1943 year of the Casablanca) and $43.00 after tax, we were on the second row, dead center stage. this was made even better as the two seats in front of us remained unoccupied during the show giving us a clear view.
It was an evening full or romantic music, with all that brass gleaming at you playing the most light and beautiful music you'd ever heard how could one not swoon?  The show was bar none, all the hits were there (My favorite being Pennsylvania 6-5000 with full audience participation in chanting that glorified telephone number.) After the show was over I started kicking myself for not bringing one of my Glenn Miller record albums for the band to sign, and then Patricia gave me a marvelous idea! She bought the CD of the lead singer of the band for a song she wanted, and he offered to sign it for her. While he was signing, I asked "If I bought a CD would you guys and the band leader sign mine?" to which he replied "Sure!"  So I gladly gave him $20 for a CD and then the band leader asks,
"How would you like me to sign it?" and without hesitation I said "To Everyone at the Casablanca-"
(Signed by the Band Leader himself)

This sparked three of the band members interest and they asked "What is the Casablanca?" So I gave them the short story about the little cabin, and how everything we do is old fashioned oriented and that we were planning to have a 40's Big Band dance for spring break. They thought it was fascinating and promised to look up "Everyone Goes to Mick's" when they got a chance!!! HOW COOL IS THAT?!!?! 
Who knows, maybe someday down the road when there is a real Casablanca Hotel & Resort with a Grande Ballroom to rival those of yesteryear... maybe, just maybe we'll be able to book them for some enchanted evening.

But for now, I have a CD and an insignia that I will treasure always.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines At The Hippodrome!

Well Folksies,
Im still here, this last week and a half has been CRAZY working at the flower shop we've been getting ready for Valentines or Dooms Day as I've been calling it. I gotta say it was a busy day of delivering but no more than Christmas was. Patricia & I had no plans for valentines but tonight I'm taking her to the Wichita Theater. You're taking here THERE, the place you WORK !? I hear you cry? Well yes, yes I am... and for a special reason....
We will have the pleasure of seeing the Glenn Miller Big Band LIVE at the Wichita Theater tomorrow night!  We're so excited to go tomorrow we can hardly stand it! (I really wish I could get these guys to play the Casablanca Hotel & Resort, some enchanted evening.) Hopefully things will go back to normal now, but here's a few Glenn Miller favorites to get you through the day!


Monday, February 7, 2011

The Weekend Squeeze!

Well dear readers,
Last week was fun, then Cabin Fever set in and most of us were going crazy from the snow. Poor Missouri Michael is still snowed in!  Saturday most of the ice on the roads had melted and Patricia and I decided we needed to get out and do a little thrifting, and by a little I mean a lot!
We were in search of a few things for ourselves and for the theater. I am on the lookout for the foot-board and headboard of a "brass plated bed" for the upcoming production of Sound of Music that I will be working on in March and Patricia wanted some more "period" Clothes for the Casablanca. However the first stop we made was just a few blocks away from the house, I had found an add on Craigs-list for  "an old Rival brand Juice-O-Mat Juicer, and a Rival brand Saladeer chopper." A new hobby of mine is collecting appliances for the Casablanca Kitchen with "-O-Mat(ic)" in the title. After several days of waiting they guy finally called back and said he still had it, and that he'd take $10 for the whole lot as well as throw in an old cheese grader. 
So with our first bargain of the day we headed off to Wichita Falls. We went here and there and didn't find much, have a few snowball fights along the way, it was just nice to be out of the house! We grabbed a few oranges at Wal-mart to test the juicer with, and then swung by Patricia's house because a special package had finally come in for me! Ever since I was taken to a production of Oklahoma back in the 90's Ive made a habit of getting the Musical on a record (if the show is old enough to have a record) well when I started seeing shows on Indiana Street  I made it a point to get the cast to sign the record album. The last one I had singed was when Wichita Theater did West Side Story three years ago, It caused quite a stir when I brought my record player up to the theater and played my albums while we work on the sets of Cinderella. I had more than one person look the autographed album over and exclaim "That was You! I remember that!!!" Well since Cinderella is the Opening show to the theaters 103rd season I tracked down the record album from the 1955 Telecast Starring Julie Andrews for the occasion.
Well Patricia and I finished our shopping around 6:00P.M. and there was a 7:30P.M. performance of Cinderella so we decided to run back into Wichita and see it. As we were driving we posed the question " exactly how many times have we seen this show?..." and after counting it up (including tech week) last nights viewing makes a record breaking 15 times to see the show! But each time we see it its even better than the last and the music is just so darn catchy! After the show I go the cast to sign my album...
All in all a Lovely Night. Inside this record album-time capsule you will find the following...
 (A program listing all our work (click on the picture to read), two tickets, and a 5x7 glossy of "The Team")

*  *  *
Sunday Morning after cleaning up the juicer I thought I'd give it a try, and see what my $5 had gotten me.

