Monday, July 30, 2012


I only had a one major set in this summers production of Footloose along with a few other smaller set pieces.
My first and biggest project being Preacher Shaw's kitchen, Footloose is set in Beaumont Texas during 1984 and since the Shaw's live in a parsonage adjacent to the church I figured I would date things by about 20 years... which conveniently puts it around 1964. (My favorite, lucky me!) This project also became my "Andy Griffith Tribute Kitchen" in memory of his passing.
I tried very hard not to make this kitchen resemble the one I put together in Church Basement Ladies  last August.  I went with a more understated pastel color scheme. I used a light butter yellow on the walls, with dark brown wainscot and six inch base boards.
 If dreamed up figured if the "updated kitchen" was from the early 60's then the house was provably built late 1930's or maybe pre-war 40's.Then on the floor I did a classic checkerboard using a medium gray and a yellowish green. The only thing that is from the prior show is the fridge, and if i had the time I provably would have repainted it too!
Some of the items used on stage came right out of the kitchen of the Casablanca (like the Reddy Kilowatt magnet pot holders, and about half my cutlery!) I firmly believe I could go the rest of my set designing/dressing career just doing vintage kitchens and be happy as a calm.
I love and try to incorporate all the little details add to a set that make it seem as close to real life as possible.
(Notice the faux painted wall plug behind the cart? I LOVE doing stuff like that!)
What parsonage kitchen would be complete without a print of "The Last Supper" hanging up?
(Also from the kitchen of the Casablanca, It was my Great Grandmother Avery's.)
(Mrs.& Reverend Shaw at home.)

Other projects included a honkey-tonk bar.

BONANZA!!! I had lots of fun making up the "brands" to go on the front. Each brand is a member of the set teams name we have- Russ, Joseph, Patricia, Mickey, Bryson, Larry, Sheldon, and the "7B" one is a favorite show of ours Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.  As much as I protest wagon wheel furniture "I will never want that wagon wheel coffee table" I honestly wouldn't mind taking this bar home after the show! Turquoise and brown themed I added ship rope for a more western feel. The galvanized tub holds the bars ice down drinks. Later I added a pair of long horns to the center front of the bar, but RATS I don't have a picture!

A weathered Coca-cola sign-
(Step 1.)
 (Step 2.)
With the help of friend Sheldon, we made a lattice base for the billboard (like they use to have way back when.) I took a deeper red and dry brushed over the main part of the sign, then painted the lattice an off white and "weathered" with black paint and a sponge.
(Step 3.)
To further the distressed look of the aging Coke sign, I took a 2x4 and beat the lattice up a little bit. The finished product looks just like a long forgotten sign, one that looks like countless old billboards scattered in fields all over the state of Texas.

I had a time working on this Kenny Loggin's blast from the past of a show, and now I think I too will go 'cut loose'!


Friday, July 27, 2012

Pearls, Heels, and Provably Bloodshed...

It's That time of year again, We'll break out the crown, the girls will provide the talent, vintage glam, and we'll have a new Miss Casablanca come Monday!

You also might notice "Everyone Goes to Mick's" got a face lift and new background, courtesy of girlfriend Patricia and Missouri Michael. Thanks guys! The new turquoise background with gold and black flecks is a picture of the Formica on my second kitchen table for the Casablanca that came to me from my wonderful Grandma Jordan. What can I say, the lady has taste!


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pyrex At It's Finest- Stress Relief!

Well Readers, do any of you have rituals you do to make you feel better? Last week was a cavalcade of crap-tastic for me and by Friday at 5:00 I was crying Uncle! When I get stressed out I like to bake- BUT It has to be in my kitchen and on my own terms (Bob Crocker I am not!) It calms me down, its productive, and I think it has something to do with simple math and knowing there's a reward at the end.
(Friend Jarrod learning how to make Strawberry Bread)

Patricia, Jarrod, Logan and Myself loaded up after the show Friday night and went to the Casablanca. Early Saturday morning we had a visit from friend Larry (who is in charge of the dining room construction) to make out where the floor support beams will be placed. Just before he arrived we had been mixing up batters for bread. Jarrod making a strawberry variety and I was following recipe of Jim's (over at Ocean Breezes) for Banana bread.
(Banana on the left, strawberry on the right.)
(And.... Vi-la!)
After the breads were out of the oven I took another try at Wacky Tacky's peanut butter maple glaze cookies.
We all Loaded up and went into town to do the Saturday night show of  "Legally Blonde the Musical" then came right back out to the lake after the show. Sunday morning started off Logan and Patricia baked a red velvet marble cake.
(It was Marvelous... or Marble-ous I should say!)
Later in the afternoon we were joined for lunch by friend Cameron. I made a few pizzas and we spent the rest of the lazy Sunday watching movies and laughing away just what I (we) needed! Which I need to savor as next weekend will be fast and furious as we are digging holes for support beams early on Saturday and then Sunday afternoon the Casablanca will be proudly hosting The Second (1958) Miss Casablanca Contest!

