Monday, May 27, 2013

"ON THE TOWN" - In Awe.

Dear Readers, I hope I am not speaking to soon, but Patricia and I are in total awe of the generosity of our friends! Last weekend at The Miss Casablanca Contest everyone was marveling at the progress being made on the new addition. (having just fitted the new 8ft window into the wall.)  All was going well and then someone asked "well when is the bathroom going in" and this is a tough question to answer.  I am currently saving away funds so that hopefully once the ceilings and walls are in we can do a big chunk of the bathroom at once. Well friend Lynn, and Friend Russ cooked up the idea of having a fundraiser to help things along! The Council Members of the Casablanca have decided to throw a formal dance (our spring one is always such a big success!) with less than a month to plan, get ready and host this party its all been such a whirlwind. I'm hoping it will be a great success, We've had several people donate to the cause and all of our friends are gearing up to have one swinging time at this dance!  We are hoping its going to be a smash of a time, we've even rented a bigger hall that isn't at the Casablanca to hold everyone!
We already have 25 friends signed up to attend, but we've also had some nay-sayers who think I am out to swindle people... I'm not asking everyone to pay for my bathroom, I am asking everyone to help achieve our bathroom! Wouldn't it be nice to not have to go outside?! Haha that's one part of 1943 I'll never think is quaint.  AND BESIDES it takes a LOT of work to put a dance together! We've got several committees running in circles trying to get things ready. We'll be serving refreshments and there will be lots of dancing music  and special entertainments! So we aren't robbing anyone blind AND I bet if you dress up and come you'll have a toe tapping good time! So all you NAY SAYERS, and SAYERS OF NAY - give us a break!
I truly am thrilled that our friends think enough of us to go to the trouble of hatching this plan, and helping carry it out. It also makes me proud to know that our community- be it friends, theatre or family think that this Casablanca is a worthy enough cause to band together for... It honestly leaves me speechless.  We have such wonderful friends, and its wonderful to know what started out as just "my little shack" means so much to so many that it has grown become all of "ours". Patricia and I have so many parents and friends tell us how much they think of and appreciate the parties and events, that "they are glad to know their kids are somewhere safe, and having fun without having to indulge in alcohol or drugs." Along with how neat our "vintage everything" and cool 1950's style is!

If any of you out there in blog land would like to join us for the event let me know! I'll gladly get you all the information! Cant cut a rug but would still like to help? Donations for the "indoor plumbing cause"  are greatly appreciated no matter how big or small!

(I cant believe I just asked people to send me money on my blog... ugh, I"m not comfortable with it but I assure you its for a good cause!)

I hope all of you are having a good Memorial Day! Let us not forget the brave Men and Women who serve to protect our country, along with those that have lost their lives fighting for what they believe in!


Monday, May 20, 2013

~The 1959 Miss Casablanca Contest~

(Contestants, Nicole, Terrace, Audrey, Alex & Emily)
My goodness what a weekend Dear Readers! The Casablanca hosted its third annual "Miss Casablanca Contest" on Saturday, and let me tell you it was QUITE a show! With 22 guests in attendance  we tried to beat the heat by hosting this years contest later in the afternoon, while we waited on contestants and party guest to arrive we laid out a pot luck picnic in the kitchen.
(Watermelon, and all the summer favorites!)
(Kathy and Matt!)
(Emily C!)
(Alex, Jensen, Sarah.)
(Seigen, Audrey, Caitlyn, Austin, Nicole.)
(Caitlyn, Austin, Nicole, Emily A, & Hannah!)
Having eaten, and all the contestants and judges arrived, we made our way into the back yard to begin the 1959 Miss Casablanca Contest!

As is tradition, immediately following the "swim suit" portion of the contest the young ladies gathered to share a message...

As you will notice we go to great lengths to stress this is NOT a pageant! Following the first segment of our program came the exciting talent round, and although the windy weather proved to be troublesome, our lovely ladies competed with grace!





Wow these girls are wonderful! That dang wind caused problems for everyone, but they all took it in stride. Next came the Evening Gown portion of the contest!

Finally, we came to the last category in the competition (and always my favorite) the Personal Interviews-





Such excellent answers, I always enjoy hearing what people love most about the Casablanca!
All categories being completed, the judges conferred and came to the monumental decision of Miss Casablanca 1959!

(Audrey- Miss Casablanca 1959, 
Brianna- Miss Casablanca 1958, 
& Terrace- Runner Up Miss Casablanca 1959)
While she was crowned one of our MC's sang a new song for the Contest "Here She Is, Miss Casablanca!" unfortunately the video of this song was lost. But it will be a staple of the contest for years to come! With the contest wrapped up, more merriment commenced!
Dancing the night away!

We were due to have a movie on the Flamingo Drive-In, but the wind continued to kick up and it looked like a storm was blowing in. So we all moved into the house for a variety of entertainments, piano solos, card games, talk and treats!
(Jordan, Jensen, Patricia, Audrey, Seigen!)
(Zack, Austin, Brianna!)
It was a wonderful evening and lots of fun! Even with 20 people amongst us it really didn't feel crowded and everyone was had a good time. (The last guests leaving at 4:00A.M. on Sunday Morning!) Patricia and I just want to say thank you to everyone who came! Thank you all for dressing up and bringing food and drink! You all make these parties so wonderful and fun, we just love giving them! I'd like to thank all of the talented young ladies who competed in the miss Casablanca Contest, you all are so talented and terrific! A special thanks to our Masters of Ceremony's- Jensen & Seigen, and also to our judges Brianna, Deanna, and Alton! Thank you all so much! 


