Friday, August 6, 2010

Sorry Pyrex, You'll Just have To Wait!

Because I found something else to vest my $20 in!!!!!
 Poor Florida will have to go,  my antique dealer friend Glenda Tate (Owner of The Antique Wood) Antique shop here in Wichita Falls send me an Email saying "I have a 1950's TV that came in and I bought it with you in mind! Please come down and look ASAP!" My first thought was just my luck...
I asked my friend Patricia to go downtown and look with me, with the STRICT instructions "Do NOT let me buy this TV!"  the next minuet and a half went like this..

*Tinkle goes the bell over the door*
G: Hey Mickey!
M: Hey Glenda
G:Here to look at the TV?
G:Right there in the mens room.
M: (looks over see's beautiful TV set, turns to Patricia and quietly says) Shit! (Then turns to Glenda) "How much?"
G: "Well I paid $20 for it and I just want my $20 out of it..."

Now I know you giving me the same look my mother did when I had bought yet ANOTHER antique TV set,  But this one has three key things I was looking for before I found Florida and thought I would have to settle!

1: This set has DOORS!
2: It has the crisscrossed speaker cover (in gold chrome no less)
3: All the original hardware is on it! (The door handles, the tuning knobs,)

The Only downside is at some point someone smashed out the viewing glass and broke the "surround" that bordered the tv. But since this is a 22" screen Muntz Model im hoping maybe my 19" surround will fit it, or maybe i'll get a 22" tv and shove in it with no surround at all!.

 Now im going to ask for you nice people help! I know this is an early 1950's set Muntz TV's were huge from 1951 - 1953, and iv seen a 53 model much like this but with no doors.  I bet when I gut the cabinet I will find out for sure when it was made.  So now what am I going to do with two TV's?!  ( This situation makes me think of that line in Back To The Future where once sucked into 1955 they ask...
Mom: "Does your family have a Television Set?
Marty: "Yeah, We have 2"
Kid: "YOU HAVE 2 TV SETS?! Wow you must be rich!"
Mom: "Oh he's pulling your leg, Nobody has two television sets...." 




Leah said...

Can't you please put a fish tank in there for me? :) or is that a no no?!

Vintage Christine said...

Pirates of Penzance puppet show, definitely.

Straight Talking Mama! said...

I don't know I'm just stunned that you found 2, that one is fabulous!

Zootsuitmama said...

There is a similar one at Salvation army here and it is outrageously high priced, as they so often do now. Great find! Zootsuitmama

Jabacue said...

Oh! I'm sure you and your friends will come up with somethin'. Looking forward to it.

Amy said...

Does it go?