Monday, June 30, 2014

Happy Estate Sale Days!

(I CANNOT BELIEVE I actually came away with this lunch box!!!)
We have had the most amazing gem of an estate sale going on by our FAVORITE estate sale company. (This was week 2, with many more to come.) This property is small, but the collections are MASSIVE, they company still has 11 more out buildings to go through.
Any who, I saw this Happy Days Lunch box in the sales preview pictures and decided that I had to have it. (I played "Ralph Malph" in my very first show at Wichita Theatre!) So Patricia and I got to the sale an hour early, we were 3rd in line, and when they finally took down the tape it was a mad dash to the display case that this was in. One of the ladies running the sale told me "Now, you need to know these are the more pricy lunch pails..." I had anticipated this, and was prepared to pay high dollar. The only other Happy Days Lunch box I've seen in real life was a the Bowie Flea Market for $100.00. So after victoriously snatching the box, I look at the price tag and had to cope with the steep, back breaking price of $20.00!!! It was wonderful!
After I had safely locked the lunch box in the trunk of my car, I went back to the sale and everything else was just icing on the already wonderful cake! I picked up the "Alaska" napkin holder for a friend, and was pretty excited to discover that drink carrier because...
(It is perfect for my Libbey Carousel glasses!)
Rummaging around the dirty old laundry room, I found this clock for $2.00! It is a key wound clock that has no key and I am not sure it works but I think its going to be perfect for the Living room at the Casablanca once I get it cleaned up. It has just the right roundness and "space age-y" feel I'm looking for.

 Lastly there was this box of Blain hand painted dishes for $15.00. I need another mixed set of dishes like I need a hole in the head, but I'm sure I'll use them somewhere!  Most of the "good" pieces were there...
(6 dinner plates)
(4 salad plates, and 4 cups)
(The matching tea pot)
(A small bread bowl, and the salt and pepper!)
(I love they way they sit together.)
This set cleaned up rather nicely, and I'm glad I picked it up a the sale, vs buying it at a double price from a dealer. As I said I'll use it someday, I could have a thousand different kitchens! haha 
Recently, (as in part 1 of this estate sale 2 weeks again) I have become enamored with "wall pocket" pottery. Ya know little planters that thank on the wall!  I saw this one the first week and was to stingy to shell out $3.00, but with it still being there this week I gladly brought it home. No i just have to find a place for it... haha im reaching maximum capacity! 
(The lunch box in it's new habitat. 
Chilling with the Batman and Bonanza Lunch boxes.)

It has been a great dirty sale, and there is still lots of treasure to be found and I cant wait to go digging again soon!

Hope all of you had some happy hunting!


Friday, June 27, 2014

Mail Call!

Today's postcard is sent to us by one of my oldest childhood friends, Colleen!  She hails from Ohio, but is currently studying abroad in Ireland and was nice enough to send a few cards our way.
The Titanic has always been a fascination of mine, this card is perfect. All the way from Belfast Ireland, that is a new record! Colleen's other postcard from Cork Ireland was pretty great too, and special picked for the Casablanca...
(Here's looking at you kid!)

Thank you so much for taking the time to write us Colleen, hope you are having a blast over on the Emerald Isle!

Here's looking at you kid!


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My 24th Birthday Weekend!

Boy do I feel lived Readers! It was a wonderful jam-packed weekend of friends, finds, and celebrating!
The festivities kicked off Thursday night, when Patricia along with the help of our friends Cindy, Margaret and Kathleen threw my a surprise party at the Duncan Home. I was truly surprised (which is no easy task) scores of our friends came to the party and waited patiently to surprise me! (I was an hour late to my own surprise party...) It was so much fun. Our friends sang and danced for me, showered me with gifts and kind words, and to top it all off we twisted the night away!
Friend Margaret even made ma red velvet cake (my favorite!) in the shape of a record player, it was AMAZING!
Saturday morning I treated myself to an estate sale, it was a doozy with bottom dollar prices! I got all of the things in the above picture for a lump sum of $19.00. I COULDN'T BELIEVE that I snagged that Davey Crockett mug for only $3.00!!! And the Turquoise planter is also a wall pocket.
Saturday Afternoon Missouri Michael drove down to catch the last performance of "Shrek" the Musical and see Patricia and myself on stage. He came down to stay the weekend with us at the Casablanca!
Friends- Spencer, (Gracie Dog), Chris, Sarah, Jordan, Terrace, Jacob, Emily, Deanna, Russ, Matt, Seigen, Michael, Margaret,Cindy, Patrica, (Cora Dog), Lara, Baby Emma, & Jennifer!

