Thursday, January 21, 2010

A catch up day and a glipse of high school

So today I started cleaning out my trophy cabinet, and I am shocked (but not so much surprised) at all the stuff i'v packed away in there. So heres a few things id like to share. I am not your average teenager!

Since my first day Freshman year, I ALWAYS wanted to wear saddle shoes to school... I finally did the day I graduated :)

(yup these are mine! However I didnt ware the roller skates to school (to many stairs)
On that same first day, like a moth to the flame I was drawn to theater. I had an excellent drama teacher Mrs Dillard, she was so fun and when you were in here class it came with a rollercoaster of emotions (imagine that Drama People...being DRAMATIC!) but I had fun every minuet I was there haha. I wanted to be an actor,  make it my career, but alas its just not for me.

There were lots of things to do in theater and UIL tournements. I read Proes and Poetry! you had 7 minuets to read a prepared piece from a little black binder, and be the best! (this usually took WEEKS of hard work and reading the peice over and over until you wanted to blow your brains out. But oh it was worth it for that 7 minuet adrenaline rush!) I also did Duet acting, solo acting, Impromptu speeches and Lip Sinc's (my favorite!)

Each year on December 7th the Theater Production class, would put on a lip sinc! ( song and dance with, recorded music) It was hands Down my FAVORITE time of the year. I would go through my classes all day dancing as I walked and resisting the urge to buts out in song haha (If Mrs Dillard Were to read this, shes get up set and tell me that "One Act Play is more important than lip sinc" BUT lip sinc was when I really shined!

I found a few of the video's but not all have made it onto youtube! Heres what I accomplished in 4 years worth of Theater!

Freshman year: Theme "Broadway" (perfect I know)

I choreographed 3 other girls and we preformed "Stop, Dont, No, Please!" from "Hairspray". (That alone got me into Theater Production the next year)

I also helped chorepgraph "We both reached for the gun" From "Chicago"

Sophomore year: Theme :Country and Western

I choreographed "Achy Breaky Heart" by Billy Ray Cyrus (that was a big show I only go to do 1 number)

Jr Year Theme: "Disney" (I danced my BUTT off for this one!)

I choreographed "Zero To Hero" from the movie "Hercules" (in true toga fashion!) And ity has made its way onto youtube its here! (im the farthest one on the left)

I helped Choreograph "Prince Ali" from "Aladdin" and here it is (Im the one who runs in on the right side at the start, wearing the goofy hat, and later carrying the purple bird)

That year Mrs Dillard also let me run wild with ideas, and let me design the Set! In case you cant see it its the "Castle" from Disney Land! It was so much fun, and i discovered i like the Set designing/ costuming part more than acting!

Senior year : Theme "Decades:" (I dont think I stopped moving that entire november December!)

She let me design the set again, this time "An Attic, where all the memories and songs of the past could gather... Heres a picture of us on stage taken for the local paper.

If you can see it, theres a Consle Radio center stage. Whent he curtians opened the stage was totally dark, except the tiny light behind the radio dials. From then you hear static and little pieces of speech and sound, then "Dont Sit Under the Apple Tree" played as the actor in the audience made their way one stage, memories from the past, coming home ot there resting place in the attic.

There was a ton of good music in that show! We started int he 1940's with the Andrew Sisters & Bing Crosby (My doings of course) and ended in the mid 90's!

(That suit made me huge! Its a bad picture, Im the sowlen red headed version of Bing Crosby)
I choreographed "Boogie Woogie Bulge Boy", "Leader of the Pack", "Its Raining Men" (with umbrellas :)), "Thats Amore", "Its Now or Never", "Crazy -Patsy Cline","Jail House Rock", "The Three Little Sisters","Hostess With the Mostess"! Only a few of these made it in the show, but each had choreography!

Mrs Dillard Also let me be the "Special Guest" (who performs a surprise number at the end of the show) ... the song? "Old Time Rock and Roll" from Risky Business! THAT'S RIGHT BLOGGERS, in front of God, The student Body, our mayor and my MOTHER I slid out onto the stage in a pair of tube socks some christmas boxers, shirt and pair of sunglasses! Becoming a legend! (Im trying desperately to find the tape!)

Oh I realize iv just been rambling... so I'll leave you with this little piece, (I still plan lip sinc, and just wait for them to come up at events (you should see me "I will Survive" and "rock around the clock") And be sure to get your Casablanca Record Bowl before were sold out!



The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Hi Mick, Been reading your blog and I have those amoeba glasses too, well three of them. I had three shot glasses too but I sold them on ebay!


Vintage Christine said...

You are absolutely hilarious! I'm not surprised to hear how you are such a great set designer, although I AM surprised to hear acting isn't your forte. You are such a comedian. It's always such a wonderful thing when you have a teacher who inspires you so much.

Mick said...

Well thank you Christine! Make no mistake, I am a character who can Ham up any situation! However its hard to cast a 5 foot 4 red head with a high pitched voice in most serious parts... But its fine with me, I love the Set Design and reasearch, and people such as your self who think im a funny person :)

Mick said...
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Chickens in the Basement said...

You are so much braver than I am. I'm very impressed. So, when you graduate, what are your big plans?


Mick said...

Anna, I hope when I graduate from College this semester with my associates in Arts, I would like to be a Musuem Curator or Set/interior designer!