Monday, March 19, 2012

Prom Night 1958 - "If Dreams Came True"

Well Readers, I could have danced all Night...

If you've been keeping up with the events here on "Mick's" You'll know that last Friday Night was our annual Spring Break Dance!  If you will recall last years formal dance, we had quite a turn out and a fabulous time. This year's dance- not to be out done boasted a guest list of 51 people in attendance, with even more gowns and tux's!
(Don't we all look great?!)
(A "white sport coat" and my date Patricia)
This year everyone dressed up in period 1950's formals the girls hunted for MONTHS to find the perfect dresses. Our "Prom Planning Committee" researched for hours trying to find perfect 1950's-esk decorations so our "Prom" would be authentic!
("If Dreams Came True"- our Prom song/Theme by Pat Boone)
In no time at all the party was hopping! It took nearly 45 minuets to get everyone signed in at the Lake Diversion toll gate, but things were underway after a Blessing was given by Mr. Schaffer.
It wasn't long before the records started spinning and "The Casablanca Class of 1958" was dancing up a storm!
(Look at Friend Evelyn Go!)
We Hokey Pokey'd and discovered that it really is what it's all about and then took the group photos-
(The Ladies...)
(The Gents...)
The Records played on with the latest hits of the day and everyone was having a terrific time!
(Friends- Chloe, Kelcie, Courtney, Felicity, and Joy!)
(Savannah, Myself, Brianna, Emily & Chloe!)
(Everyone chatting out on the terrace of the dance pavilion.)
At long last a record finally made its way to the top of the pile we'd all been waiting for, it's the latest dance craze sensation!  "The Bunny Hop!"
 Earlier this week on a blog called The Speedboys (blogging from Spain!) featured a whole post about the Bunny Hop and once I posted it on our Facebook event page we KNEW it would be a hit at the dance!

 (Friend Melissa, dressed as Marylin Monroe leads the Bunny Hop!)
We Bunny Hopped, Limbo'd and Cha-Cha-Cha'ed the night away! Readers I was just tickled pink and turquoise at our turn out it was everything we'd been dreaming about for months and months!
(Myself & Lisa head of Costuming at the Theatre)
(Patricia and J.T.)
(Amanda and Braxton are 'going steady')
It was about this time in the evening we drug out the limbo stick (a Casablanca party tradition!) to see how low everyone could go!
(Here I go!)
(Miss Margaret!)
(Make it Meg!)
(Our Limbo Winners, Heather, Margaret & Meg!)
With the Limbo title tucked away, and all the votes in Miss Casablanca (Kelcie- Master of Ceremonies)  prepared to announce just WHO would be in 1958 Prom  Queen!
And our 1958 Prom King & Queen are...
(Francis and Olivia!)
Everyone clapped and cheered (We based the prom queen votes off of best girls costume, and the queen got to pick her king!) and then the King and Queen lead the Prom Court in a dance...
"Queen of the Senior Prom - The Mills Brothers"
(Aren't they sweet?)
Next Dance up was "The Stroll" 
 (Me and Patricia)
(Francis, Caitlin & Kelcie)
(James & Joy!)
(Michael & Disa)
(Patricia & Russ share a dance.)
 The dancing portion of our evening was finishing up in fine form, everyone picked their partners for the "school dance" "If Dreams Came True" and while dancing cheek to cheek I saw the Magic of Prom that so often one hears about. Ya know the kind you dream about only to discover its a stuffy evening in ill fitting formal wear. But this friends was the real deal, everyone looked so sharp in their suits and gowns- some sporting corsages others boutonnieres. All I can say for our 1958 dance is that dreams really did come true!

*  *  *

Immediately following the dance the guests headed up to the Casablanca for the first Drive-In picture show of the year. This years opening feature being a movie called "That's what I am."-
As the credits flickered across the screen and our friends departed one by one a magnificent evening was drawing to a close.
 (Friends- Russ & Chloe)
This picture reminds me of Norman Rockwell's "The Morning After, New Year's Eve at the Waldorf Astoria". The Spring Break Dance is always an indicator as to how the rest of the Casablanca's Social Season is going to go, and with any luck this year will be one for the record books! I'd like to give special thanks to our "Prom Committee" Patricia, Joe, Cheryl (who also costumed most of the guests), Melissa, Meg, and Terrace!  As well as a special thanks to everyone who brought food for the party, (a very special thanks to Mr & Mrs Adams for making a pot roast, along with a ham and many other delights!) and last but not least a HUGE thank you to all of our friends for making the night a smashing success!
Wish you were here!



Kathy said... fun! Congrats Mick and gang for a wonderful prom night. Wish NJ wasn't so far away from Tx! You guys did a fantastic job:-)

nickarmadillo said...

Looks like you had quite a turnout. How is the new addition going?

Unknown said...

What a lovely evening, Mickey! So glad you enjoyed it. Love seeing the pictures! ~Abbie

Dana@Mid2Mod said... had a wonderful turnout! It looks like everyone had a terrific time. And I love your white sport coat and pink carnation! I just want to tell you again how much we enjoyed meeting you. I'll share these pictures with Joe.

Jim said...

Oh the Bunny Hop! I am old enough to remember this when I was about 14 years old and all the church dances and otherwise got this dance going! It was so much fun!
Mick, you did it again! What a feat to organize and pull off something like this. Congratulations to all and let your social season begin!
It's always like a breath of fresh air dropping by here. You guys would have LOVED the 50's and 60's! I did! lol

Amber Von Felts said...

Hey Mick! I'm catching up on some long lost blog reading. This party looks like it was so magical! I love the new Miss Casablanca (great hair great dress). Everyone looked so fabulous. I like your white sport coat too (did you have a pink carnation?) Wish I had been there!