Sunday the 22nd, my actual day of birth we had a small gathering of friends at the Casablanca. Patricia had prepared a brisket dinner and all of our friends brought sides to go along. Friend Cindy brought my favorite buffalo chicken dip, Yum!
(Mom sent another red velvet cake!)
It was good company for sure! We ate and chatted the night away, I truly had a blast AND didnt even have to do the dishes!
(The "tribute" table!)
I have some of the nicest friends, not only did they come out to the Casablanca to help me celebrate my birthday, but they came bearing gifts! Missouri Michael gave me the McCoy Planter and matching fiberglass lamp shades, Friend Joe sent me the 6 Libbey sorbet glasses AND went to the estate sale and bought me the pink leaf wall pockets, Friend Seigen gifted me a bag of 50's candies, Patricia found the last turquoise Pyrex fridgie that I needed to complete my set!
Friends Kate and Teresa bestowed this wonderfully retro "Happy Birthday" table cloth, it also has six matching napkins. I love it, and will use it for many birthdays to come!
Another Missouri Michael find! Now we have a lasting version of the "SS. Casablanca"! Remember?! It was the "ship" we sailed away on during last Spring Breaks formal dance.
Speaking of water, one of the BEST birthday presents was that the Water District filled our lake up again! So now we can actually swim and boat!
 (Friend Lynn's Birthday postcard!)
I would like to say Thank You to all of my friends, I received so many cards, pictures, Blog comments, special made posters, phone calls, ( two voice mails of "Marilyn Monroe" singing Happy Birthday to me), and a slew of well wishes on Facebook. It means the world to me, and made my day of birth so special. I appreciate and love every one of you! It really is all of you that makes the Casablanca Club thrive! 

"No man is a failure who has friends."

I'd have to say that I am in some pretty excellent company!


Friday, June 20, 2014

Oh My Gosh, They Got Me....SUPRISE!!!!

Girlfriend Patricia in conjunction with friends Margaret, Cindy, and Kathleen threw me a surprise party! (Which is no easy feat) Goodness, they got me! Haha my 24th Birthday weekend has offcially kicked off, and we'll be back next week to tell you all about it!
(Margaret made me a Red Velvet cake that looked like a turquoise record player!!!)

See you all next week!


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

What's Their Story?

I found this old framed photo at Value Village, sucker that I am I just could not leave it behind. I wonder what the occasion was, I wonder where these people are now.I did discover (by looking closely at the ashtrays in the picture) that this photo was snapped in the famous " Blue Room"  of the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans.

I love so many things about this picture, the cherry lifted out of the ladys glass, the gentleman's tie, (the fact that neither of them is looking the right way for the photo). The brim of the ladys hat the was caught in the flash who was seated behind them. The waiters in their sharp white uniforms (who have been caught off guard for just a second). 

To think all of that caught by a flash bulb in a matter of seconds.

Truly a time gone by.


Monday, June 16, 2014

We Love Kelcie!

(Miss Kelcie with one famous find!)
Our dearest Kelcie is out in Kilgore TX, working and acting in the Texas Shakespeare Festival. A few weeks ago she took a some pictures of this piano she stumbled across at the and sent them to me. THIS Piano dear Readers is THE piano that the music and lyrics to the "I Love Lucy" theme song WERE COMPOSED ON!!!
Kelcie reports that- Lots of people donate things to the TSF every year and this came to them through the estate of Harold Adamson, and has been in Kilgore ever since!
Kelcie further reports that- Adamson was a heavy smoker, as the keys are covered in cigarette tar, and littered with water rings.
Can you even BEGIN to imagine the history on these keys!

Readers let me tell you, I have a SERIOUS case of the "Wants" haha! I would do just about anything to drag that piano back to the Casablanca, but Kelcie doesn't seem to think the folks at TSF would want to part with it! Trade you a piano for a piano! Oh what I wouldn't do to be able to lovingly "store" it for them in the living room... maybe if we told them that were friends Billy Mendieta and Sirena Irwin!

Keep working on them Kelcie! 

Just the other day we received a postcard from Kelcie, she is the BEST at sending us cards from her summer travels. This one is a vintage postcard from Kilgore staring the "Texan" movie theater!
Look at all the vintage cars, and the iconic oil derricks of East Texas.

