Sunday, January 31, 2010

Just Call Me "Eagle Eye Mick"

Because dear followers, NOT ONLY do I hold the world record for 'Spotting vintage lawn furniature from a moving vehicle from 500 feet away' I also have a keen eye for movie and televison props!
(It some times drives my friends crazy)
You see being a Propsmaster for 3 years got me into this habit... when I watch a movie or tv show, not only am I watching the plot but my eyes are feircly hunting the sets for period things, things I own, things I want to! A perfect example of this occured last night while  season 3 of "The Andy Griffith Show".
This china hutch was my great grand mothers and is now my mothers, Its always been very speacial to her and mom calls it "Aunt Bea's china cabinet"  because it is very much like the one used on the show...

Here it is foremerly at the Casablanca, (it had to go when I bought the stove) It had been out there for four years, It was one of the first things I too to the Casablanca and had to beg my mom and sign my life away to do it! I hated to send it back to storage, but it was that or the console radio in the kitchen, and the radio won.

And here it is on the Andy Griffith Show....

But this is not the reason you can call me "Eagle Eye"  because Last night at 12:30 I was watching the episode "Opie and Andy, Housekeepers"  and when Aunt Bea goes to the fridge I NEARLY flipped out of my chair.... heres why...
See the fridge, with the triangle handle.... Im 99% Sure its a 1953 Norge Customatic that opens to the right.... and my dear followers do you know where else a 1953, Pink interior, Norge Customatic that opens to the right  resides?

Yup!  I was so excited I went running around the house to get my "Log books" of Movie sets and other things I said "OH MY GOD!" so many times my roomate came out of his room and said "WHAT IN THE HELL IS UP WITH YOU?!"  when I shouted "I THINK ANDY TAYLOR AND I HAVE THE SAME MODEL FRIDGE!!!" He said...(well I cant repeat what he said!)  So now I own Andy Taylors Fridge, Aunt Bea's China Hutch, and Lucy and Desi Ricardos toaster!

Haha dont forget to comment on the "Fabulos 50's" post to enter the give away!


Saturday, January 30, 2010

The FABULOS 50's

Wow guys and Gals,

I am amazed! 51 followers, never ever did I think this blog about a tiny little cabin would be so popular! (Forgive me if I gush)  But its just awsome!  Iv greatly enjoyed getting to know everyone and always look forward to making new friends on the blog. The part thats hard to grasp, is we've known eachother 2 months and I'v followed you, you've followed me and I havent even gotten to the good stuff yet this is just the OFF season!

Well I think in honor of 50 followers, a give away is in order!

Let see, Last time Vintage Christine walked away with a set of Casablanca Postcards....So this time I think im going to giveaway one of our fundraiser "Record Bowls" I'll let the winner pick the style either "Star" or "Sunburst" shape! I might also throw in a few surprise goodies as well!

SO to win a record bowl, and what other FABULOS 50's things I throw in all you have to do is this.
Leave a comment with your email  on this post and just like that you entered! If your Not a Subscriber, maybe you should join the rest of us on the journy!

I cannot thank you people enough for reading, for putting up with my HORRID spelling errors (I realise a good few of my readers are educators) and I hope you stay with me! Beleive me the 2010 Social Season at the Casablanca is going to be a DOOZY!


Friday, January 29, 2010

Music! Music! Music! A Show & Tell

Hello All!

This first part will be somewhat of a rant,  for for those of you older and wiser than 19 feel free to skip this part. FIRST OF ALL I collected records WAYYYYYYYY before this new "Vinyl Movment"  So you can imagen my shock when I was at good will browsing the records and a class mate of mine walks up and begins flipping through them too and states that "Lady Gaga's record is a classic, so vintage"  and "how clever it was for her to bring back vinyls"  and I just said "They never really went away... they just fell out of style...AND they are called 'Records'" he says "Well  I have a massive collection.... I should know" I asked (with the card up my sleeve) "How many do you have?"  he replies "Oh about 15, you?" I say "Close to 188 Albums and theres no telling how many 45's"  After he stupidly asked me "Whats a 45" needless to say he was beat... because I started at 6 years old... not when some one told me to on MTV.... 