Until then, My blood pressure is down and our stomachs are full!


Wednesday, July 18, 2012


(Six full sets of Turquoise, Pink, Yellow & Green!)

Oh Readers it has been a happy day around here!
The second to last set complete! Girlfriend Patricia along with the help of Missouri Michael found the solid yellow 222 brownie pan! Here it is wit the rest of the set, as soon as we got it out to the Casablanca we baked brownies to celebrate!
(Friend Alex mixing up the brownie batter!)
It was great! Then about two weeks ago I received a parcel in the mail from Missouri Michael and when I opened it MUCH TO MY SURPRISE there was the missing long pan that I needed to finish up my collection!!!
THANK YOU SO MUCH MICHAEL! The solid yellow long pan, and brownie pan have been by far the two hardest to find.
So now that I have all the pieces, I'kind of in shock... I mean we all dream about having a full set of some sort of Pyrex but what do you do when you've collected them all? I think I'll, cook, bake & enjoy it!
So I made some peanut butter-maple glaze cookies, recipe courtesy of Wacky Tacky Blog, if you haven't been by there go check it out its pretty neat!

When I have a spare moment i might start collecting the rest of the American Ivy Franciscan dishes and finish that set!


Friday, July 13, 2012

I (We) Went to Your Wedding!

Sunday July 7th of 2012, Patricia and I set out for Southlake Texas to see friend and long time Casablanca member Michelle say I do!
 (Mr. Lacky & daughter Michelle.)
Oh it was a wonderful wedding, lake side at sun set. There was quite a turn out despite the July summer heat, and Patricia, Myself (& Kelcie in spirit) would have missed it for the world!
The weather couldn't make its mind up if it wanted to shine, or be cloudy and a rather brisk cool breeze swept in and cooled things off just before the Bride made her appearance. What I love about weddings is that moment where you can just feel all the love present for two people. 
(For the very first time, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Levy.)
The reception was nice and Patricia and I could have eaten our weight in the wedding cakes!
I they were amazing!
 The guest danced and laughed the night away wishing the Newlyweds well! Which brings me to the second part of this post!
We have a tradition at the Casablanca, one that we started with Brett & Lydia and we have now made official. When one of our long time members ties the knot, they receive as a wedding gift from the Casablanca the Primary Mixing bowl set! We are excited and proud to present Michelle and Joseph with a set along with this note!

" -Dear Michelle & Joseph,
Congratulations on one of the happiest and most exciting days of your lives! Patricia and I are so honored we were there to be part of it! “Every Newlywed couple needs a set of Pyrex Bowls…”
Your wedding gift, (although they might just seem like some old bowls) are really quite special.  These are a set of the first of the four pieced multi-colored Pyrex mixing bowl sets that were introduced in the 1940’s, often called “The Primary color bowls” or the “ 400 series color bowls”. If there is any one set that embodies collecting vintage Pyrex this is it!  Your set is just like the one that we use in the kitchen of the Casablanca, and is our fun signature wedding gift to the members of the Casablanca that get married. We love you guys, wish you all the best, and hope you will visit often!"

With much love, and best wishes...


Monday, July 9, 2012


(Friends- Jenn, Brandon, Kelcie, Pat, Zack, Michael, & Bryson!)

( "We're breaking ground, here at Mick's!")
4th of July Wednesday with the help of my Dad and several friends we officially broke ground on the Casablanca Dinning room! We're either headed in the right direction or have made a mess of epic proportions!
(Kelice- Miss Casablanca 1957 breaks ground with a golden shovel!)
 After Kelcie posed for pictures and shoveled the first scoop of dirt, it was time for the real work.
One of Mom's church friends lent us his digger (THANK GOODNESS) and it made the work go a lot faster.  There was a tree to cut down and lots of leveling to do in order to get the ground ready for the support beams of the new floor.
We hauled and leveled, leveled and hauled....
Hauled away the small gravel patio... we threw rocks-
And moved rocks-
(Some rocks bigger than others!)
With all of us working together in just few hours we had made quite a change to the Casablanca's landscape.


(Bryson wielding the pickaxe. After-ish)
After a mornings work we were all hot and dirty so before lunch we jumped in the lake and went for a swim! Now that the ground is leveled, the next step will be digging the post holes for the support beams. With any luck construction will start in August!

I'd like to give a HUGE thanks to my Dad, Mom, church friend Bobby, Larry and Russ for helping get this project under way! I also owe a huge thanks to all those who came out to Michael, Kelcie. Bryson, Patricia, Zack, Brandon, Jennifer, Mable, Alex & Landon. You Guys and Gal's are fantastic friends and members to help us out, thanks everyone!

As soon as I get storage problems resolved on Picasa this will be the new "E.G.T.M." picture. I hope to up date the header picture as we go along, this is all so exciting!