Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Kell House Musuem

I am Sooooo fortunate to be able to volunteer here!

This is the Kell Family home, (They along with the Kemps are responsible for what Wichita Falls Is today)

The House was built in 1909 and we are celebrating its 100th year! The Exterior of the house is Neo-Classical, with the interiors being Victorian and Craftsman of the family's own design.

This place is Stunning! I tell every one I know, NOT only is it like stepping back in time, But its also like being on a movie set! (The Kells Were Very Wealthy in their day) and the house, along with its Furnishings have been kept in pristine condition! (95% of the Furnishings in the house ARE ORIGINAL! In the 1920's the family redecorated some of the rooms, but most of the house is original to the 1909, with the 1920's redecoration plans, and the interiors reflect both Formality and Elegance of the time.

If your ever in Wichita Falls Texas you really should stop by!

You do have to pay admission, and the tours are around 45 min! its a wonderful place to spend an afternoon.

You can read more here!

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Maggi said...

Wowow, what a amazing place to volunteer at!