Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Time For A Change!

Hello all my lovely Readers!
After a lot of consideration, I have decided to move "Everyone Goes to Mick's" over to Wordpress!
I have been busy with a new job, and I find that world press is a little easier to navigate.

I hope you all will stop by and say hello on The New Blog!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Lake Easter 1961

Hello Readers!
It is that enchanting time of year again where we gather in pastels to celebrate Easter!
(Patrica, Jay, Cindy, Jordan, Kelcie, Mary Grace, Lauren, Kara, Kat, & James)
Together in our Sunday clothes we came to dine and past the time playing croquet.
 (Eating off the good Franciscan China!)
Everyone brought something homemade to lunch, fruit salad, potato salad, ham, mashed potatoes, deviled eggs, rolls green beans, and lots of tasty treats for dessert! 
We chatted the afternoon away, enjoying each others company. After dinner Jeremiah and James set up the wickets for a game of croquet.
(It was a beautiful Spring day.)
(Mary Grace, & Kelcie)
(Lauren 2015)
(Lauren circa 1961)
(Stevens & Stevens Inc.)
(Grand Marshals of "Hillside Downs" croquet field.) 
("Fun and Fancy Free!")
After giving up on on croquet, we settled in the living room for our Easter basket swap!
Then it was out to the back yard for our sun down Easter egg hunt...
And of course some photo opps!
(Lauren, Kat, & Kara!)
(Circa 1961)

A quaint afternoon, with wonderful friends, and fine food.

Here's hoping all of you had a Happy Easter, and are enjoying Spring!