Thursday, December 3, 2009

How Shiny are your branches?

Last night I was informed that in this year of our lord "2009" Is the 50th Anniversary of the Aluminum tree! (NO WONDER they've been so pricey lately) and since we celebrate everything else, Im declaring today December 3rd "Aluminum Tree Day!"

So here's a some history,
the idea of an Aluminum tree was was discovered by an executive of the Aluminum speciality Co. in Manitowoc Wisconsin. While on Business in Chicago in 1957 He spotted a store window display, with Hand made aluminum trees... This got the wheels to spinning. In 1958 The First Aluminum trees started rolling off assembly lines. However is wasn't until Christmas 1959 that they really started to catch on!

Here is a blueprint of a basic "Pine" Aluminum tree.

These things were PREFECT FOR THE 1950'S AGE OF WONDER AND CONVINCE! Why lug a real tree home and worry about keeping it watered and picking up those pesky needles, when You can A beautiful tree that's easy to set up, easy to store and lasts forever?! The only exception, you can put string lights on it... (I don't know HOW many times iv had to tell my roommates "You cant put ELECTRIC lights on and ALUMINUM tree...bad things will happen!" haha.

But fear not Retro readers! BEHOLD the Color Wheel!

Your Silver tree need not be with out light! I think the whole set up is aw some! I just cant see why they were only popular for a few years, and now that they are in demand again WHY THE HECK don't they start making them again? (And not sell them for $300, because that would be nice... id gladly pay $20 for a 4 ft...)

(I realise at this point in the post, most of you provably grew up with these things and know what im talking about. If you do thank you for humoring me and reading!)

My tree!

its a 1959 Manitowoc 4 foot pine, I got it off Ebay for $80..GASP I know, $80... but I will have it forever! It took forever to get one that cheap, iv been hunting for a tree since my freshman year in high school (2004)if my future kids sell it in a yard sale after im dead... I will Haunt them... BIG TIME! haha I found the Gold rotating base at the Goodwill by my college it was around $2.98. I'll never forget when I brought it home and my girlfriend was like "Oh wow! you bought a tree stand for a tree YOU DON'T HAVE!" haha

Well im rambling now, SO Have a Happy "Aluminum Tree Day!"


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Entrepreneur Chick said...

That's my aunt's tree! You are amazing.

I used to feel so sorry for her when I was little, because she didn't have a "real" tree. Poor Aunt. Hahaha. I get it now.

BTW, that tree of hers lasted 20 years or more.