Monday, December 5, 2011

Thanksmass 1957!

Our Christmas Card to the World, from all of us at the Casablanca to You!
(Your Host in his sweater vest and Hostess with her right out of the 1940's 'Donna Reed' hair.)
Well Readers, it was a magical night! 

  (It's Thanksmass Here at Mick's!)
TWENTY TWO Guests in all, friends and almost family came in from near and far to celebrate the end of the 2011 Social season at the Casablanca! After two days of solid rain pouring down, around 1:00 P.M. the Sun came out and Thanksmass was well on its way. The Dress was simi-formal The Girls wore dresses and fixed up their hair, and the Guys sported sweater vests or festive argyle for the occasion!
(Pat, Mike, Evy,Bryson, Russ, Kelcie, Sheldon, Larry, Matt, Dillon, Emily, Hannah, Caitlin, Oliva, Francis, Jordan, Joe, Lara, Spencer, Terrace, Melissa!)

I wish all of you could have been there, the kitchen smelled great! I owe a big thanks to friend Joe who coordinated the food for the event. He made sure everyone brought something and there would be food for all AS WELL as taking on the task of cooking a 15lb turkey and baking a slew of treats!
(Friend Joe!)
(Caitlin, Myself and Michael)
While Joe, Larry and Evelyn got the food ready Missouri Michael from Cul-De-Sac Shack and I set the table (He came down all the way from Missouri to spend Thanksmass with us!). While the food was finishing up everyone enjoyed causal conversation and fellowship!
(Spence and Lara!)
 (Friends Bryson and Sheldon)
("We're Kevin Bacon...")
(Patricia and Emily)
(Terrace and Hannah!)
(Emily, Joe, and Pat!)
 (Missouri Michael, Patricia & Me!)

Friend Larry carved the Turkey, Bryson said the blessing and with that the formal dinner began.
(Friends Russ, Francis, Olivia, Terrace & Melissa!)
 (Evelyn and Larry)
 It was a tight fit, but with a little overflow in the Den and also on the porch we all managed to find room to eat! After we stuffed ourselves with a smorgasbord of home cooked food, we broke down the table and packed into the Turquoise room for the evenings Entertainment!
Terrace and Melissa are currently Starring as the "Haynes Sisters, Betty and Judy" in the Wichita Theatre's production of "Irving Berlins White Christmas"  aren't they just great!
 (Dillon, Patricia & Spencer)
After the floor show, friend Evelyn started ont the dishes while a few us us tried to tidy up. Our Lovely hostess Patricia gathered everyone into the lounge, and with help of Miss Casablanca (Kelcie) our "Gift exchange was underway!
 (Miss Casablanca & Russ)
The Presents were swapped back and forth, back and forth and had everyone laughing and having a good time!
With the presents all exchanged, it was time to paint ornaments and decorate the tree!
(Hannah Emily, Dillon, Caitlin, Kelcie!)
("No, No, Bryson ON the Tree...")
(Even Michael painted an ornament!)
With the Tree trimmed, we settled back into the den for a viewing of "It's A Wonderful Life".
 But first Patricia and I exchanged our own gifts with Michael.
For Mike, a Pyrex Promotional piece, and a Kangaroo dresser caddy (just like mine) with a special crocheted Pitt State scarf around its neck from Me and Pat!
Mike gave Patricia 444 Pink Gooseberry bowl she needed to complete her set! As well as a smaller gooseberry piece!
And as for me, Well Mike gave me one of the greatest and most generous gifts I've provably EVER received.  For weeks he's been taunting me about his presents to me. When the moment finally came when i got to rip the paper off, I was speechless! What I hold in my hands is a coffer percolator that is the exact same model and brand as the one that Ricky and Lucy have on "I love Lucy"!!! I was in total awe of this more than perfect gift, but Mike wasn't done yet!
He handed me box after heavy box, and when I opened it readers, it too all I had not to cry. Not only did he get me percolator, but more than half a set of the Ivy Franciscan dishes that are the same pattern as the ones used on the set of  "I love Lucy"  I was beside myself, speechless, and beyond bliss! All I could do was smile and say thank you profusely!
(Click to make it larger, but that's the same dishes alright!)
 Michael being the sly devil he is, had Patricia in on this present set up! (We saw a set of these in New Mexico that I flipped over and nearly bought but Patricia talked and led me out of it haha, NOW I understand why!) Mike got the idea for the gift back when I got my Sandalwood Cinderella nesting bowl Pyrex, and I said "I bought it because the Ivy pattern reminded me of the dishes Lucy had on the show" hehe well once again THANK YOU MIKE! (You've redefined "The good china") haha!  
Well just as my heart settled back into my chest from this AMAZING GIFT! It was time to ring in the New year at the Casablanca 1958! We bundled up, donned out party hats and noise makers and headed out to the Backyard to watch the "Ball" drop!

 What an Amazing season this has been, we've more than tripled out members in the last year, we have several new "Council Members" on the Casablanca party planning committee, and we've already got a few new up and coming possible applicants gunning for next season! Every party seems to out do itself, but this one is the Happy Hallmark Card of the year. I am truly blessed with wonderful friends and readers and wish all of you the Merriest of Christmases and the happiest of Holidays this season!



Renee Wheeler said...

I love reading about your adventures and parties. I don't comment very often but believe me, I read every episode! Keep up the fun blog because I'd be lost without knowing what's going on
Austin, TX

Amber Von Felts said...

Wow, Thanksmas was a HUGE success! I wish I could have been there to see it in person, but these pics & vids are a great substitute! We had our 3rd annual Mega Thanksgiving at our place. We combine 3 households and all of each homes friends & family into one Mega Thanksgiving day. Everyone brings a dish, and we have a huge dinner and long evening of hanging out and socializing. The Holidays are made for festive parties for friends & family don't ya think!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

What an awesome party! You all look like you are having the greatest time. Missouri Michael is such a good guy and what fun gifts you all exchanged. I love those dishes! Ricky and Lucy would feel right at home. Happy Thanksmass!

Vonlipi said...

That was such a cool party!

It was just like being there :)

Missouri Michael said...

Thanks for inviting me! I had so much fun, and I love my gifts! I am using the dresser kangaroo as I type this. I have wanted that bowl for a long time! I'm so glad that you liked your dishes and percolator!

Reduce, Reuse and Rummage said...

Looks like fun!

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

What fun!!! I love your percolator and your dishes. I just figure out that you're a fellow Texan!