Friday, January 29, 2010

Music! Music! Music! A Show & Tell

Hello All!

This first part will be somewhat of a rant,  for for those of you older and wiser than 19 feel free to skip this part. FIRST OF ALL I collected records WAYYYYYYYY before this new "Vinyl Movment"  So you can imagen my shock when I was at good will browsing the records and a class mate of mine walks up and begins flipping through them too and states that "Lady Gaga's record is a classic, so vintage"  and "how clever it was for her to bring back vinyls"  and I just said "They never really went away... they just fell out of style...AND they are called 'Records'" he says "Well  I have a massive collection.... I should know" I asked (with the card up my sleeve) "How many do you have?"  he replies "Oh about 15, you?" I say "Close to 188 Albums and theres no telling how many 45's"  After he stupidly asked me "Whats a 45" needless to say he was beat... because I started at 6 years old... not when some one told me to on MTV.... 

That being said, you cannot BELEIVE how much it gets under myskin when my firends call them "Vinyls"...

So today here are a few of my RECORD ALBUMS.... hahah

The Musicals:
They Are as follows: UNsinkable Molly Brown, Grease, The Music Man, Xanado, Annie, Singin' in the Rain, Thats Entertianment, Fame,  Guys and Dolls, Kiss Me Kate, The King and I, Sweet Charity (Gwen Verdon), Sound of Music (Mary Martin), Till the Clouds Roll By, Damn Yankees(Gewn Verdon), Anythign Goes, Oklahoma, Fiddler on the Roof, Sound of Music (Julie Andrews), The Merry Widow, Annie Get you Gun (Ethel Merman), South Pacific, My Fair Lady (Rex Harrison), The Band Wagon (Fred Astaire),West Side Story (Natile Wood), Carosel, Pal Joey, Say Darling, Throughly Modern Millie, Stop The World I Want to Get Off, Sound Of Music (Deluxe Mary Martin), Show Boat (Ava Gardner) and West Side Story signed by the Wichita Theater Cast.
My favorites: Singin' in the Rain 1953 (its just so catchy) and Call Me Madam 1954 (The Hostess with the Mostess on the ball")

Big Band Records:
LOVE the Andrew Sisters and Bing Crosby, im a Kay Kyser fan too!


Movie Sound Tracks:
1951 Picnic, Saturday Night Fever, Funny Girl, Dirty Dancing, More Dirty Dancing, Hometown USA, Urban Cowboy, The BEST Little Whore House in Texas, The Wanderrs.

50's 60's music:
Elvis is great, but Hands Down Buddy Holly is my Favorite!

Some Newer Rock:
Europe Final Countdown, TCB the Supremes and Temptations, Michael Jackson Thriller, The Jackson 5, (I OWNED BOTH BEFORE HE DIED) and Panic at the Disco.

and A few holiday Records:
A Night in Viennia, Little Hiwatha, The Nut Cracker, Wane Newton, Merry Christmas from Bing, Andy Williams Christmas Album, A Disney Halloween, Christmas time in 1945.

This is only about Half the Collection haha! The rest resides out at the Casablanca and we play them often! I wish I could find Doris Days "The Pajama Game" thats my 3rd Favortie Musical! What can I say, im a 'song and dance man' :) what record Albums do you have/ like/ remember? (Seems like everyone had Moon River)

Well we've got all this Music so LETS DANCE!

*Cues Orchestra* AKA the Record player!



Leah@storybookranch said...

hahaha!! Sounds like you had a run in with Napoleon Dynamite..hahaha.
Seriously. :-)

collecting at 6?! wow, you have me beat, too!

Vintage Christine said...

Does EVERYONE have the Bing Christmas album? I sure do and I love it! I just got a bunch of albums at Habitat for Humanity--they were 50% off, so I got them for 50 cents each. I also just got a retro-looking but brand new portable record player and will be having a dance party very soon. I miss all my 45s--I had sooooo many including, of course, Shelley Fabares doing "Johnny Angel". Dreamy.

Mick said...

Haha Christine! I think everyone does! Its sort of Iconic in a corny way haha. I saw it in the 1950's all electric house meseum when I was 15 and I knew it was a MUST for the Casablanca!

The Lucy and Dick Show said...

You have some of the albums I once owned. Too bad I didn't get custody of them!

Chickens in the Basement said...

Fun collection! My collection from the good old days (70's and 80's) are in the attic. I wouldn't be surprised if they have melted into the bottom of the sleeve! I would love to wallpaper a wall with album covers!

Toronto Yardsaler said...

Mick - you are the second male follower of my humble blog. THANKS! Your blog looks swell-egant. I'll be back to have a more thorough poke around your older posts later.
Stay cool,

klutzymama said...

Hey Mick!
Just found you through 50's Housewife and wanted to say Hi. I love the 50's also. You have a great blog!

Take care!

Kathy said...

OMG....when I think of all the records my hubby and myself discarded when we moved to our present home, 22 yrs ago..who knew they'd be "collectibles"? Good on ya, Mick, for letting Mr" I collect_ vinyl_" that there are folks who collect things for the love of said things, not just to be trendy..

Buddies Lounge said...

First off, great blog!

I’ve been buying LP’s for the past 25 years, so the size of the collection borders on nutty, yet I really enjoy the sound. Speaking of sound, in the last year I’ve jumped into buying pre- recorded reel to reels from the 50’s and 60’s. 150+ tapes later, I can’t get enough-----it's a lovely sickness :)