Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mid-year And It's Simply Amazing...

You know readers,
I drive my friends crazy sometimes it seems like all I ever talk about is the Casablanca, if its Christmas I'm talking about Spring Break in March, If its Spring Break I'm already planning some sort of event for June, when its June my thoughts have already skipped Halloween and I'm Dreaming of a White Thanksmass and how many more Frankoma dishes I have to get so everyone can eat of matching plates! However it almost takes full time planning to make everything seem picture perfect around this place. So here we are at Mid-year/ Mid-social season at the Casablanca, lets take a look at some of the results of all that planning. Its all about "vision" I guess. For example look at these two pictures of the back yard. The first picture was taken Opening Day of the 2010 season on March 15th. The Second was taken June 19, 2010.
See quite a difference isn't it?! I could just see the lights hung on a wire across the yard and those paper lanterns swaying in the warm summer wind way back in frosty March, and with careful planning and a little bit of patients see what happens?! Most of the things I visualize in my head  come to pass I'm always striving for picture perfect.
In November after discovering the 2 windows in the bedroom wall,  I wanted to redo the bedroom and rework the space to get more out of it. The twin fourposter bed took up way to much room so it was changed out for the 2 orange chairs until I could save up and get the black couch. The Pist Picture was taken Nov 2009, the second March 2010.
With the help of Mary Deluxe's  living room for guidance, and just knowing what would work in the small area Its almost like we've added another room to the Casablanca It just took a months planning and there ya are! My friends and I have used this half of the room more than it was ever used when the 4 post bed and  full sized vanity (for the girls) was on that side of the room.

Which brings us to Labor day this coming weekend, even though I'm celebrating the holiday iv got Thanksmass on the brain! See with the house being so tiny it takes careful planning to get everyone seated. this was the layout for a table to seat 10 people. First picture taken Laborday 2009, second Nov 14 2009.
Once again planning ahead pays off exactly room for 10 people and enough room to get around the house. This year is going to be tricky pull it off this year! The guest list (due to all the new members we had join the Casablanca this summer) has nearly 21 prospective dinner guests! Can you imagine 21 people crammed in a 900 sqft house!

But as usual,  "Iv got a plan..".



Linda @ A La Carte said...

Mick I am so amazed at the changes you have made in the Casablanca! Can't wait to see how the Thanksmass turns out this year.

Vintage Christine said...

Forgive moi for being tacky but you really do have such a joie de vivre, Mick! The Casablanca looks great and you've done a fabulous job with it and I know you're just darn proud of yourself. PS--am I ever going to see that planter? And no more silly excuses like "But VintageChristine, I was in the hospital!" You're all better now, right?

Mick said...

Planter is on its way Chris!

Jabacue said...

Great changes Mick. Love the kitchen.....and the living room!

Zootsuitmama said...

Everything looks just great! You are one in a million, and I wish there were more over fifty guys like you! Summer's not quite over yet!! Zootsuitmama