Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Missouri Part 1!

Is full of, old movie houses, great finds, friends, and grave yards!
Friday morning we got up and loaded, the waved a whistlful bye bye to Curtis and Kansas-land, and headed for Small Town Missouri!
 Now you wont find "Small Town" on a map, just know its a picturesque Missouri place steeped in charm and tradition.  It also happens to be the hometown of One of my favorite blogger friend Missouri Michael...
Patricia and I rolled into town around 3:00pm and we checked in to our peaceful motel.

 The we hit up the local antique mall where of course temptation was encountered and followed so I purchased the following!
The Book is an instruction manual to my grandmothers 1946 Mix-master, the red thing is a late 40's Rival Shred-O-Mat with its four original blades that have never been used!
After that Patricia and I waited for Michael to get off work, when he did he came to the hotel and we followed him to (what I consider) the main destination of the trip!

I couldn't believe we FINALLY made it to the Shack! We sat around talking, exchanging vintage junk, and then Michael showed us the scenic highlights of Small Town M.O.
 (The historic and beautifully restored Plaza Movie theater)
I loved the details of this building, *Fun Fact* the "Z" in Plaza isn't actually a "Z" it's a letter "N" turned sideways because when the theater was built in 1933-34 the company they ordered the letters from did not make "Z"'s so the used "N"!
The tower of the Movie theater had been removed at somepoint and was completely recreated from old pictures everything from the intricate stained glass patterns in the windows, the glass tiles on the front of the theater (that had to be installed by an 80+ year old tile layer) right down to the neon lights on the letter board marquee! 
Lit up at night its just amazing to look at, we even go to go inside and take a look around and it was just dandy! The next stop on our tour of Small town was a historic birthplace...
After a few more trips around the Small Town Square Michael treated Pat & I to "Chicken Annie's" Resturant.

The history is that  "In 1934, Ann Pichler found herself facing some very harsh realities. Her husband Charlie had suffered a disabling accident in Yale coalmine #13. With only Annie’s ingenuity was the family of five going to survive? She did what she knew best, cooking! Annie turned her home into a small restaurant. The living room became the dining area and the kitchen was, well, the kitchen. The kids, Carl, Wilma, and Louella attended school during the day and worked at the restaurant in the evenings. Many a Saturday night saw friends, young and old enjoying a good old-fashion chicken dinner and perhaps a dance or two. Annie’s reputation grew: For a good meal and warm hospitality, come out to Yale! In 1963, Annie and Charlie retired and their children took over the operation. A new building in 1972 with increased seating, and an enlarged menu was added to better serve their valued customers. What began in 1934 continues today with Annie’s grandchildren."

Once again I was in such a hurry to eat I didn't get a picture of the food but it was DARN GOOD!  After dinner we went for a drive in the country where Mike's trusty Buick clipped a flying barn owl, and then we ended the evening talking up a storm back int he living room of the shack! When finally said our "good nights" around 2:00A.M. in the morning and went to sleep so we could get up and go extreme thrifting the next morning, BUT you'll have to wait for the next post to see what we snagged!



Missouri Michael said...

Hey! That looks familiar!

Amber Von Felts said...

This is cool its like when blogs collide! I'd love to meet some of you fellow bloggers someday. I'm glad you are having a blast on your road trip!

1950s Atomic Ranch House said...

Oh what fun!!

50sme said...

I've been unable to blog now for several months and I'm finally back on line. I have spent much of my day today catching up with my favorites...sadly, many of them have gone by the wayside and either quit posting or disappeared all together. I was quite pleased to see you at "Micks" still blogging and being true to the good stuff. I'll be around more often. Your trip sounds great!