Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pirates Party Part 2!

That previous Friday friends Wes and Patricia helped decorate for the party!
 (Patricia on streamer duty)
(Wes supervises)
(Wes with the prize flamingos, this time Lime Green because they have scurvy)
Well as the sun started to go down and everyone started to dry off we made our way back to the Casablanca. Once back at the house we broke out the refreshments!
Aug 1 was also our stage manager Tina's Birthday so of course a cake and song were in order!

 After the Happy Birthday song, we snapped a cast picture and then we started the party games! The first being "Bye Bye BEARDie" ...
 (Before, almost 3 solid months with out a shave! I needed Mutton Chops for my role as Major General!)

(7 minuets later, everyone in the cast took turns shaving me and I'm ME again!)
 Next up, back by popular demand a limbo contest! This time the prize flamingos were neon Green!
(Our winner Victorious Miss Marget D. on the left)
(Friend Patricia gets ready to announce the big Hula hoop contest!)
(Miss Lizzy)
(This isn't cheating!)
(In a whirl of hoops, 8 to be exact Corey wins the Hula Hoop contest!)

Part three coming soon Dinner and a Show!



Vintage Christine said...

Ah, why did you shave (although it totally sounds kinky that EVERYONE SHAVED YOU)? You looked so unique with the muttonchops! I don't understand why you close up the Casablanca after summertime (except for holidays)--even if it SNOWS it's still such a cool place to be. Oh, maybe you don't have heat? In that case it would be MIGHTY cool, huh? Just another reason to bundle up and snuggle! Why don't you have a party right after you open the place back up and not wait until it's ungodly hot?!

Jabacue said...

This could be a TV series.... Mick and his Friends. I'd watch because I find all you guys unbelievably talented with great imaginations. Where did you all come from?