Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Is There Anything Pyrex And Good Friends Cant Do?

A special thank you to blogger pal Michael over at

Yesterday as I lay in bed counting the specks in our popcorn ceiling, Mom comes in yelling "Who the Hell do you know in Missouri ?! (I think im going to make that a regular segment here on the blog from my mother "WHO THE HELL DO YOU KNOW IN ____________" because she does this every time I get mail from anyone but her.)
Any-who, She finally lets me have the box after checking for drugs, explosives, and any other paraphernalia and when I open the box to reveal its contents....

The look on Mom's face was priceless, inside was the blue Pyrex dish I was currently hunting, along with a nice had written letter. Of course mom cant just say "How Nice" and leave the room, or "Oh the piece you've been searching for" nope mom says "Why is a full grown man sending you Pyrex?!"   My response "Because he's an excellent friend, and knew I was looking for this piece."  Then and only then did she say "Oh okay." and leave the room haha! So Thank you Michael  for the 502, and for breaking up the days insanity!

I have a ton of posts backed up, One of which is the TV Set since I purchased the new one with doors (which is currently in a holding pattern to be refinished) here's what I did with Florida! I had to rearrange my room to make room for this massive TV set, so I  put the group photo from As Time Goes By in the screen and put Florida when the new TV will go.( To get used to it being there)
 So here's my $30  picture frame! Im STILL waiting on video footage of the Pirates party, If the guy cant do it by Sunday I'll just post all pictures.More coming soon on the Bar and TV!



SusieQT said...

Great idea for the TV/picture frame, Mick! I might do the same with one of mine.

Amber Von Felts said...

I seriously love your mom's reaction, LOL!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I am laughing so hard! Who The Hell do you Know in.....? yep priceless! How nice of Mike to send you that missing piece. Love the TV picture frame, so clever!

Missouri Michael said...

I'm glad that it made it there in one piece! I always get nervous when I ship something breakable.

LOL - have you thought of getting your own place?

Good luck with your search for the last little red container and the missing lids!

The TV looks good as a picture frame! I'm in that picture!

Lisa said...

Great idea with the busted tv-screen! It'd be neat with a blown up still of a 50's television show as well, what a turnaround. The tv-to-fishbowl renovation always seemed like such an involved process to me. Neat!

Vintage Christine said...

Do you need a lid for that? I'm hunting for one more red but all I see are either ridiculously expensive or faded. Your mom is a hoot!!!!

Ally said...

I love old Pyrex sooo much. It's so hot. For reals. We've been lucky enough to collect a few from our older relatives.