That being said, you cannot BELEIVE how much it gets under myskin when my firends call them "Vinyls"...

So today here are a few of my RECORD ALBUMS.... hahah

The Musicals:
They Are as follows: UNsinkable Molly Brown, Grease, The Music Man, Xanado, Annie, Singin' in the Rain, Thats Entertianment, Fame,  Guys and Dolls, Kiss Me Kate, The King and I, Sweet Charity (Gwen Verdon), Sound of Music (Mary Martin), Till the Clouds Roll By, Damn Yankees(Gewn Verdon), Anythign Goes, Oklahoma, Fiddler on the Roof, Sound of Music (Julie Andrews), The Merry Widow, Annie Get you Gun (Ethel Merman), South Pacific, My Fair Lady (Rex Harrison), The Band Wagon (Fred Astaire),West Side Story (Natile Wood), Carosel, Pal Joey, Say Darling, Throughly Modern Millie, Stop The World I Want to Get Off, Sound Of Music (Deluxe Mary Martin), Show Boat (Ava Gardner) and West Side Story signed by the Wichita Theater Cast.
My favorites: Singin' in the Rain 1953 (its just so catchy) and Call Me Madam 1954 (The Hostess with the Mostess on the ball")

Big Band Records:
LOVE the Andrew Sisters and Bing Crosby, im a Kay Kyser fan too!


Movie Sound Tracks:
1951 Picnic, Saturday Night Fever, Funny Girl, Dirty Dancing, More Dirty Dancing, Hometown USA, Urban Cowboy, The BEST Little Whore House in Texas, The Wanderrs.

50's 60's music:
Elvis is great, but Hands Down Buddy Holly is my Favorite!

Some Newer Rock:
Europe Final Countdown, TCB the Supremes and Temptations, Michael Jackson Thriller, The Jackson 5, (I OWNED BOTH BEFORE HE DIED) and Panic at the Disco.

and A few holiday Records:
A Night in Viennia, Little Hiwatha, The Nut Cracker, Wane Newton, Merry Christmas from Bing, Andy Williams Christmas Album, A Disney Halloween, Christmas time in 1945.

This is only about Half the Collection haha! The rest resides out at the Casablanca and we play them often! I wish I could find Doris Days "The Pajama Game" thats my 3rd Favortie Musical! What can I say, im a 'song and dance man' :) what record Albums do you have/ like/ remember? (Seems like everyone had Moon River)

Well we've got all this Music so LETS DANCE!

*Cues Orchestra* AKA the Record player!


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ting-a-Ling, Ting-a-Ling goes the Telephone...

This weekend I headed out to the Casablanca for a lesuire visit! I watched "I Love Lucy" and "The Beverly Hillbillies" made a caserole and strightened up the house. Its finally back to its "Winter Season" set up (which is still pretty cramped and chaotic). Even though I see her on a daily basis, my mom still calls 7000 times a day haha. After a few hours she calls again "what are you doing?" me: "nothing" Mom: "That inst normal for a 19yr old boy... to be home laying on the couch watchign I love lucy on a satuday night...." to which I reply "And When have I EVER been normal?!"

I feel i shouldnt be Showing this picture to you, seeing as how the room is not offically done yet. But this is mostly it, minus some curtians,  a light switch, and a rug under the table.  I got the general "Feel" from Mary Deluxe's Living room. (Go look at her pictures, its to DIE for!)  but until I get them up heres a tiny (and i must admit the better part) of the "Before and After" this side of the Room changed drastically in the last 2 months. (I discovered those 2 windows had been sheet rocked over, some time ago) \


I must admit, it feels a lot roomier! Before the Tv was out in the lounge and some what open ot the weather, now it will be great in the airconditioned den, I can now watch TV in bed! (a luxury I realise very few people had in the late 40's let alone the 50's. I dont even think the president had a television in the bedroom then! And in COLOR too!)  I am however keeping the "atomic furnishings" to a minimum, because I still want the house to flow together. Im proud, I like it ... I need some stuff to hang on the walls (Alot of my old pictures I put away for a while) This has most deffinetly been a 'Mickey Jordan Production'! Id Like to thank my friend Dutch, he framed the window for me!

