Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Old Lamp Lighter

Well Iv finally made a find for the Casablanca!

Is this Not Hysterical?! Yet "Over-the-top tacky" cool?! My girlfriend has dubbed him "The Prince Ali Lamp" Its from 1954, He's Chalkware, the stamp on the back says "Universal Statuary Co. Chicago 22, ILL. (c) 1954" A lady posted him on Freecycle with the listing "Ugly lamp that could only be from the 50's" haha!
Thats not his original shade, but Im pretty sure that I have a Fiberglass one that will suit him perfectly!


This one I found at A local thrift store "Value Village" I always come out of there with an arm load of treasures! I Like the shape, and the turquoise thats painted on it! (Turquoise is my favorite color!) and im sure it will end up with a fiberglass shade too!

Well thats It! But Id love to hear what you think! maybe ideas on what kind of shades to get?


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Retro-luxe said...

Both lamps are drool worthy! That value village one has me swooning. I think that besides a fiberglass shade, you might consider a drum shade. For Prince Ali, you might do something more 40s or 50s and less Victorian. However, truth be told, I like that shade on him. You'll find some great ideas here:
Great blog!