Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Look Who Dropped A Card To Say Hello!

Our very own Miss Casablanca that's who!
She writes...

"  Hello to everyone at the Casablanca!
Miss Casablanca 1957/2011 here in London studying Theatre.
I'm in the best place in the world for live Theatre for sure!
I actually brought my (Miss Casablanca) crown here with me, so it has quite the mileage put on its stones!
I hope to take pictures with it on soon around the city.
Thinking about my American paradise, The Casablanca!
- Love from, Kelcie Bush/ Miss Casablanca.  "

We can't wait for her to get back and regale us tales from the trip! 


1 comment:

Amber Von Felts said...

Just adorable! That's the kindof Miss Casablanca you want, one who will travel far and wide to spread the good word of Mick's!