Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines At The Hippodrome!

Well Folksies,
Im still here, this last week and a half has been CRAZY working at the flower shop we've been getting ready for Valentines or Dooms Day as I've been calling it. I gotta say it was a busy day of delivering but no more than Christmas was. Patricia & I had no plans for valentines but tonight I'm taking her to the Wichita Theater. You're taking here THERE, the place you WORK !? I hear you cry? Well yes, yes I am... and for a special reason....
We will have the pleasure of seeing the Glenn Miller Big Band LIVE at the Wichita Theater tomorrow night!  We're so excited to go tomorrow we can hardly stand it! (I really wish I could get these guys to play the Casablanca Hotel & Resort, some enchanted evening.) Hopefully things will go back to normal now, but here's a few Glenn Miller favorites to get you through the day!


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Jim said...

Glenn Miller....the best! My parents loved this music and I remember hearing it around the house when I was SO young.
Enjoy the evening with the band Mick.