Monday, April 1, 2013

This Is NOT A Stain Glass Window.

Its not dear Readers. It really Isn't.  It is however, an eight foot eight inch single pain glass window...and it was Free!  Dwane, my Boss at the Theatre gave it to me just to get it out of storage! All I had to do was haul it away.
With the help of friend Zack and his truck we did just that! This window will replace the bay window I previously wanted to put in the new living room.

The bay window was very heavy and would have required a lot more support to be built into the wall. With this new flat window we'll be able to get in installed a lot faster!
I was so tickled that we got it to the lake in one piece! A huge thanks to friend Zack for helping me move it out there! Now, the "stain glass" on the window is really just paint, apparently this was a set piece in a show once upon a time and they just painted over a regular clear window to create the effect.  I had actually planned to scrape the window down at a later date but with the help of the lovely Patricia, Alex,  and Corabelle we were scraping in no time.

With a lot of elbow grease and putty knifes we had made short work of the window in a little under two hours.
The secret to getting that long dried paint off the glass? Scrubbing Bubbles toilet cleaner! We sprayed the foam and waited about five minuets, and then paint all but slid off the glass with the putty knife.
Now all I need to do is re-caulk the joints, then tape and paint it white and it will be ready to hang.  I really hope to have it in before my birthday in June.

Fingers crossed for a summer hopefully packed with knocking out and finishing up home improvement!



Dana@Mid2Mod said...

You are so lucky! That is going to be perfect for the Casablanca. I can't believe Patricia and friends got it completely clean in such a short time. Wonder Women!!! :)

ThrifterSisters said...

For a second there I thought you were going to hang the window as is. I was a little unsure as to how that paint was going to fit in with the Casablanca décor. Whew! Glad I was wrong.

Can't wait to see it in place!


Mick said...

Lol lucky for me the fact it had been painted on made it free so I snatched it up, in afraid of the clean up it's going to look so great once it's fixed up and hung in the wall!

JessicaLea Texas Kitsch said...

That is an amazing score!!

Unknown said...

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