Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Deck the halls with vintage findings! Falalalalalala!

So today, as Promised the C.H.&R. (Casablanca Hotel & Resort) gets ready for Christmas...Well actually these pictures are From Thanksmass, let me explain...

My friends and I made up this little Holiday we celebrate the second weekend of November. You see most of the people Who come out to the Casablanca are my Theater Friends from high school. When when graduated in 2008 everyone was scattered all over Texas. As the summer drew to an end we deiced to have one more party, a formal affair for thanksgiving! HOWEVER a few of us were set on 'Christmas at the Casablanca' And so we Compromised and THANKSMASS WAS BORN!

This years theme (and provably will be forever) "Thanksmass 1958"

Here we have the "Grand Dinning room" Of the Casablanca! I love everything in this picture! The Aluminum tree in the background was an ebay find! I'm not proud it cost me around $80 but I love it ALL mid century homes need them! On the table, Are my grandmothers Frankoma plates and candle sticks (she gave them to me because she said id "appreciate them the most" haha) and the lace table cloth was My great great grandmothers and some where there is a picture of it on a table very much like ours!

My 1954 Frigidaire Stove (I got for a STEAL at $250) gets festive.

Our 'Traditional Tree' in the Den, I found toys from the 50's to scatter around the tree! The red pedal car my parents gave me on my 2nd birthday, some old key roller skates, a 'Curious George' Jack in the Box and baseball glove!

Even the Drive-In gets decorated for Thanksmass!

Most of my 'Theater Family' All of us happy and together!

"Twas the Night of Thanksmass"

We Had so much fun! Now the Casablanca is Closed for the season, and will re-open in march just in time for spring break...but FEAR NOT! Haha because even in the off season a lot goes on!
Hope you Enjoyed it! Would love to see some of your Vintage Christmas's'!!!!



Leah@Storybook Ranch said...

Happy Thanksmass! I love your home, it's so festive. And I'm in love with your floor. WOW!

p.s.Have you joined the Vintage Christmas party @ Anything goes here? It's every Monday until Christmas..

Mick said...

Thank you Leah! I love the kitchen floor too! One of my favorites in the house!

Vintage Christine said...

You are hilarious! You can keep collecting for Casablanca through the winter and you will be sharing all that with your loyal followers, right? I agree with Leah, your kitchen floor is incredible. Nothing beats a great big piece of linoleum!!!