Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I'll have a Blue Christmas- but it's a GOOD THING!

Oh my dear readers...

The Ifrst half Of our Blog today I will entitle "The Perils of Lowes Paints"

Act one:

So Sunday I go over to have my paint color matched. I go to Lowes because I am a BIG believer in Vlaspar Paints. I get to the paint section and first try to find a match on my own. After about 15 minuets I realize its time to have my sample matched.
I press the "button for assistance" I kid you not 20 MINUETS later an associate comes to help me ... to bad she was "yavett the wondering wonder from Brooklyn" Ugh she says "Yes young man?" and I hold up this nutcracker I had brought in to have the color matched and I say "I need a custom ma-"
Before I finish she says "I cant match that... it wont fit in the machine...." AND STARTS TO WALK AWAY...
And I say "Ma'am What about this?" and hold Up a picture I had brought of turquoise water.
She looks over her rimmed glasses and says "Nope, the machine will just pull the white out of the picture... your best bet is the wall of samples...Have you been there?"
I say "yes ma'am but threes nothing close, I wonder does val spar have collection series'?"
She says "A WHAT?!"
I say "A collection series, for example Sherwin Williams has a "Historic collection of paint pallets for period homes, Mine was built in 1956 and im wanting to pick some original colors..."
She says " Sherwin williams is a registered and copy writed name... we dont sell it"
(And I think to myself, WOW thats all you took away from what I JUST said?!)
So I say" Im not looking for sherwin willams im asking if VAL SPAR has a collection like that for period homes."
She says "Young man, im afraid you just going to have to try your luck with the wall, here i'll help you"
(so we go over to the wall...)
She picks a paint chip thats entitled "Royal Purple" and says "OH HERE I FOUND IT!" I say "ma'am that is NOT Turquoise..."
She says "Well turquoise is a registered name, and we dont sell it"
(Well while she goes to look for my turquoise in the EMERALD GREEN section... I spot the "Valspar paints Historical Homes guide" I flip through it and Find for 1956 "Bayside Turquoise" mind you this in an hour after arguing with the ever so helpful sales lady... I finally get her to mix the paint and as im going away she says "I don't believe that..." I asked what it was and she says "I was 16 in 1956 and that color DEFIANTLY wasn't around... As nice and clam as I could I said "well they must have goofed... good day"...

-Ugh all in the name of 50's perfection.....-

Well today I was off So I went and painted the bedroom, here is the before...


Now After!

I LOVE this color! My camera doesn't do it Justice, But If the Color Were a season, it would be summer. If it were a song it would be "Rock Around the Clock".
Amazing! Can't wait to go to Kansas and Find some cool stuff to put in it!

Sorry for such a long post! Had lots to tell! Now thoughts? questions?!



Kathy said...

Gorgeous! It's too bad the Lowe's salesperson wasn't more helpful. I don't think they're trained very well for the jobs, frankly. Will you keep the trim white, or "go for the gold"..lol?

Mick said...

The White will stay! haha but there is 1 peice of trim on one side of the room that will be painted gold.Its a 1x4 I cant wait to get it all together!

Missouri Michael said...

Looks good! I'm looking for a turquoise color when I redo my kitchen - but I absolutely refuse to go to either Lowe's or Home Depot - they have the WORST customer service. I'll either go with Sherwin Williams or the local lumberyard, which does sell Valspar. Good luck with your retro search in Kansas!

Mick said...

Michael, I know! I hated to go to lowes but our True Value in town is the world WORST of mixing 2 diffrent colors and callign them the same, and I hated to give $35 a gallon at S.W. So I guess My misery at Lowes is the praice I pay! haha

Christina @ Thriftergirl said...

The price was worth it! It turned out very lovely. My sister's room is a similar color, but lighter. Great work! :)

MoonDoggie said...

Argh! How frustrating.
That turquoise looks pretty good in there.

Vintage Christine said...

We've actually had good experiences at Lowes but then we've never asked them to match up a color using a nutcracker as an example--they would probably throw us out of the store. When they were selling those retro lawn chairs the manager went out of his way to help me find one, though. The room looks awesome and I know you'll find the perfect stuff to go in it! Merry Christmas!!!

Midcenturymadam said...

Wow Mick, that looks great. Looking forward to the finished photos.