Monday, December 10, 2012

Thanksmass 1958!

It's the most wonderful time of the year Readers! Thanksmass is my FAVORITE Casablanca Holiday and this years was no exception. With 34 friends in attendance and people coming in from five states it made me feel quite special!
Vintage Christine drove in from Mississippi, Missouri Michael came in from Missouri, Melissa blew in from New Mexico, Savannah drove down from Oklahoma, and friends Barbara and Cole hopped over from Arkansas, along with all our Casablanca regulars in North Texas!
Pontipee Hall was put into good use shortly after a ribbon cutting ceremony by our very own Miss Casablanca.

While we waited on a few more guests to arrive, friends gathered int he lounge to decorate the Christmas tree.


(Friend Jennifer I.)

 While trimming the tree friends Jennifer and Joe (Chairman of the "Eats" committee) took command of the kitchen, warming/cooking/preparing all kinds of tasty confections. It's the only time of year I wish I had a double oven! 
(Friend Barbara slices up the Thanksmass Ham.)
 Center pieces placed, places set, and Grace said- Thanksmass Dinner was on its way.
 (Joe, Ben, Spencer, Lara, Chloe, Jordan & Melissa)

(Jarrod, John, Dillon, Brianna, Kelcie, Emily, Savannah, Missouri Michael & Vintage Christine!)
After dinner the table(s) were cleared and folded away so the evenings entertainments could begin.
To keep the spirit of the season, friend Jarrod started us off with a reading of the story of Christ.

The reading was followed by a white elephant present swap, round and round we went every one unwrapping and stealing.
Next came the "live performances" portion of the evening coordinated by friend Melissa and myself, a few of the Casablanca's members had prepared things for us.
(Brianna & Myself)
 Friend Brianna, Miss Casablanca 1958 sang for us "Have yourself a merry little Christmas" as is Miss Casablanca tradition!

Friend Emily strummed on her guitar for us!

Next Joe and Myself got in on the act!

Finally in a return engagement Melissa and Terrace took to the floor with a special song that Terrace penned just for the occasion!

We have so much talent around here it hurts! There was still a little bit of time before we would all move out into the backyard to watch 'the ball drop' and ring in the new Casablanca year 1959. So I passed out the caroling books and Joe lead us in song and what happened next was magical...

Just LISTEN TO THOSE HARMONIES!  Readers I dare not put you on, that beautiful sound happened on its own, with no practice at all. Christine swears its because we're all theatre people, but that was just Thanksmass Magic at its finest. Please pardon me in this next video, I am the one singing horribly off key (I was sick with a cold) but hands down the caroling was my favorite part of the evening!

Carols sung and stomachs stuffed we enjoyed each others friendship and company as we waited for 11:00P.M. to draw near so we could ring in the new year!

(Chloe, Jennifer, Melissa, Michael, Me mid-air, Brandon, & Russ!)
A Special Thank You to friend Russ, who restored wired and hung the Sputnik chandelier just in time for Thanksmass he did a wonderful job and was the hero of the holiday! 
Blogger friends, Missouri Michael, Mick, Vintage Christine & Holly Dog. I'm so glad they came to Thanksmass, we exchanged wonderful gifts that I'll have to take pictures of and show later. It means quite a lot to me that they made the pilgrimage.
As always it was a wonderful evening fitting of a Walton's Marathon and Hallmark Movie and it went to all hours of the morning. The last guests said good bye at 4:30A.M. on Sunday morning! I'd like to thank everyone that came, for all the food and fun that they brought, Thanksmass was practically perfect, and now I find myself dreaming of next years already...



ThrifterSisters said...

How I wish we could have been there. What a fun evening. Thanks so much for sharing it with all of us so that we could be there in spirit. Maybe next year...


art deco dame said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

How awesome Mick, you are so lucky to have so much love in your life, merry thankmas.

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

That was such a wonderful gathering of friends. I would have loved to be there. The music was spectacular! You are so blessed to have so many great friends.

Jim said...

Hey Mick! Now THAT was a party/Thanksmass if I ever saw one!
You guys thought of everything too. Five States were represented! This can only get bigger you know....
Good to see Vintage Christine and Missouri Michael too.
Have you caught your breath yet?

MomWaldsPlace said...

Wow, what fun!

Hey we are moving for the first time in fourteen years, from Wisconsin to Dallas. Yep, Dallas! Hubby says we are stopping at the Casablanca on the way to see the pennies. What a hoot!

NOW he wants me to sing like Miss Casablanca.

Mr. Tiny said...

What a party! I'm jealous that you are actually able to get everyone to sing along and perform. My favorite parties are those where everyone shares their talents. It reminds me of my favoite Dick Van Dyke Show episodes where Rob sings a song, Laura does a dance, and Buddy and Sally do a comedy routine. If I'm ever in Texas at Thanksmass time, I hope you will save me a seat and some stage time!

Missouri Michael said...

What an awesome time! Thanks again for the invite!

Witchcrafted Life said...

You throw the most amazing shindigs, Mick. Hard core introvert that I am, I'm not always the most active of party goers, but every time I see snaps of one of yours, I yearn to attend and sheer in the vintage filled revelry (if only we didn't live in different countries!).

Wishing the jolliest, merriest holiday season ever!

♥ Jessica

Vonlipi said...

That was so much fun!

Glad to see Pontipee Hall!

Merry Thanksmas to all :)

Still hoping that one day I will make my way down from Canada to join in the festivities!

Old Fashioned Gal said...

Can I borrow your friends to have a fun Thanksmass at my house?!
What a wonderful night you must have had! Just lovely! :)

Sir Thrift-A-Lot said...

Looks like a lot of fun & you're living room looks fantastic Mick - jealous!

Vintage Christine said...

Well, other than me looking like Godzilla in a flowered hoodie (and my dog appears to be possessed), everyone looks fabulous. It was so much fun--you have such a great group of friends and we had a ball. Thanks again for your hospitality!!!