Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Holy Cow Readers!
 New Friends, Old Friends, Family, (including some family that just stalks and criticizes.) But you are all here. What a fun ride it's been and what a great time I've had getting to know you all!
So to celebrate here are a few highlight reels of "Everyone Goes to Mick's"!

Spring Break 2010- A new beginning!

As Time Goes By- One of the most successful parties I've thrown!

Summer's End 2010- Always the Highlight of Summer!

Cinderella-  My first real Set Dressing Job, and pure Magic!

Spring Break 2011- The Big Band Dance!

Memorial Day 2011- The 1st Miss Casablanca Contest!

Summer's End 2011- A wonderful celebration!

Halloween 2011- The Casablanca Costume Ball!

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers- One of our BEST sets to date!

 Thanksmass 1957- Our Christmas Card to the World!

Its been so great being able to share with all of you the fun we have at the Casablanca, as so many people tell me "Always a party at Mick's". I hope someday each and everyone of you readers might join us for an evening of entertainment at the Casablanca. You've watched right before your very eyes as an old worn out shack has been transformed into a special place where dreams often do come true for its members, thank you for following and being Friends!
(Membership card courtesy of Miss Amber Von Felts)


jamie@midcenturymania said...

Great posts...all of them. You are one busy guy. Congratulations on 200!

The Thrifty Picker - Rachael said...

Congrats! Your posts always bring a smile :)

Missouri Michael said...

Congratulations from your very first follower!

Dr.Acula said...

Congratulations from Spain!!
Keep on rockin!!!

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Congratulations on 200! Keep the posts coming!

art deco dame said...