Well what do you Guys and Gals think?!


Thursday, January 21, 2010

A catch up day and a glipse of high school

So today I started cleaning out my trophy cabinet, and I am shocked (but not so much surprised) at all the stuff i'v packed away in there. So heres a few things id like to share. I am not your average teenager!

Since my first day Freshman year, I ALWAYS wanted to wear saddle shoes to school... I finally did the day I graduated :)

(yup these are mine! However I didnt ware the roller skates to school (to many stairs)
On that same first day, like a moth to the flame I was drawn to theater. I had an excellent drama teacher Mrs Dillard, she was so fun and when you were in here class it came with a rollercoaster of emotions (imagine that Drama People...being DRAMATIC!) but I had fun every minuet I was there haha. I wanted to be an actor,  make it my career, but alas its just not for me.

There were lots of things to do in theater and UIL tournements. I read Proes and Poetry! you had 7 minuets to read a prepared piece from a little black binder, and be the best! (this usually took WEEKS of hard work and reading the peice over and over until you wanted to blow your brains out. But oh it was worth it for that 7 minuet adrenaline rush!) I also did Duet acting, solo acting, Impromptu speeches and Lip Sinc's (my favorite!)

Each year on December 7th the Theater Production class, would put on a lip sinc! ( song and dance with, recorded music) It was hands Down my FAVORITE time of the year. I would go through my classes all day dancing as I walked and resisting the urge to buts out in song haha (If Mrs Dillard Were to read this, shes get up set and tell me that "One Act Play is more important than lip sinc" BUT lip sinc was when I really shined!

I found a few of the video's but not all have made it onto youtube! Heres what I accomplished in 4 years worth of Theater!

Freshman year: Theme "Broadway" (perfect I know)

I choreographed 3 other girls and we preformed "Stop, Dont, No, Please!" from "Hairspray". (That alone got me into Theater Production the next year)

I also helped chorepgraph "We both reached for the gun" From "Chicago"

Sophomore year: Theme :Country and Western

I choreographed "Achy Breaky Heart" by Billy Ray Cyrus (that was a big show I only go to do 1 number)

Jr Year Theme: "Disney" (I danced my BUTT off for this one!)

I choreographed "Zero To Hero" from the movie "Hercules" (in true toga fashion!) And ity has made its way onto youtube its here! (im the farthest one on the left)

I helped Choreograph "Prince Ali" from "Aladdin" and here it is (Im the one who runs in on the right side at the start, wearing the goofy hat, and later carrying the purple bird)

That year Mrs Dillard also let me run wild with ideas, and let me design the Set! In case you cant see it its the "Castle" from Disney Land! It was so much fun, and i discovered i like the Set designing/ costuming part more than acting!

Senior year : Theme "Decades:" (I dont think I stopped moving that entire november December!)

She let me design the set again, this time "An Attic, where all the memories and songs of the past could gather... Heres a picture of us on stage taken for the local paper.

If you can see it, theres a Consle Radio center stage. Whent he curtians opened the stage was totally dark, except the tiny light behind the radio dials. From then you hear static and little pieces of speech and sound, then "Dont Sit Under the Apple Tree" played as the actor in the audience made their way one stage, memories from the past, coming home ot there resting place in the attic.

There was a ton of good music in that show! We started int he 1940's with the Andrew Sisters & Bing Crosby (My doings of course) and ended in the mid 90's!

(That suit made me huge! Its a bad picture, Im the sowlen red headed version of Bing Crosby)
I choreographed "Boogie Woogie Bulge Boy", "Leader of the Pack", "Its Raining Men" (with umbrellas :)), "Thats Amore", "Its Now or Never", "Crazy -Patsy Cline","Jail House Rock", "The Three Little Sisters","Hostess With the Mostess"! Only a few of these made it in the show, but each had choreography!

