Friday, August 27, 2010

Pirates Party Part 3!

Try saying that title 5 times fast!

Well readers with the party games finished and green flamingos won, the evening was winding down..but it wasn't over!  Thanks to a certain orange cat named Felix, hamburgers were off the menu. ( He looked up at me while grilling as if to say "I want some" I said "Don't even THINK about it". With that Felix jumped up  on the table knocked the crock pot full of cooked hamburgers to the ground, grabbed the rest of the raw hamburger meat and was off like a flash into the bushes.) So hot Dogs it was!
(Makes quite a picture doesn't it!)
(Friend Jenny, and the Hamburgler at large)
(Friends Lydia, Jonathan, and Caleb hanging out after dinner)
 As the sun slowly started sinking down over the hill, everyone lined up their chairs in anticipation for the feature presentation. In honor of our swashbuckling show, Muppet Treasure Island was the big feature at the Flamingo Drive-In theater!

"It's Drive-In Time Here At Mick's!"
(Taken from the top of the Drive-In Screen)
(Miss Lydia, our movie commentator of the evening)
The Main attraction to this movie, was the musical number "Cabin Fever" which we would sing during practices for our show when we'd had ENOUGH of Gilbert and Sullivan!

As the credit s started to roll across the screen, most of the cast packed up and headed for home. It was a bitter sweet moment for us, because this is the last time we'd all be together as a cast.
 (Friends Patricia & Lee)
Some stayed, and we just chatted and laughed about the summer show, and what our next theatrical move was. fall shows, musicals, plays... until it was midnight and everyone had to go. Chalking up another great party to the Casablanca Hotel & Resort's long record.



Jabacue said...

Looks like fun was had by all....again.

Vintage Christine said...

If you think I'm going to wait until 2015 to come to the Casablanca you've got another think comin', matey! You have waaaaay too much fun and I am soooo sorry I couldn't make this year's festivities. Didn't that cat steal the food another time????