Saturday, January 16, 2010

Catchign Up on Being "Tagged" or "Memed"

Well You asked for it, Im not sure theres pictures "get me" 100% but you get the "good" side of me haha!

First by vintage Christine,

Here you are Christine!

I doubt any of you will ever take me seriously again! haha but in this picture I wanted to show all of you that I im just goofy sometimes!
I will do anyhting to make people laugh (I love to entertian) and iv found that if you cant laugh at yourself (as I am now while writing this) then you'll miss the little things that make life grand!
so from me to you a big HA HA HA! :)

Then By Michael at Cul-De-Sac shack!

Its really hard just to pic a picture that supposed to represent you! haha (cuz im about and for so many diffrent things!)

And Here You Go Micheal!

I chose this picture for MANY reasons, Its from the Doris day Movie "tea For Two" I pick this one for the following:
1 I love to dance,(even though im not very good at it)
2 I have this relationship with Movies,(BOOKS TO) I can not get enough of them! They captivate me and throw in a large scale musical number... and Im gone! haha a s the character 'Leo Bloom' says in the movie "The Producers" " I want... everything iv ever seen in the movies! This explains my somewhat modest-yet over the top personality!
3 The Colors! Everything is so bright and happy, and thats how I like to percive myself (not like over kill) but just a pleasant person.
4 Only in pictures is life perfection, and sometimes not even then.

Well now that you've had a good laugh, (I hope)

I here by tag

Colleen @ Dicourses of the Mind
Stan @ The Elegant Thrifter
Mary Deluxe @ Welcome to DeluxeVille~
Maggi @ Circle 7-2099 (My Vintage Blog)
Christina @Thrifter Girl

Dont Be sore If your a regualr reader and I didnt pick you, Please no letters of outrage!
But it appears my regular readers and commenters ahve already been memed 1 or 2 times so im seeking out some new meme-ers! haha



Missouri Michael said...

Great pictures Mick! I agree, if you can't laugh at yourself, then something's wrong. You have to be able to find humor in yourself to be able to see the true humor in others. Glad to see you are able to do some blogging again!

Welcome to DeluxeVille said...

hahahaha....nice picture! So, what do I have to do exactly?? I don't have to stick carrot sticks or anything up my nose do I?


Mick said...

haha No Mary! You just put up a picture that represnets you! it can be of nature, yourself, your car just about anything! and Explain why it represents you! Cant wait to see yours!