Sunday, January 17, 2010

Iv been Thinking...


Sometimes when im thinking its dangerous!
But I have many ideas im going ot put in this post,and I want your opinions on all of them.

This year is the 5th year iv been at the Casablanca. (I can hardly beleive it) And I feel a real celebration is in order! This idea came to me while in Kansas, but I think im going to have a 50's "cook out" and Drive-In movie party ... you say "But Mick, isnt EVERY weekend at the Casablanca a party" and yes you are right! but this will be the cookout-garden party-dance of the decade!  Last night the theme came to me in a dream...

"As Time Goes By"
Five Years at the Casablanca

This Will be an event you WONT want to miss! (And heres where The thinking comes in) This Party-nay EVENT will be the biggest we've ever had. We have not set a date yet but it will be in late mid June, or Late July-early Augest. And I want to Invite Each and Everyone that reads my blog to come if you are able!  Thats why im telling you guys and glas about this now, like I said we have not set a date, and I would love to meet some of you! So if you think it might (by any strech of the mind) be possible for you to come leave me a comment! If Not comment anyways! haha  If you have a camper or an RV even a tent come on we'd love to have you! if you dont mind roommates you can stay in the ACUTAL Casablanca Hotel with yours truly!
Now give it some thought, and get back to me!

Can you guys see it like I can?! Summer air and the smell of hamburgers and such on the grill,  50's Music floats through the air, If I get busy there might even be entertainment! haha and then for the first of many movies that night we'll show the 1943 "Casablanca" on the Flamingo Drive-In" Its somthing to think about! and if you cant make, dont worry i'll be posting pictures!

Haha Listen to me, We havent even set a date yet! But I'll knwo for sure by March!

Save your Pennies, we'd love to have you!



Missouri Michael said...

oh that sounds like so much fun! My summer is already starting to fill up - but I'll keep this in mind!

Vintage Christine said...

Me and the pups will be there for sure--and maybe even the hubs if he can make it. There are several things I want to do before I go meet the Great Retro Diva In The Sky and making a pilgrimage to Casablanca is high on that list. Honest! Sign me up, dude!!!!!

Naomi Vida said...

mick! thank you for following my blog. now i am following you too, not as creepy as that sounds hahaha

love your blog, thanks for finding me!