Mrs Dillard Also let me be the "Special Guest" (who performs a surprise number at the end of the show) ... the song? "Old Time Rock and Roll" from Risky Business! THAT'S RIGHT BLOGGERS, in front of God, The student Body, our mayor and my MOTHER I slid out onto the stage in a pair of tube socks some christmas boxers, shirt and pair of sunglasses! Becoming a legend! (Im trying desperately to find the tape!)

Oh I realize iv just been rambling... so I'll leave you with this little piece, (I still plan lip sinc, and just wait for them to come up at events (you should see me "I will Survive" and "rock around the clock") And be sure to get your Casablanca Record Bowl before were sold out!


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ladies, Gentlemen, Please Dont Shove!

There are plenty of Record Bowls and Candy Dishes to go around! I cannot beleive how well this fundraiser is going! I want ot thank all of you who have placed orders, and encorage the rest to get yours while we can make them!

If you check the last post, we have diffrent styles of bowls, they come with dish washer safe glass insert bowls ( easy to clean) Each comes with a bag of popcorn and a certificate Showing you contributed 1 square inch of the bathroom!

The Candy Dishes sell for $10 and come with a bag of candy and the same certificate!

If you wish to order and help the fundraiser shoot me an email at tell me what style you want, leave your name and adress, and I will get back to you with the details!

Thanks again for your support guys and gals! You have NO idea how much this means to us! (we'll have a fund calculator soon to show our progress!)


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A limited time offer~! From the CH&R

Iv had a totally brilliant idea that all the "Casablanca Cats" are on board for!

You may or may not have noticed 1 room missing from the LAVISH Casablanca Hotel... and that room... is a bathroom...
We do have a restroom, with running water, ONLY its a 300 foot walk from the house. Each year I try and do 2 major projects on the house, (one inside and one out) Last year I re-screened the lounge, and purchased the 1954 stove. This year I bought a couch, and spring break we will be adding "GEORGE" or 8 foot cowboy the the drive-in!

Well Im already thinking for 2011 and as I was rambling around at the lake on sunday it hit me FUNDRAISERS! Now you might think it a tad silly, me rasing funds for a private bathroom... however when you think about it... its really a public bathroom thats kept privatly clean.

So The "Board Memebers of the CH&R" have though up a few ways to help raise funds for this project (I mean come on in the end I will be the one paying for i,t but they wanna help) Here are our Ideas!

1 Cook Book "From the kitchen Of Casablanca" (this one will take a while)
2 Sell our "photo postcard albums" 10 pictures in an album and they go for $5 (its all the post cards and a few secnic pictures as well)
3 Record Bowls

NOW I know what your thinking "Record bowls, I can make those!" BUT these are special, Each bowl is hand molded at the Casablanca! They also come with these nifty little features! The standard record bowls come with there own dishwasher safe glass bowl, That way you can see the record lable, as well as put dips or liquids in them!

This Model is called the "Star Bowl"  we are selling it for $8 (shipping not included) comes with a bag of microwave popcorn and a bonafied certificate that you own 1 square inch of the Bathroom at the CH&R! We also have a diffrent style thats a regualr bowl shape

It too comes with a glass insert dishwasher safe bowl, and reatials for $8. (shipping not included)

This is our last model the "Spangle" sells for $8 comes with popcorn (Shipping not included)
NOW Since were good friends, im going to show you this exclusive limited time offer (because there are only 2 at the moment)
The 'Funny Flip' 2 tiered candy dish!

This is GREAT for holding thoes little hard candies or nuts! ITS ALSO ON SALE! Thats right folks 2 lucky people (thus far) can own this one of a kind candy dish for $10 (plus shipping) and It comes with a free bag of candy to get you started and a certificate for owner ship of one square inch of the bathroom!

Ok, I realize these are easy to make but its the only thing we can do right now! I ask that you please dont steal my ideas or designs on these as they are Casablanca Limited Works.

Now If you want one of these shoot me an Email at  tell me what style bowl you want, how many, and where you live. (well work out the payment details when you order) Im 99% sure these will fit in a mail anywhere box, and will check tommrow!

