Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Q and A!

Well folks you asked now I will tell!

The One thing I was surprised no one inquired about was the "HOLLYWOOD" sign in some of the pictures! This was no feat of Photoshop!

It was actually there! It stood 26 feet long, 4 feet high and could be seen lit up from half a mile away at night! But after only 2 weeks of its existence Waggoner Estate made me take it down! My Friends and I spent our whole spring break building it for our after prom party, and as a gift to Lake Diversion... but It wasn't meant to be :(
AND we had to take it down a week before our prom party....darn!

NO one really asked about this treasure either!

This is my Great grandparents 1953 Television set! Its so special to me! The Story that goes with it was in 1953 My grandparents bought this tv brand new, SO THEY COULD WATCH LUCY HAVE HER BABY!!!!!! yes indeed! I found this tucked away in the barn, and IT WAS DESTINED for the Casablanca! even more amazing after spending 20 years in the barn IT STILL WORKED! But when the switch from analog to digital happened I took the original guts out of the tv (stored them) and put a brand new tv in! SO now it can maybe get 50 more years of use! Lets face that gold and cream trim, with the huge dials... that's just sexy! haha

This Im just plain proud of! it was my grandmothers on my Moms side! it was bought brand new In 1957. Iv never seen a Formica table with a pattern like that! and sadly one of the chars is missing, but thats ok, because it would block the craftsman window (that was a french door in another life) with the view!

Michael, you asked about this Radio! As I said it is a 1928 Air Chief and it was given to my grandparents as a wedding gift. It used to have a blond pine finish, but at some point in the late 50's my grand mother painted it white "to keep up with the times". Iv thought of stripping it and retuning it to its original state. However I like it like it is, some parts are smooth, some bumpy (just like marriage) and one of the front legs has been stained with crude oil (My grandpa worked on Waggoner Estates Oil leases) So its just plain sentimental!

As you can see the top lifts up to reveal the radio controls, the other side once housed a record player. But it had been taken out at some point leaving a gaping hole, so I boarded up the bottom of the hole and sat a small cd player inside and put the speakers below. That way If you put a cd in before guest arrive, they think the radio is actually playing!

In the spring I will have to do a post on all the Radios at the C.H.&R. I think theres about 3 in every room! haha

Leah, Im terribly sorry I couldn't find any super good pictures of the floor! But Here's what I know, Its nearly as old as the house is, One corner on the back is dated 1946. More than likely its asbestos. However iv polished and Sealed the floor to prevent any mishaps with the asbestos. The outside of the house is covered with LORD KNOWS how many layers of lead paint (iv always said the Casablanca Hotel could survive a nuclear holocaust!) haha and thats about it!

Well hope y'all enjoy and have a good Wednesday!



Maggi said...

Wow, you've got some amazing pieces, your place looks awesome!

Entrepreneur Chick said...

I have been telling my friends about your blog, and I'd tell complete strangers too, but then it'd just be *awkward*.

I'm re-reading this post...

Entrepreneur Chick said...

Waggoner Estates can bite me!

"That way If you put a cd in before guests arrive, they think the radio is actually playing!"

Clever, clever! Also like how you put in a new T.V. inside the old. Kewl.

Mick said...

Thanks Maggie! Aww Thanks Chick! Haha Tell everyone you know! haha Come vist us if you like! Because after all, 'Everyone Goes to Mick's' ;) and if they dont... THEY SHOULD! haha

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Very cool, and living in southern CA, the Hollywood sign is near and dear lol.

Wish I had all the original stuff my folks had when they moved into our house here in 1959. =( We kids were terrible on furniture, so it's our fault lol.

Ah well, I do have quite a few of the original stuff, but nothing visually "special".

I may gut my old Packard Bell and put a new TV in the back one day. =)

Need to find a vintage radio to hide my modern stereo inside of. Been looking for something for a few years now =D

Betty Boogie said...

I Adore your dining table!!! Your blog is so fun! I shall have to keep following you...

Pam said...

LOVE that old tv! If it was a 1955model, it and I would share a birthday. lol Pam @ Sallygoodin