The Casablanca crew will be road tripping to Kilgore to see Kelcie in "My Fair Lady" later this summer, and we can't wait!
BREAK A LEG Kelcie, and keep us posted on that piano! ;)


Friday, June 13, 2014

My Problem Corner...

No, its not quite a corner where I go when life's problems have me down, its just a tricky spot to decorate! The bedroom at the Casablanca is split 50/50 one side acts as a "den" with the television set...
While the other half is set up with two twin beds and a night stand...
My problem falls in a tiny spot at the end of Patricia's bed. When the bedroom was added on to the house back in 1956, they did not line the new back door up with the rest of the doors in the house. (that would have been to easy and solved a lot of problems.) So when you look into the bedroom from the kitchen you can see that little piece of wall. Over the years i've tried many was to fix it up, but nothing fits just right. I once had a dresser in that spot (but dressers at the Casablanca tend to just be clutter catchers, and on rare occasion a winter home for mice.) The for the last few years, it has been home to a drop leaf table that I refinished, which looks very nice but is CONSTANTLY covered in stuff.

I have these two orange vinyl chairs to work with (for now) if additional seating is what I add here, i'd much rather it be black vinyl to match the couch.  Here's one of the options to set it up- chairs facing the kitchen, lamp on the left.
Here again, chairs facing the kitchen, but in front of the old door we don't use and stool at the foot of the bed.
This time with the chairs against the foot of the bed facing the TV set, lamp in front of the the door.

Aaaaaand that's all the ideas I currently have. I'm hoping the fabulous Dana at Mid2Mod will swoop in and show my a piece of furniture that will be just perfect for this weird little spot. that falls in the "no mans land" between "bedroom" and Den". It would be great to have a little more seating in this room. Everyone piles on the couch and the beds to watch movies. But that hot orange vinyl wont be a staple for very long.

What are you're thought Readers?

Seating? Some piece of furniture I haven't thought about?

What do you think?! Feel free to take that first photo  and photo shop if you feel like!


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wednesdays Just Aren't The Same.

Not without out $2.58 special Coca-cola's, and all the gossip an afternoon can handle!

I love you Miss Daisy.


Monday, June 9, 2014

About Time.

Well another weekend has come and gone here at the Casablanca dear Readers, It was a highly productive one too!  In the above photo Dad was trying to figure out what the heck was wrong with my 1954 stove. Just after the Spring Break dance the oven went out and has been out ever since. Saturday after about an hour of searching (and fearing I was going to have to have the whole stove rewired) we found the problem with a delay switch on the back splash. *Whew* So the stove is back in action!
Flashback to Friday night, Patricia and I had just gotten out of the show "Shrek", in route to the lake, and my mother calls to tell me I have NO power at my cabin...and everything in the fridge is provably ruined. When we arrive the power is still off and it was hotter than blue blazes (Yay summertime in Texas!) I called my power company which is actually based out of Altus OK. They called their people in Vernon TX (about 45 min away from the lake) who sent a truck to come fix the problem. That was at 2:50A.M. by the time the guys figure out where the problem is, call a second truck for backup, and resolve said problem it is 4:00A.M. I was so thankful that they could fix it that night! There had been bad storms in Oklahoma that had caused a power surge to blow the transformer out on the electric pole, as well as the fuses in the house. It was a drag however that we had a show to be in the next day, yikes we needed sleep!

For my birth month of June I have displayed all my turquoise Pyrex! (Turquoise is my favorite and signature color!) And my birthday will soon be upon us. I wonder what Patrica and Missouri Michael are cooking up this year...
 (Jennifer, Wes, Emily, Patrica & Seigen!)
Saturday afternoon before the show, we were visited by friends to cool lunch and celebrate the reinstatement of the oven! We had fun eating and chatting the afternoon away before showtime.
(Cora taking cover from Thunder.)
Hands down though, the BEST part of the weekend was the RAIN. We have needed is SO bad and late Saturday night/Sunday morning we got 1.3 Inches!!! IN our drought stricken state that is a HUGE blessing, and it further rained all Sunday night into this morning Hopefully slow enough the ground can soak it up and help our the trees and grass. Let it rain! Let it Rain! Let it Rain!

I apologize this post is so scattered, but between Shows, the power being off and fixed, The stove being fixed, and that blessed and much needed rain. I'm finding that I need "a weekend for my weekend" haha.

Hope all of you had a good weekend as well!