So Hurry Hurry Value Shoppers! Heres your chance to own a limted retro-riffic (thanks Stan) piece! And a couple of inches of the "spa" haha!

Thanks guys! Thoughts and comments would be nice! Also if you have any other ideas for fundraisers!


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Iv been Thinking...


Sometimes when im thinking its dangerous!
But I have many ideas im going ot put in this post,and I want your opinions on all of them.

This year is the 5th year iv been at the Casablanca. (I can hardly beleive it) And I feel a real celebration is in order! This idea came to me while in Kansas, but I think im going to have a 50's "cook out" and Drive-In movie party ... you say "But Mick, isnt EVERY weekend at the Casablanca a party" and yes you are right! but this will be the cookout-garden party-dance of the decade!  Last night the theme came to me in a dream...

"As Time Goes By"
Five Years at the Casablanca

This Will be an event you WONT want to miss! (And heres where The thinking comes in) This Party-nay EVENT will be the biggest we've ever had. We have not set a date yet but it will be in late mid June, or Late July-early Augest. And I want to Invite Each and Everyone that reads my blog to come if you are able!  Thats why im telling you guys and glas about this now, like I said we have not set a date, and I would love to meet some of you! So if you think it might (by any strech of the mind) be possible for you to come leave me a comment! If Not comment anyways! haha  If you have a camper or an RV even a tent come on we'd love to have you! if you dont mind roommates you can stay in the ACUTAL Casablanca Hotel with yours truly!
Now give it some thought, and get back to me!

Can you guys see it like I can?! Summer air and the smell of hamburgers and such on the grill,  50's Music floats through the air, If I get busy there might even be entertainment! haha and then for the first of many movies that night we'll show the 1943 "Casablanca" on the Flamingo Drive-In" Its somthing to think about! and if you cant make, dont worry i'll be posting pictures!

Haha Listen to me, We havent even set a date yet! But I'll knwo for sure by March!

Save your Pennies, we'd love to have you!


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Catchign Up on Being "Tagged" or "Memed"

Well You asked for it, Im not sure theres pictures "get me" 100% but you get the "good" side of me haha!

First by vintage Christine,

Here you are Christine!

I doubt any of you will ever take me seriously again! haha but in this picture I wanted to show all of you that I im just goofy sometimes!
I will do anyhting to make people laugh (I love to entertian) and iv found that if you cant laugh at yourself (as I am now while writing this) then you'll miss the little things that make life grand!
so from me to you a big HA HA HA! :)

Then By Michael at Cul-De-Sac shack!

Its really hard just to pic a picture that supposed to represent you! haha (cuz im about and for so many diffrent things!)

And Here You Go Micheal!

I chose this picture for MANY reasons, Its from the Doris day Movie "tea For Two" I pick this one for the following:
1 I love to dance,(even though im not very good at it)
2 I have this relationship with Movies,(BOOKS TO) I can not get enough of them! They captivate me and throw in a large scale musical number... and Im gone! haha a s the character 'Leo Bloom' says in the movie "The Producers" " I want... everything iv ever seen in the movies! This explains my somewhat modest-yet over the top personality!
3 The Colors! Everything is so bright and happy, and thats how I like to percive myself (not like over kill) but just a pleasant person.
4 Only in pictures is life perfection, and sometimes not even then.

Well now that you've had a good laugh, (I hope)

I here by tag

Colleen @ Dicourses of the Mind
Stan @ The Elegant Thrifter
Mary Deluxe @ Welcome to DeluxeVille~
Maggi @ Circle 7-2099 (My Vintage Blog)
Christina @Thrifter Girl

Dont Be sore If your a regualr reader and I didnt pick you, Please no letters of outrage!
But it appears my regular readers and commenters ahve already been memed 1 or 2 times so im seeking out some new meme-ers! haha


Friday, January 15, 2010

So much for and from Kansas

Yeah, the lack of picture posting has sort of killed my "reveal each day from Kansas Mood..." Im at my sisters place using her computer so we can have pictures.
I got several things,

the first 2 seasons of I love Lucy,
Im also Sooooo thrilled that for 2010 my house is "IN" 100% just look at Targets spring/ summer color pallet!

