Monday, February 13, 2012

Baby It's COLD Outside!

(Guilty as Charged.)
Well readers, for an early Valentines day Present Patricia and I took each other to the Bowie Trade Days flea market in Bowie Texas!  We left out bright and early Saturday morning in hopes of finding Puppies and Pyrex.
(A North Texas Sunrise, circa 8:09 A.M.)
As we motored toward Bowie hash browns and coffee in hand, we noticed something... the car  thermometer said 22 DEGREES! "That can't be right, it was 60 yesterday... I'll roll down the window and chec- WOOOOOOSHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! ... YUP its 22 degrees. But Bowie onward we went! Finally we arrived at  the flea grounds around 9:30 A.M. 
(Freezing but still radiant.)
We headed for the "animal" section of the flea market first, in hopes of finding a Corgi Puppy for Patricia. -No such luck, so we'll try again in March. There really wasn't much open to cold! What normally takes us two hours to stroll took about 30 minuets. The day was not without it's rewards!
(The finds!)
While perusing the booths of the flea market I spotted the 222 Pink Desert Dawn  brownie pan, and got it for a STEAL of $2.00.  We saw some other things, but nothing that we couldn't live without and a few things we secretly hope will be there next month!
Saw this really neat lawn chair, I'm guessing form the 30's?  But the seat panels were cracked beyond repair, so a picture is all I took.  Because our flea Market walk only took 30 minuets, and we had traveled an HOUR we weren't about to just turn around and go home...
(Cue in Scenic Downtown Bowie Texas)
To escape the cold and feed our thrifting addiction we popped into all the little antique stores. One I highly recommend is is "lady bug Antiques" that's where I found the Turquoise Cinderella "Balloons" bowl. I snatched it up because I've only seen them in pictures, I was a little iffy when I found out it was $18.00 and it had a tiny chip in the handle. But none the less I carried it up tot he check out and "rediscovered" the ship at the lady was checking me out, and she was nice enough to give me a 10% discount on the price! SOLD! I think the chip and dip bracket I got for Christmas will work on this set so now I need to find the "dip" bowl.  
I also picked up a Helpful Hints book by Heloise dated 1962, It  gave great advice and it was strange to see how outdated some of it was. (It had a chapter aimed directly for "The Help") It's already paid for the $3.00 I paid for it, it gave me great tips on cleaning out the closet!

It was a frosty weekend, but a fun one. Hope all your hauls were happy ones!



Kate said...

fabulous finds! thanks for sharing over at the Pyrex Collective! new follower!

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Great finds! And it was such a sweet boyfriend thing for you to say "freezing but still radiant" about Patricia. That made me smile. :)

Amber Von Felts said...

I can't believe you wne to an outdoor Flea Market when it was in the 30 degree range! Die Hards! I tried to vend at our Wednesday swap meet yesterday and it was "cold" when I set up in the AM, about 56 degrees and just when the sun was coming out, the rain clouds stormed in and we got rained out! Waa Waa. There were a few die hards like you there though, shopping in the rain as we vendors scrambled to pack up!