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

JUST Like In The Movies! -The Great Gatsby

Patricia and I along with friend Lizzy went to the movies last night to take in "The Great Gatsby." Visually it was Stunning, costumes were beautiful, 1920's period fans, jewels, cars, and I could even look past the obviously CGI'ed  Home of Gatsby and 1922 Long Island New York. however, in my opinion THE SCORE TO THIS MOVIE RUINED THE ENTIRE SHOW.  I fully understand they(movie makers) presented a very stylized version of the F. Scott Gerald classic to appeal to a younger and more "Gangsta" crowd, but I feel this was an ill made choice. Anywho, to end this rant I will quote what girlfriend Patricia said during the movie "You know, if you just block out that trash and play the 'Anything Goes' / Cole Porter soundtrack in your head... its really not that bad."
(The Humble cottage of Nick Carraway,  the stories narrator.)
 This picture comes in the movie after Jay Gatsby has cleaned up the grounds in anticipation of his lost love Daisy's arrival. Picture my squee of joy instantly realizing that the front door of this 'Arts and Crafts' style cottage is precisely like the one I have collected for the back door of the Casablanca!
(Granted mine has a long way to go...)
I was really thrilled by the coincidence! I have searched for two years for a door like this one, this exact style. I plan to make the new bathroom at the Casablanca a little more older 1920's/30's updated to look like the 40's and this door was a MUST on my list!
(Interior of the cottage)
One of My favorite places in the book "The Great Gatsby" is Nick's cottage. In the book, the wealthy scoff at this little shack, but there is something I adore about this humble tiny home snugly nestled in with all the rest of Long Island's Old and "New" Money. I could of happily  'summered' here in the shadow of Gatsby's wild parties for $80.00 a month in 1922. I truly loved the lavish sets for this movie, and all the little things that other people will never notice! Like how all of the doors and windows on these Long Island open out not in. (a sign of frivolous design that only they unimaginably wealthy could afford to keep up.) The beautiful brass fans that appear in several of the scenes, just about everything looked the part and was washed in the splendor and legend of Gatsby. 

If only the music had been true to the actual 1920's, I would have been in ecstasy.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

"Triplets" - Happy Mothers Day!

A quirky little tune, form one of my favorite and lesser know MGM movie musicals. This number is called "Triplets" and what blushing babes they are! I once used this song as my go to audition song...

Happy Mothers day to all the Mom's out there in blog land, we appreciate you 365 days a year not just this one day!


Thursday, May 9, 2013

"It's Prettier In Pyrex!"

(My Turquoise 222, along with my 
Grandmother Jordan's everyday wedding dishes.)
It's a proven fact Readers! Just look at it! 
Every Saturday that Patricia and I are at the Casablanca, true to our Pyrex code we try and bake in at least one piece (so that its all always begin used.) I think I'm going to call this dish "The bread basket" I simply took a can of cinnamon roles, unrolled them and weaved them into a basket! Haha.
It's easy enough to do, but it takes a little longer for the dough to cook when in an 8"x8" pan like this. I also think its lacking a little something to really make it a wonderful dish! Maybe some fruit, or nuts on it along with the icing.
Maybe strawberries, I'm thinking that might be a good combo. Strawberries and cinnamon, any suggestions?!
One ting I can tell you is that this stuff goes GREAT with coffee! Vintage Christine gave me the neat-O sugar bowl last Thanksmass and we use it all the time.

Hope you all are having a happy Thursday!


Monday, May 6, 2013

What Light Through Younder Window Breaks?!

"Tis the East, West, and Juliet is the sun!" Dear Readers!
I apologize for my three week hiatus, I went on a cruise, then couldn't find my camera cord to upload pictures, and had nothing new to report. BUT now I do! Saturday Friend Larry had a free day and came by the Casablanca to get a few projects knocked out.
With the french doors in the next big projects for the living room included, installing the 8'8"window and framing the interior wall. Saturday morning had a few problems, but it was a wonderful day to cut a hole in the wall it went like this...

("Cheers!" Says Larry "Lets get this window in!")
Ta-da! Framed and painted. This is not the original window we had planed to use, this one turned out to be better for the project and was given to me by my boss at the Theatre, Dwane. (Thanks Dwane) What makes this window EVEN MORE perfect, is that when it was painted  It had been a set piece in a production "Beauty and the Beast" HOW COOL IS THAT, and just perfect for the quirky Casablanca!
Thank You Larry! It looks fantastic, and really opens up the room with all the wonderful sunlight! At night the light from inside floods the yard,its really great.
Once the window was set and secure Larry moved on to the interior wall, and although its old 4 studs set two feet apart it makes a WORLD of difference in the lay out of the rooms, its really starting to come together!
Please pardon our mess! We still haven't found a new home for the moon cut out from the Spring Dance. But there you have it, there is the new wall ready to be wired and insulated.  The only remaining construction projects are down to- finding/installing a bathroom window, finding/installing a back door and screen door to the bathroom, Installing the door between the living room and bathroom, adding steps under the french doors, and cutting a hole in the wall on the front of the house for the new air conditioner.  (sounds like a lot, but its really not!)
Another little "honey-do" that we knocked out this weekend, I finally go around to installing the 1925 brass mail box that I picked up in March.
I kept joking with Patricia that  with our new mail box, my lake neighbors are going to think we are "uppity" . Since mail is delivered at the main lake gate and not door to door, this box is really over kill but I love it! Yes, "Uppity, Uppity" with our vintage mail box and two door bells (a chime in the addition, and a buzzer in the 1943 part of the house!)
We are moving right along, I am hoping that by the end of May I can have the whole addition insulated and that by July/August we will be ready to put up the real ceiling and real walls!

Here's to fingers crossed, few complications, and hoping my pay checks are big!