Can I pick em' or what?! AND i'll have you know I picked my colors 4 years ago. Target you may thank me at any time, haha.

A few days later I learned "Good things come to those who, take freezing walks to off the road antique stores."
Way down the road from where I was staying was this old antique shop. Being on the hunt for a Starburst Clock, vowing to scower all of Kansas to find this clock I thought it was worth a shot... I go and and the proprietress informs me that she does not have such a clock, that she specializes in "Victorian and Early American pieces". However after the FREEZING walk I was not going away empty handed... 2 rows over I spot these beauties in ALL there 1950's Glory!

Yup a whole set of 8 with the gold carrier! Just like the 2 from Joyland, I tried VERY hard not to let my eyes pop out of socket and asked how much? The Lady says $28 I said "How about $25?" and Just like that they were mine!

In other news,
Carmen Miranda has Found her Place High atop Radio City....well my radio console anyway. Haha!

And Today I hit the MOTHER LOAD of 45' records!

In the basement of an antique store, There was a dusty Rubbermaid bucket FULL of 45's My friend that was looking around Whit me kept looking but I sat on the floor and started going through them, in the first pile I found the 8 that I bought!!!

Here's What I found.

"Hello Mary Lou"/"Travelin' Man" -Ricky Nelson
"Waitn' in school"/ "Stood Up"- Ricky Nelson
"Teenage Idol"/"I've got my eyes on you"-Ricky Nelson
"Runaway"/Jody" - Del Shannon
"The Battle of New Orleans"/"All for the love of a girl"-Johnny Horton
"Short Shorts" / "Planet Rock"-Royal Teens
"A White Sport Coat" / "Grown Up tears"
"When I get through with you" / "Imagine That"- Patsy Cline

Picking these out I was thinking 'this guys gonna charge me an arm and a leg', I get up to the counter and (I must admit I play dirty... I put the B-sides up)
and he charges me a WHOLE $5.00 for all 8!!!! It was my lucky day!

Well in the near future There will be a big reveal about the Den and bedroom, were almost finished! Until I get my lap top and this 'picture' problem figured out i'll have to keep bribing my sister.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

This is getting on my last nerve..

Eblogger, please get it together!

Its not fair what you do! give me a month to make great friends, the SUDDENLY strip my of the ability to post pictures... What ever I did or did not do, I apologize, lets end this....

Looks like its going to be all word posts for a while...lets hope I can still be witty...


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Just a Shade... of Green

This Lamp I bought more for the clip on shade rather than the actual lamp base.

Its a little Funky for the 40's BUT I can never seem to find a tiny clip on 2 tiered shade to match the one hanging over the kitchen table... I paid $8 for it the wall mount base on it is stamped "Union Made" 1954.
Much Like I did with the Atomic table lamp in the kitchen, im going to turn this fiberglass lamp shade into a 'hanging fixture'.
I was in my second favorite Antique store in Kansas, this one is located on Mass street in Lawrence Ks.

Im still having problems with my photoloader on here... ugh thats why this post is so short i could only get 1 pictures to Load... Jamie could you PLEASE jet your son over here?!



Monday, January 11, 2010


Hey Guys and Gals!

I havent posted in the last few days because I cant get pictures to load with my post.. Is anyone else having this problem? Does anyone Have and answer to fix it?
Its worked fine until 2 days ago... But until I get it working IDK what I cand do!


Thursday, January 7, 2010

~The Technicolor World According to Kati~

OH The Talent We have at the Casablanca, Actors, Dancers,Artists, Musicians! (but not the grungy kind you go out of your way to walk around on the sidewalk) The Nice Bright Kind that are just great All American Kids!

Once again Our "In-House postcard maker" has out done herself! Kati single handed created this website yesterday through all its trials and tribulations! She reads my blog daily So go check out the site then come back here and leave lots of comments for her!

heres the link:

Go look! Then Come Back and Gush over our talented girl!

