Saturday, August 21, 2010


Well dear readers,
(Me, Caitlin,Wes,&Patricia)
I'm getting better,  I can move around again and theres only 3 more days of this INFERNAL BED REST!
 Wednesday some of my friends popped in to visit!  Im so glad they did, I was going stir crazy and it was great to see the people I was missing!!! Not only did they grace me with their presence  they came bearing "Get Well" gifts A card, a Pirate coloring book, and a bouquet of flowers!
(The card was HUGE!)
(Better than a Hallmark Card)
(Filled with wishes well, inside jokes, and summer friendships)
The Girls knowing the quickest way to my heart was with old movies, brought the best of Gene Kelly & Judy Garland, and a lot more! But we were so busy catching up and talking that we never even sat down and watched them, haha.  I felt SOOOOO good that I decided  I was tired of being in the stuff old house, so up and outside we went! Just as it was getting cool outside, it was so nice. 
 (Wes, Caitlin)
But the extent of my outdoor adventure and athletic abilities  was the walk from the backdoor to the swing set.
 (Patricia & Myself)
It was MARVLOUS  to go outside and smell the fresh air! I think that's one of the best medicines out there. We had so much fun chatting and catching up that when we stopped to look at the clock it was nearly 11:00p.m. and had to say goodnight and I promised I'd write the afternoons events up on the blog. I would also like to thank all you blog readers out there for your kind get well wishes and thoughts! I'm ready for Monday, as soon as the doctor say I can get out of bed I'll provably take the 2 weeks worth of dishes, clothes, pictures and various other items that have stacked up out to the Casablanca. I'v got a lot to do in a week!  My family's friends from Kansas (the ones we visit at Christmas) are coming down to the lake for Labor day, as they have done annually for the last 14 years! I have a TV set to refinish, and bar top to tile, and house guests to ready for, the Casablanca is always a high traffic area Labor Day Weekend both day and night! 

Coming Sunday Part 1 of the Pirates of Penzance cast party!



Zootsuitmama said...

You look like you're feeling better! I guess friends stopping by was just what the doc ordered! Zootsuitmama

Kitty said...

Watch your spelling young'un, 'done anally'.... oops!

Straight Talking Mama! said...

Glad you're on you way to recovery, take it easy thought once enforced bed rest is over til you're really better, oh god I sound like my mother ;o)

Leah said...

Oh my ,I missed the post on why you're on bedrest & just went back to read it. No sympathy here (as requested)-just wishes for a speedy recovery!

Vonlipi said...

You look a lot better! but don't tire yourself too much!

Michael is such a dear! I hope someone sends you the small red refrigerator dishes!

Your friends are really nice to have visited you, i bet that visit made you feel better along with some fresh air!

Vintage Christine said...

Keeping a positive attitude and having lots of loving, supportive friends really helps get you on the mend, doesn't it?! Glad to see you up and about my friend!

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

^^^They all said it best! Lookin better. =)

Jabacue said...

Yes, me too! I have to read what happened to you Mick. Good to see that things are getting better! Now what happened........

Jabacue said...

Mick, still looking for a small red pyrex? A 501 right? I have an extra and it's yours if you want it.
Just send me your email and or address....I will not publish them.

JKaye said...

Glad you are on the mend. Nothing like Pyrex from a buddy to cheer up a guy!

Retro Keith said...

sorry Mick! please recover quickly!!!!!

Darrin.. said...

Glad you're feeling better. The great outdoors can do wonders for you. Soaking up some sun may just be the ticket!