Monday, April 28, 2014

Pack Your Bags, We're Going to FLORIDA!

Readers I can hardly stand the excitement!  A few of the Casablanca Members have pooled together our resources and later this summer we will be taking a week long trip to the FABULOUS new Cabana Bay Beach resort hotel at Universal Studios in Orlando.
This place looks to be cool for even the hepist of cats! We have booked a family suite like this, I'm loving the colors and the entire hotel is themed "1959" SO it's going to be absolute terrific taking our trip during "1960"!
I can hardly wait to get in the pool!
This is so exciting! Not that I don't have enough projects going on already, but we'll be thrifting outfits for our stay.  I have never been to Florida before so this will be quite a trip!
We'll be sure and drop you a card!


Friday, April 25, 2014

Oxi-dental Laundry...

I am not sure where this dirty little spring table cloth came from, I only know its been around for YEARS! At one point it was in my dads rag barrel, another time it was thrown over a sewing machine to keep dust off in the barn. Somewhere along the way I rescued it and took it to the lake. However we've never used it because it was so dirty looking...
At the advice and guidance of Hannah & Erica I picked up a can of Oxiclean and let the tablecloth soak for about a week. Thanks Sisters! It definitely helped with the over all grunge, but there were a few tough stains that just wouldn't come out.
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(Although, these spots are a LOT lighter than they were!)
One draw back to this project, and I'm not sure if the cloth was just rotted or I mixed the solution to intensely. A few holes popped up between washes.
And as I said, not sure if the cloth was rotten but this big hole appeared and only got bigger with the second trip through the washer.
I will have to try and patch the holes before the next washing. Any more advice Sisters?! Over all I am pleased with how it cleaned up (holes and all) at least now we can use it with out it looking disgusting!

And I bet we'll be using it soon!


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bowie Flea- Episode 4

(What a Haul!)
You might be wondering where episode three is?! Well March's trip was pretty uneventful, so here we are and April has a spring bounty!
I was SO happy to find this turquoise Pyrex Fridgie, I am sooooo close to completing my set. I am a good customer of the seller and she knocked it down from $17.00 to $10.00 for me! At the Casablanca we have a shelf that we keep the fridgie sets on, and I change them out with the season. I plan to put the turquoise out for my birth month of June.
(Looking kind of green here, but they are my FAVORITE!)
I am forever buying sheet music, I don't play piano, BUT I have high hopes that someday we'll recruit some one who does for the Casablanca! The selection entitled "The Witch" will be great to display for Halloween!
Patricia and I picked this up at the church basement ladies store in Bowie, they are so sweet and nice. this particular piece was imported from Italy, (or as the lady said "It-leigh"). We think its old, it has the feel and weight like some other potter we have from the 1920's.
Is it a sugar bowl? We plan to use it on a hors d'oeuvre tray that looks like a giant lettuce leaf for dips and things. 
One booth at our favorite antique store in Bowie The Red Barn had a 90% off sale! I came away with the McCoy ducks planter, for a pocket breaking $0.40 and the two Franciscan salt and pepper shakers in the "American Ivy" pattern for a whole $0.50. And we picked up a 1950's Parcheesi game for just pennies on the dollar.
(Two more very cool vases.)
The Church ladies thought that these were McCoy as well, and I have my doubts. They are really neat though and for $1.00 for the pair I wasn't about to argue with their Pottery ID. McCoy is JUST starting to catch on (again) down here. Everyone's seeing it on Pintrest and its gaining popularity.
We tried "The Bowie Diner" for the first time and it was DELICIOUS, will definitely be stopping in there more often. The mashed potatoes were excellent, the portions huge, the fried catfish was to die for, and the decor, well...

Hehe, it's rural Texas!

Until next month Bowie!


Monday, April 7, 2014

I Love Lamps!

Seriously Readers, I might just have a problem...
I scored this AMAZING tripod floor lamp for $45 on Saturday! As soon as I laid eyes on it my heart jumped, and I told Patricia to be the voice of reason. However, I have always admired these so after some thought and a trip to the bathroom, I grabbed the price tag and ran walked calmly to the register.
BOY am I glad I didn't put it off much longer, turns out there were FOUR other people in the store that were seriously eying it! As I was checking out a lady came in the store front and gave a defeated sigh (she had apparently been on her way to buy the lamp, I offered it to her but she said "fair is fair".)
Found this beauty at Goodwill for $4.99, i'm not crazy about the shade (I don't think its the original) But I picked it up to use as a prop in a production of "Hairspray" later this year. I cannot WAIT to get my 1962 groove on, again!
 Lastly we have this lovely Asian Special that friend Missouri Michael (of the late "Cul-de sac Shack" Blog) picked up for me at an auction this weekend! This coming in as the most expensive lamp at $50.00 but it is SO worth it, just for the shade! Hopefully soon it will be illuminating the fountain side table in the Coral room!

I like all three lamps, but I am just WILD about the floor lamp! It will be making its way to the Casablanca soon... now to just find a place to put it.

Well, here it's Monday and I am broke once again, and my room looks like an antique store!