Monday, August 22, 2011

Summers End 1957/2011

Well Readers,
This weekend marked the end of the summer portion of the Casablanca "social season", so in the grand tradition of summers end we set up a table out in the backyard  hauled all the good dishes, glasses, and cutlery out and had a leisurely Summers End Dinner! Our group of Casablanca members is growing in fact doubling this year! last year we had six turn out for the event and this year twelve of our closest friends gathered at the Casablanca to celebrate summers end.
(Our Casablanca year, 1957)
We finally got the new Air Conditioner installed Saturday morning with a lot of help from my Dad. The hardest part was cutting the window size bigger to fit the new AC in the old  ones place...
But after about two hours it was in an blowing like a champ! This new 15,100 BTU cooled the bedroom in five minuets and had the kitchen cooled in eight. No sooner was the unit in guest started arriving, Miss Kelcie back from her London excursion..
(Kelcie & Emily)
Not to long after that more guest came flowing through the door, all of them agreeing the new air conditioner was wonderful, and made the early arrival time for a 7:30P.M. dinner much better.
(Friends Joe, Willa, Kelcie, Patricia & Jenny!)
By 5:30 we had a house full!
(Friends Jenny, Willa, Myself, Emily, Kaeli, Chloe, Lara &Kelcie)
Everyone had brought something to throw on the table, I made a meatloaf and a casserole, friend Chloe made this delicious strawberry with alvacado salad, Joe cooked seasoned fish, friends Spencer and Lara made a cobbler and friend Jenny brought mac & cheese. Throw it on the table and voila!
 (Emily, Chloe, Joe & a fantastic meal)
Everything we made, we put into Pyrex using all my summery Primary bowls, and a loaf pan here and there!
Needless to say the food went fast...
 We ate at a leisurely pace as the sun went down enjoying the last rays of summer while listening to rumba records, and just a little bit of Dean Martin.
(A Perfect end to summer...)



Vintage Christine said...

You are truly the "host with the most". Can't believe it's nearing Summer's end, although where I live we'll still have Summer for at least a couple more months. And probably get hit by at least one hurricane before all's said and done. Believe me, I can't WAIT for Winter (since we don't get Fall in southern Mississippi). Everyone in the pix looks so faaaaabulous!!!!!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

What a wonderful 'summers end' party! Glad you got the new AC, you will be loving it next summer also.

Zootsuitmama said...

Looks like a great time Mick! I know it's in our fate to actually get together some day, til then I have to live vicariously through your blog!

Amber Von Felts said...

I love the pics with the twinkle lights. You guys really know how to throw a shin-dig. The table looked amazing, especially with all the Pyrex. Cheers to a beautiful summer!