Sunday, December 20, 2009

Lets try this again... With some pictures!

The Winner of the Postcard give away is Vintage Christine!

BUT since we are in the midst of Christmas, if you too would like to receive a Casablanca Postcard Send me your info at

(TRUST ME YOU WANT THIS NEW POSTCARD) Infact it is So top Secret for the 2010 Casablanca season, I cant even just post the picture on here for you all to enjoy! Not even the other Casablancians have seen it!

So hurry hurry and Send me your info before I go on vacation and am not able to check the Blog-O~!

Also Here is the Color I picked for the Bedroom den re-do... My camera couldn't quite capture the color, but its number 5006 of the Valspar Paints titled "Bayside" and is part of their 'Heritage" series.

Im very pleased with this color! I think its gonna look fantastic! Tomorrow I will have to post the story of the nock down drag out fight I had with the sails lady at Lowes... to tied you over for the moment lets just say "Their match color commercials are VERY deceiving...."



Kathy said...

Fab color, Mick! Red and gold would be perfect accent colors with that lovely blue/turquoise. In fact, some Asian-influenced mid-century accessories would be stunning , since many have those colors included. Can't wait to see the finished product when the room is re-painted...

Colleen said...

What a great color! its one of my personal favorites and I'm sure it will be absolutely wonderful! that room will probably be the happiest in the house! and I'm looking forward to this story concerning the sales lady in Lowes!

Entrepreneur Chick said...

I desperately hope I am a Casablancian.

Mick said...

Kathy, If i can find some of the Chalkware statues i might keep some of the red! I know at least 1 door will be red!

Colleen, I sure hope so! As we both Know 'Turquoise is my signature color!"

Chick, You are MOST DEFF a Casablancian! Send me you adress for pete sake and And I'll send you one of our 'Top secret 2010 Postcards'!!!!

Vintage Christine said...

Oh boy, I won the big giveaway at Mick's!!! I am so TOTALLY a Casablancian. YAY!