Thursday, May 31, 2012

The French Door Saga, Part II -

(Friend Jarrod, Patricia & Zack waving farewell!)
Well Readers, While our gaunt up to Missouri was fun it was also a business trip. If you will recall the last attempt at trying to get the antique double doors home from Missouri you'll know why business was on the brain. Sunday morning as we prepared to head home to Texas, we took the doors our of Missouri Michael's vast and empty garage where the doors had been stored and loaded them into the back of  friend Zack's truck.
(Boy was I nervous...)
We tied the doors down as best we could and  said a little prayer in hopes that the doors would make it home in one piece and that none of the glass panes would break on the 400 mile journey.
("Round 2" written on a dusty glass pane.)
So we left Missouri- and the wind blew all afternoon, the majority of us sat on pins and needles with at least one of us calling out every 20 minuets "Door Check?!" to friend Jarrod the Official Door watcher in the backseat.  
 (Friend Jarrod- The Official Door Watcher.)
Six long hours later we finally arrived at my Grandmothers barn, where the doors will be stored for safe keeping until they are installed in the new addition at the Casablanca.
("Safe and Sound!" says Patricia.)
At long last the doors have traveled the longest stint of the journey to their new home. With any luck in this saga, they will soon be hanging in the new dining/living room of the Casablanca!
(Job well done!)
A special thanks to friends Michael (for snagging these beauties for a mere $10.00) and to friend Zack for letting us drive his truck 800 miles round trip to pick them up, Jarrod for keeping a watchful eye on them, and Patricia for listening to me worry over all of it, haha! Thanks Guys!



Jim said...

Guess I need to catch up a bit! French of the first purchases I made when doing the reno of my place.
Good price and good friends!

Missouri Michael said...

"Vast and empty garage..." what a sense of humor you have!

Mick said...

Haha thought you'd like that :)

Vonlipi said...

I'm gad the doors made it safely!

Don't you think Patricia makes the perfect presenter? I do!

Vanna who?

I am really excited to see the progres on the Csablanca extension :)