Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mid-year And It's Simply Amazing...

You know readers,
I drive my friends crazy sometimes it seems like all I ever talk about is the Casablanca, if its Christmas I'm talking about Spring Break in March, If its Spring Break I'm already planning some sort of event for June, when its June my thoughts have already skipped Halloween and I'm Dreaming of a White Thanksmass and how many more Frankoma dishes I have to get so everyone can eat of matching plates! However it almost takes full time planning to make everything seem picture perfect around this place. So here we are at Mid-year/ Mid-social season at the Casablanca, lets take a look at some of the results of all that planning. Its all about "vision" I guess. For example look at these two pictures of the back yard. The first picture was taken Opening Day of the 2010 season on March 15th. The Second was taken June 19, 2010.
See quite a difference isn't it?! I could just see the lights hung on a wire across the yard and those paper lanterns swaying in the warm summer wind way back in frosty March, and with careful planning and a little bit of patients see what happens?! Most of the things I visualize in my head  come to pass I'm always striving for picture perfect.
In November after discovering the 2 windows in the bedroom wall,  I wanted to redo the bedroom and rework the space to get more out of it. The twin fourposter bed took up way to much room so it was changed out for the 2 orange chairs until I could save up and get the black couch. The Pist Picture was taken Nov 2009, the second March 2010.
With the help of Mary Deluxe's  living room for guidance, and just knowing what would work in the small area Its almost like we've added another room to the Casablanca It just took a months planning and there ya are! My friends and I have used this half of the room more than it was ever used when the 4 post bed and  full sized vanity (for the girls) was on that side of the room.

Which brings us to Labor day this coming weekend, even though I'm celebrating the holiday iv got Thanksmass on the brain! See with the house being so tiny it takes careful planning to get everyone seated. this was the layout for a table to seat 10 people. First picture taken Laborday 2009, second Nov 14 2009.
Once again planning ahead pays off exactly room for 10 people and enough room to get around the house. This year is going to be tricky pull it off this year! The guest list (due to all the new members we had join the Casablanca this summer) has nearly 21 prospective dinner guests! Can you imagine 21 people crammed in a 900 sqft house!

But as usual,  "Iv got a plan..".


Friday, August 27, 2010

Pirates Party Part 3!

Try saying that title 5 times fast!

Well readers with the party games finished and green flamingos won, the evening was winding down..but it wasn't over!  Thanks to a certain orange cat named Felix, hamburgers were off the menu. ( He looked up at me while grilling as if to say "I want some" I said "Don't even THINK about it". With that Felix jumped up  on the table knocked the crock pot full of cooked hamburgers to the ground, grabbed the rest of the raw hamburger meat and was off like a flash into the bushes.) So hot Dogs it was!
(Makes quite a picture doesn't it!)
(Friend Jenny, and the Hamburgler at large)
(Friends Lydia, Jonathan, and Caleb hanging out after dinner)
 As the sun slowly started sinking down over the hill, everyone lined up their chairs in anticipation for the feature presentation. In honor of our swashbuckling show, Muppet Treasure Island was the big feature at the Flamingo Drive-In theater!

"It's Drive-In Time Here At Mick's!"
(Taken from the top of the Drive-In Screen)
(Miss Lydia, our movie commentator of the evening)
The Main attraction to this movie, was the musical number "Cabin Fever" which we would sing during practices for our show when we'd had ENOUGH of Gilbert and Sullivan!

As the credit s started to roll across the screen, most of the cast packed up and headed for home. It was a bitter sweet moment for us, because this is the last time we'd all be together as a cast.
 (Friends Patricia & Lee)
Some stayed, and we just chatted and laughed about the summer show, and what our next theatrical move was. fall shows, musicals, plays... until it was midnight and everyone had to go. Chalking up another great party to the Casablanca Hotel & Resort's long record.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pirates Party Part 2!

That previous Friday friends Wes and Patricia helped decorate for the party!
 (Patricia on streamer duty)
(Wes supervises)
(Wes with the prize flamingos, this time Lime Green because they have scurvy)
Well as the sun started to go down and everyone started to dry off we made our way back to the Casablanca. Once back at the house we broke out the refreshments!
Aug 1 was also our stage manager Tina's Birthday so of course a cake and song were in order!