Meet Kati French!
She is editor in chief of the Picture Postcards. All of the Casablancians take pictures and give them to her then she turns them into these wonderful piece of the CH&R we so proudly send out!
Happy Friday!


Tuesday, January 5, 2010


December 28, I seriously wait all year and save my pennies to go to this place!
Its not for the faint of heart, But if your a bargain hunter Who will roll up their Sleeves and go in swinging you can come out with an Arm full Of treasures! Its located in Topeka Kansas, on the corner of Adams and 29th street.

The place is a maze.... Its Just a junk store but somewhere in all those isles of peoples cast offs there is magic. I found Lots of great things to look at... like this complete set of Pink flowered cocktail glasses... Only $42 (But pink is NOT my color at the moment....we wont get into that...)

A tiny Aluminum tree...

And Now for the good Stuff! Iv decide 2010 is the year of the boomerang, and we should seek out as such!

I found these GREAT retro glasses that have turquoise and gold boomerangs on them These will go in the den! Got them for $2 apiece...

Next I saw this Tv antenna, and it was one of those impulse "MUST HAVE, OH MY GOD, I NEED THIS" things haha but it will look terrific on top of the 1953 tv set!

He was asking $15 I haggled down to $12...
Then as I was walking out I spotted these beauties!

It was love...

The Way they adoringly look at each other...

their just great!

I wont go into much detail, but As I picked up one bookend a girl picked up the other. I WAS NOT gonna let these slip through my fingers, so I asked the girl (who had an armful or great vintage Chalkware figures) what she was going to do with them to which she replies... "Im going to smash them and Mosaic them into a mural showing American Conformity and how wrong and idealist it is...."
(Thought that Flashes through my mind :"OH HELL NO....."
And so beings the battle of "I saw them first" she finally gives me the other bookend and then proceeds to tell me about my "conformist views" and that these book ends are a symbol of women's struggle in the 1950's and how wrong it is that im buying them...."
To which I say, "Funny They just look like bookends to me...."
(The store owner over heard this conversation... and guess who got the Bookends Half price at $12.50.... TAKE THAT, 'non-conformist girl'...I MEAN REALLY....

Later that day I went to a $1 shop in Topeka, and got this great Christmas lawn candle for $2.50 and the movies for $1

All in all a good day! besides being told off about my "Black and white, I love Lucy views" haha


Im back...and what a Light I bring!

What A Trip!!!!!

I was sad there wasn't Internet where i was staying because I kept finding great things and was just DYING to bring them on here for your "oooo's, ahhhhhh's, and overall approval of my finds!

Well Much like that first Jr High dance we've all been to, im gonna take it one step at a time! In the next few days im going to time warp and post everything that went on during the vacation!

We arrived in Perry Kansas at the home of my parents friends on December 27th after the giant snow storm here in Texas.
Once we got there we all sat down and exchanged presents, I could hardly wait for my "aunt" her present. (It was a really good homemade present) Well She hands me a tin red and green flannel lunch box, and says "Merry Christmas" I open it and there was a small flamingo ornament. As nice as it was, the selfish feeling in all of us started to come over me... BUT I smiled and laughed and carried on with our party. When everyone had opened their gifts my "aunt" whispered to my "uncle" to go get something off the porch. He goes out and comes back in with a massive sack and sends it on the coffee table in front of me, I knew instantly what it was

... My Carmen Miranda Lamp....

This lamp has been in the down stairs foyer of the Lawrence Ks Antique Mall for as long as I can remember provably since I was 5. I cannot tell you how much time i have spent staring at her behind the glass display case, big eye and wanting. Forever it was priced at $150 then last year at Christmas I saw it marked down to $80 and I vowed after 17 years of admiring it that in 2009 When I went on the yearly trip to KS I was going to buy it.

What FANTASTIC Christmas surprise that she bought for me! (and I think she got it cheaper than $80 too!) But now I don't know weather it should go on top of my console radio here in town, or find a place out at the Casablanca!

What do you guys and gals think?!

Did anyone get any super cool gifts for Christmas?!