Thursday, March 18, 2010

Break On The lake Day 2 and Day 3.

Day 2 = uneventful.

Day 3 However was fantastic!
We had a crowd! there should be another girl in this picture, but she deiced she didn't want to be in the group picture.  A few of my cast members turned up, as well as the Casablanca regulars.  Today was my friend Jay's birthday, so of course we had to make him a cake!
Savannah was in charge, (She came all the way from Oklahoma to be here today ) and we made him a cookie cake!
Lydia (who is Mary M. in Jesus Christ Superstar) did her thing with the guitar.

He turned 17 today, and to top it off his last name is Patrick! He also drives a pretty cool car.
I just couldn't resist snapping some drive-in pictures, so Jay parked his car in the Drive-In.
All in all, it was a pretty fantastic day, as well as a great finish to Break On The Lake 2010. Our group didnt get to stay long, because we had to head into town for Jesus Christ Superstar rehearsal at 5:30. However I think we all had fun!



Zootsuitmama said...

How fun! Looks like it's a great start to a new season at the big C! zsm

Bailey said...

I need to be there! You are too awesome for words! Break a leg in Superstar!!!

Maggi said...

Awesome pics, love that car!

Unknown said...

Love the cake and that car too! and the color....wish I had a green car too...always wanted one!


Amber Von Felts said...

That VW looks SOOOO great in your drive-in. I super love that you have real speaker boxes. Wowee!