Monday, November 30, 2009

"To Break A $20"

I get so Jealous of all you deal finders out there!

The ones who snatch up a gold Sunclock for $1, The ones who find fiberglass lamp shades for 50 cents... Well Im one of the deal hunters too! haha Iv just had a bad day :(

Not a block away from my College is a Goodwill store, This i Fear will be the down fall to my continuing education... Anyhow, Today I go in there to kill some time and I See a few little things that id maybe want but don't really need and then this thought pop into my head "All you have in your wallet is a $20 and if its not fantastic enough to break it, DONT" So away i go through the store finding small things for $0.99 but nothing id buy together and nothing to break a $20...

So when I go shopping that's My New motto, UNLESS i absolutely cant live without it! But from now on i will think "is it worth breaking a $20"!

I thought id share this because, like me im sure their are people out their who spend like drunken sailors on leave! haha But im saving all my money for my yearly pilgrimage to "Joy Land" In Kansas City it is the BEST Thrift store in the world!

Well that's all i have for today, Tomorrow Tune in for Vintage Christmas Decorations the hot topic of the season!



Vintage Christine said...

Every Goodwill I've been in lately just sucks. They have NOTHING worth breaking a $5 for, much less a $20. They put anything good on their auction site and so there's nothing in the stores except piles of wrinkled clothing and stinky shoes. Save your money for Joy Land (and what a great name!!).

Mid Century Madam said...

I take my 17 year old son with me who is always on the prowl for pc related items. He blocks many an unnecessary purchase by whispering in my ear, "Can you say nic-nac? You don't want that now do you?" Most of time he is right, some of the time he's not and I grab it and run to the cashier.