Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ladies, Gentlemen, Please Dont Shove!

There are plenty of Record Bowls and Candy Dishes to go around! I cannot beleive how well this fundraiser is going! I want ot thank all of you who have placed orders, and encorage the rest to get yours while we can make them!

If you check the last post, we have diffrent styles of bowls, they come with dish washer safe glass insert bowls ( easy to clean) Each comes with a bag of popcorn and a certificate Showing you contributed 1 square inch of the bathroom!

The Candy Dishes sell for $10 and come with a bag of candy and the same certificate!

If you wish to order and help the fundraiser shoot me an email at tell me what style you want, leave your name and adress, and I will get back to you with the details!

Thanks again for your support guys and gals! You have NO idea how much this means to us! (we'll have a fund calculator soon to show our progress!)



Mick said...

these things are selling fast!

Missouri Michael said...

Got mine in the mail today! Thanks so much Mick - it's amazing!

Mick said...

Glad You like it! Hope to see your "consumer Report" on wenesday!