Sunday, December 6, 2009

OK! Just a quick post today,

First I Owe a HUGE thanks to Mid century Madam, and 1950's Atomic Ranch House! Thank You both SO much for featuring me on your Blogs I was thrilled! And Id like to thank everyone else for following me! 16 Wow ! I never thought id have 6!

So once again Thank all of You so much!

Now! Down to Bussiness!

Today nebhior to the Casablanca Gifted me this table! Well actually she was going to throw it out... but "gifting" sounds more pleasant.
It was outside on a deck for a long time, I cant see a makers stamp, But the flaps still Pull out and pop up. and its a tin topped table.

It doesnt look like much, But I think its a keeper! Look at this Great enamled tin top!

The wood frame just needs to be repainted, and I'll shine up the chrome legs with some naptha and steel wool. I guess this table will go out on the screened in porch... THIS MAKES 3 in the house alone! I have the great 1956 formica table in the kitchen, and my mahogany drop leaf table in the bedroom. I also have 3 other 40's and 50's tables in storage that I just cant part with!

"Prince Ali" found a perfect place on a side table in the den.

Oh well other than this great table, it was a pretty quiet visit to the Casablanca....


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