 After the Happy Birthday song, we snapped a cast picture and then we started the party games! The first being "Bye Bye BEARDie" ...
 (Before, almost 3 solid months with out a shave! I needed Mutton Chops for my role as Major General!)

(7 minuets later, everyone in the cast took turns shaving me and I'm ME again!)
 Next up, back by popular demand a limbo contest! This time the prize flamingos were neon Green!
(Our winner Victorious Miss Marget D. on the left)
(Friend Patricia gets ready to announce the big Hula hoop contest!)
(Miss Lizzy)
(This isn't cheating!)
(In a whirl of hoops, 8 to be exact Corey wins the Hula Hoop contest!)

Part three coming soon Dinner and a Show!


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Back To the Pirates! Part 1

Well dear readers,

Our Summer Youth Musical "The Pirates Of Penzance" closed July 31, 2010. So naturally we had the cast party on Sunday Aug 1!  Now I must say there have been times at the Casablanca when I thought i'd never have company again, and others when I wish I could get rid of people, but dear readers never have I seen a situation like this!  My cast mates had so much fun at "As Time Goes By" in June they asked me to host the cast party at the Casablanca (it only took me about 2 seconds to answer!) So after we'd torn down the set, it was officially deiced that everyone was going to Mick's...let the nautical puns begin...

Now as you know, one of the many things that makes a party at the Casablanca is the decoration, and Id been collecting piratical things all summer. My friends Wes and Patricia headed out with me the Thursday before to get the house ship shape
(The Lounge, look at the Gravel are pirate ship I found!)
(On the piano, we have 2 little ships and the 1940's record album to H.M.S. Pinafore. Another one of Gilbert and Sullivan's smash hit shows!)
 But enough of the decorations! Once everyone got to the house, we all went swimming! The majority of these picture were shot by my friend Stephanie, she got some amazing shots!.
 (Here we all are!)
We jumped, and splashed and swam until our arms couldn't move anymore!
(Our Director Matt & Girl friend Stephanie!)

For 3 good hours we swam, doing back flips, front flips, cannon balls, and nose dives into the lake! We even enacted some of our scenes from Pirates of Penzance using the dramtic moments to jump into the water.
It was perfect day for the party, it was a cool 108 ouside and the water felt good and the party was just getting started!

Part two coming soon.


Saturday, August 21, 2010


Well dear readers,
(Me, Caitlin,Wes,&Patricia)
I'm getting better,  I can move around again and theres only 3 more days of this INFERNAL BED REST!
 Wednesday some of my friends popped in to visit!  Im so glad they did, I was going stir crazy and it was great to see the people I was missing!!! Not only did they grace me with their presence  they came bearing "Get Well" gifts A card, a Pirate coloring book, and a bouquet of flowers!
(The card was HUGE!)
(Better than a Hallmark Card)
(Filled with wishes well, inside jokes, and summer friendships)
The Girls knowing the quickest way to my heart was with old movies, brought the best of Gene Kelly & Judy Garland, and a lot more! But we were so busy catching up and talking that we never even sat down and watched them, haha.  I felt SOOOOO good that I decided  I was tired of being in the stuff old house, so up and outside we went! Just as it was getting cool outside, it was so nice. 
 (Wes, Caitlin)
But the extent of my outdoor adventure and athletic abilities  was the walk from the backdoor to the swing set.
 (Patricia & Myself)
It was MARVLOUS  to go outside and smell the fresh air! I think that's one of the best medicines out there. We had so much fun chatting and catching up that when we stopped to look at the clock it was nearly 11:00p.m. and had to say goodnight and I promised I'd write the afternoons events up on the blog. I would also like to thank all you blog readers out there for your kind get well wishes and thoughts! I'm ready for Monday, as soon as the doctor say I can get out of bed I'll provably take the 2 weeks worth of dishes, clothes, pictures and various other items that have stacked up out to the Casablanca. I'v got a lot to do in a week!  My family's friends from Kansas (the ones we visit at Christmas) are coming down to the lake for Labor day, as they have done annually for the last 14 years! I have a TV set to refinish, and bar top to tile, and house guests to ready for, the Casablanca is always a high traffic area Labor Day Weekend both day and night! 

