Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A limited time offer~! From the CH&R

Iv had a totally brilliant idea that all the "Casablanca Cats" are on board for!

You may or may not have noticed 1 room missing from the LAVISH Casablanca Hotel... and that room... is a bathroom...
We do have a restroom, with running water, ONLY its a 300 foot walk from the house. Each year I try and do 2 major projects on the house, (one inside and one out) Last year I re-screened the lounge, and purchased the 1954 stove. This year I bought a couch, and spring break we will be adding "GEORGE" or 8 foot cowboy the the drive-in!

Well Im already thinking for 2011 and as I was rambling around at the lake on sunday it hit me FUNDRAISERS! Now you might think it a tad silly, me rasing funds for a private bathroom... however when you think about it... its really a public bathroom thats kept privatly clean.

So The "Board Memebers of the CH&R" have though up a few ways to help raise funds for this project (I mean come on in the end I will be the one paying for i,t but they wanna help) Here are our Ideas!

1 Cook Book "From the kitchen Of Casablanca" (this one will take a while)
2 Sell our "photo postcard albums" 10 pictures in an album and they go for $5 (its all the post cards and a few secnic pictures as well)
3 Record Bowls

NOW I know what your thinking "Record bowls, I can make those!" BUT these are special, Each bowl is hand molded at the Casablanca! They also come with these nifty little features! The standard record bowls come with there own dishwasher safe glass bowl, That way you can see the record lable, as well as put dips or liquids in them!

This Model is called the "Star Bowl"  we are selling it for $8 (shipping not included) comes with a bag of microwave popcorn and a bonafied certificate that you own 1 square inch of the Bathroom at the CH&R! We also have a diffrent style thats a regualr bowl shape

It too comes with a glass insert dishwasher safe bowl, and reatials for $8. (shipping not included)

This is our last model the "Spangle" sells for $8 comes with popcorn (Shipping not included)
NOW Since were good friends, im going to show you this exclusive limited time offer (because there are only 2 at the moment)
The 'Funny Flip' 2 tiered candy dish!

This is GREAT for holding thoes little hard candies or nuts! ITS ALSO ON SALE! Thats right folks 2 lucky people (thus far) can own this one of a kind candy dish for $10 (plus shipping) and It comes with a free bag of candy to get you started and a certificate for owner ship of one square inch of the bathroom!

Ok, I realize these are easy to make but its the only thing we can do right now! I ask that you please dont steal my ideas or designs on these as they are Casablanca Limited Works.

Now If you want one of these shoot me an Email at JahJah_Jordan@hotmail.com  tell me what style bowl you want, how many, and where you live. (well work out the payment details when you order) Im 99% sure these will fit in a mail anywhere box, and will check tommrow!

So Hurry Hurry Value Shoppers! Heres your chance to own a limted retro-riffic (thanks Stan) piece! And a couple of inches of the "spa" haha!

Thanks guys! Thoughts and comments would be nice! Also if you have any other ideas for fundraisers!



Mick said...

Hurry Hurry! only 1 candydish left!

Missouri Michael said...

You should set up a PayPal account so people can pay you easily!

Mick said...

Thanks Michael! Im working on it tonight!

Mick said...

the other Candy Dish has Been sold! But you can Backorder! Pleanty of bowls ready to go!
thanks guys!

Missouri Michael said...

These are great! Good luck with this Mick! From the staff at Cul-de-sac Shack, which is, actually, just me! LOL!

The Lucy and Dick Show said...

Keep us apprised of your running total... something like the United Way's thermometer? Let's see if you can 'go' over the top!

Vintage Christine said...

You call one model "Spangle" but where's the glitter? Glitter ALWAYS ups the glam factor, sweetie!

Colleen said...

I second christine! glitter-fy it! :D

Mick said...

Everyone! I have a 3rd Candy Dish for sale! (just found the parts today) $10 + shipping! Get it While its here~! and there are only 5 records bowls left!

Missouri Michael said...

Did you get my email last night Mick?

Mick said...

Hey you value shoppers! due to a new design there will be lots of Candy dishes to go around!