I found one that is the same make and model number N-848 on Ebay, and the seller says its from 1948.
  Every time I post about a new appliance I wait for the lone sniper "vintageapplainceguy" to pop up and snipe my research in a comment (as he did with my Norge Fridge) and never comment again.  But I LOVE this juicer! Im looking into having the parts re-chromed, and I think I will be repainting it as well. I've played around with the idea of painting it red (red looks great on the green and white checker board counters), or maybe I should keep if white? I can tell you if the chroming costs over $100 We'll just repaint the base and call it "well loved" ha ha! 
What do you all think?


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"One Of these Days I'll Paint The Kitchen..."

Looks good doesn't it? I love the colors of my kitchen all different shades of green with blue, red and yellow accents (kinda Primary Pyrex themed now that I think about it!) The only problem is that when my 15 year old self painted the kitchen I wasn't very careful about it. I didnt take down shelves, and painted the entire room with only one coat, and less than a gallon of paint.
When I bought the stove in 2009 Not only did the "just painting over the shelf" become a problem, there were now an whole slew of electrical wires to the stove. The True-Value here in town had also managed to lose my original paint colors and couldn't match the current color...
 All of that along with the fact the original 76 year old paint on the ceiling was starting to peel  so it was time for a fresh coat. For Christmas I asked for money to buy Valspar paint, and used my Christmas bonus to get "bone" colored tile (off white) and all the painting supplies we'd need.
Returning from our Kansas Vacation, I had the rest of that week off  so I'd made up my mind to head out to the Casablanca and Paint. Painting the kitchen had originally been planed as a spring break activity, but I wanted it done! Well hearing about it and wanting to help friend Savannah came over from Oklahoma to help paint!
We started with the ceiling I stood up on a kitchen chair and outlined with a paintbrush, and Savannah filled in with the roller,

I didn't realize how drastic my new colors were compared to the old, I though I had done a fairly good job of matching...
(Oh well, these things do happen... )
Together we made quick work out of two coats on the ceiling, and it already looked a million times better than it did. having finished the ceiling Savannah threw together a homemade pizza for lunch,
 We washed out the brushes and started on the walls. As I was cleaning off the top of the cabinets we found a surprise waiting for us in the dust!
 A Yellowstone Park Pennant, don't know how long its been up there but its OLD! All felt, and each of the letters has some sort of scenic picture.
I have to admit I was starting to worry about my color choices, was it too 1950's? (I want the kitchen to reflect a more 40's feel) and the ceiling being a lot darker wasn't a problem but as you will see with the Before and after on the wall color It was a little to late to be "iffy".
(Before old ceiling color old wall color.)
(New ceiling color, new wall color)
It wasn't to long after this Savannah had to head back to Oklahoma, And I was due for my first night of Cinderella set work. So we closed up for the day having the ceiling done and one coat on the walls. We said goodbyes and thank yous and parted ways sporting our war paint! 

*  *  *
Friday I headed back out to the lake to finish up, I was also expecting dinner guests Patrica, Caitlin & (Jenny who couldn't make it) to help finish up the painting and enjoy a casserole dinner and movie in the lounge. When the girls finally arrived I had half of the second coat on the walls done and had to stop to throw together dinner.
It wasn't long before the famed hash brown casserole was in the oven and I'd put the girls to work painting!
we laughed and had ourselves a good ole 'Paintin' Party' and came so close to getting everything painted until we hit a snag. Either the paint wasn't dry enough, or the painters tape was to strong but as we painted the tiny half round piece of molding white,  and pulled the tape off we discovered it was pulling the new paint off the walls.
About the same time we found that little fact out, it was also time to leave, which was the Pitts because now finishing up the paint in the kitchen would be put off for the next two weeks, due to Cinderella. However this last weekend when the whirlwind settled  Patricia Jenny and I were headed for the Casablanca and hopefully the third and final round. 
 After a few rounds of touch ups the fresh paint was as good as new! we finally got the half round molding painted to satisfaction (at 15 I just slopped the wall and ceiling colors on the molding and made it blend in, now it pops!)  I was very pleased with how everything turned out ha ha, I have a knack for picking colors and seldom being wrong about how they will look. 
(Jenny gave the new paint and over all look her thumbs up! )
The trim on the under cabinets have be repainted with the same green as the ceiling since this picture It just wasn't right (Like I said seldom). With a smirk of satisfaction across my face I just couldn't help but unpack the new counter ties and see how the checkerboard was going to look with the great paint!
I cant wait to get it finished!!!!  and with the tile mock laid on the counters I thought I'd snap our header picture...
(It just reeks of Americana doesn't it!)

Make no mistake the kitchen is still a hot mess, and will provably stay that way until March 15th when we throw open the doors and spring clean the house. Ha ha June Cleaver would have a fit!