Coming Sunday Part 1 of the Pirates of Penzance cast party!


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Is There Anything Pyrex And Good Friends Cant Do?

A special thank you to blogger pal Michael over at

Yesterday as I lay in bed counting the specks in our popcorn ceiling, Mom comes in yelling "Who the Hell do you know in Missouri ?! (I think im going to make that a regular segment here on the blog from my mother "WHO THE HELL DO YOU KNOW IN ____________" because she does this every time I get mail from anyone but her.)
Any-who, She finally lets me have the box after checking for drugs, explosives, and any other paraphernalia and when I open the box to reveal its contents....

The look on Mom's face was priceless, inside was the blue Pyrex dish I was currently hunting, along with a nice had written letter. Of course mom cant just say "How Nice" and leave the room, or "Oh the piece you've been searching for" nope mom says "Why is a full grown man sending you Pyrex?!"   My response "Because he's an excellent friend, and knew I was looking for this piece."  Then and only then did she say "Oh okay." and leave the room haha! So Thank you Michael  for the 502, and for breaking up the days insanity!

I have a ton of posts backed up, One of which is the TV Set since I purchased the new one with doors (which is currently in a holding pattern to be refinished) here's what I did with Florida! I had to rearrange my room to make room for this massive TV set, so I  put the group photo from As Time Goes By in the screen and put Florida when the new TV will go.( To get used to it being there)
 So here's my $30  picture frame! Im STILL waiting on video footage of the Pirates party, If the guy cant do it by Sunday I'll just post all pictures.More coming soon on the Bar and TV!


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Recovery Sucks! - The Musical...

Well dear readers let me tell you where I'v been....

A few of you are Facebook friends with me and already know this, but last Wednesday I had  to go to Dallas for Surgery. Now It wasn't anything major, (The doctors had worked on my kidneys when I was 3, and were just checking up on their work). Now some of you might be shouting "MICK WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL US?!" (that is, if you people shout at your computers.) 

Well I have know about this surgery since April, In fact I had it pushed back so I could be in "Pirates of Penzance". The Reason for keeping it a secret, is because 1, its kind of a downer and id rather have a good time! the other reason I cant STAND an overflow  of sympathy haha! For example upon telling one of my moms friends this in May (3 months from surgery) she immediately insisted I sit down in a chair (as if a chair was going to cure me)  As I told one of the nurses who asked  why I hadn't told everyone I know I said...

"Because down here, when you say "Kidney Surgery" People think Steel Magnolias. They think Steel Magnolias and think dialysis , (which I do not have) They think dialysis and then everyone wants you to drink JUICE, and DAMN IT SALLY FIELDS I WILL NOT DRINK JUICE!"

Michael over at Cul-de-sac shack found this video to go with my overly dramatic facebook status!
I don't find the withdraw funny, so please don't think of it that way. But this is almost exactly how I felt with all those damn nurses trying to make me drink full orange orchards! 

Until around 3:00pm today I have felt like crap! Iv written 3 blogs between Wednesday and Sunday and deleted each one because i was heavily medicated when I wrote them! Haha the worst part of this surgery is the prescribed 2 weeks bed rest, ( 4 days down, 8 to go!) I have a feeling Monday the 23rd when I am released of all my medical charts and crap I will do back flips, and enjoy sleeping on my stomach again! Now the race is on, see I will be free from bed rest the 23rd,  Auditions for "Happy Days The Musical"  are on Aug 30th so i'm preparing for that! (can you guess which part I'm going for?haha)

The other Plus about being in bed for 2 weeks, I get to plan like a mad man! I can already tell you the Casablanca will host 2 more major parties before the season out ( a Costume ball at Halloween, and Thanksmass Dinner) with who knows how many get together in between!

Well I just wanted to check in and let you find people know how im doing! I have all the stuff for a giveaway and I'll post about that soon!