Sunday, December 6, 2009

"Kick your cares, down the stairs, and come to Casablanca 'Holiday Inn'

Michael at "Cul-de-sac shack" Posted "Holiday Inn" as his Friday Movie! Well Over the weekend I bought it and this song just seemed to be perfect for my home full of Performers!

Hope You Enjoy! Happy Holiday!



Mid Century Madam said...

I love it! Your house is so great and the decorations are awesome. I thoroughly enjoyed that. Thanks Mick for the holiday cheer. Cheers to you.

Missouri Michael said...

That was great! Thanks Mick!

Vintage Christine said...

I also own the Bing album and a little record player to play it on and my stove is quite similar to yours. I played the video three times to see all your fun stuff and listen to that great song. You are a STAR!!!

Leah@storybookranch said...

That was fun!

SueLovesCherries said...

Hey, Mick! I'm glad you found me - and I'm glad I found you! I think it's so awesome that, at your age, you love all the 40's & 50's stuff. That's a rarity. I'm dying to hear the story (actually, I'm just plain nosy!) of how you acquired the Casablanca - will you blog it? That drive-in is just the cat's meow!

Even though White Christmas is my fave Christmas (or any type) movie, I think Holiday Inn runs neck-in-neck with it. They both just wreak with vintageness!