Monday, April 19, 2010


So my dear readers,

 What you didn't know about me, is that this weekend I was awake form 6:30 Saturday morning - 7:40 Sunday night...  Now most of you will say "Your a teen, isn't that normal from a weekend?" and I will tell you "Nay."  Why did I stay up you ask?  Well I was on my way to bed around 10:40 on saturday (Saturday Night Live wasn't making the cut) and the phone rings.... and here's what took place.

"Hey Mickey?"

Mick: "Yes Amanda?"

Amanda: "What are you doing tomorrow?"

Mick: "I have a staged reading of a show at 1pm, why do you ask?"

Amanda: "Darn it... I guess you cant its usually better if you have nothing to do the rest of the day."

Mick:" What are you talking about?"

Amanda;"My paper route, my partner is flooded in her house, and I cant do the route alone...."

Mick: "*Sigh* I can help you... how long will it take?"

Amanda" we start at 2:30 am and Should be done no later than 7:30"

.... Yeah you read that right. So Amanda comes over and picks me up and we go to her house to wait for 2:30 am. Amanda keeps telling me 'you can take a cat nap'  but let me just say If i go to sleep and get woken up... its NOT pretty.. so stay up I did. At 2:10 we drove into down town Wichita to pick up the news papers. It is at this point Amanda informs me we have to fold the papers and put them in bags.  So we get to work.
(This is Amanda, one of my best friends)
The place where we were folding papers seemed to be an old warehouse.  Although there was a ton of papers to fold, the Retro Gods smiled down on my for helping my friend. Painted on the brick wall of the building was this...
(sorry its so dark, but I didn't think these people would enjoy the flash of my camera at 2 am)
Spanning a fourth of the wall was this old Royal Crown Cola  add! Im guessing it was painted on the neighboring building before the warehouse was built. It doesn't take much to make me happy.  The old advertisement, paired with the warehouse atmosphere, along with everyone busily working on folding papers made me think of the movie "The Pajama Game"  with Doris day and I started humming "Can't Waist Time" under my breath. So by 3:20 Amanda and I were off delivering papers, It was pouring down rain  so I had to roll up my jeans, and with my gray socks and converse shoes I looked like your regular 50's paper boy.
(sorry for the blurry picture, but we WERE working and didn't have time to stop)
Amanda and I were doing fine, and I found out I have a pretty fair throwing arm.  The rain was just drizzle then Amanda encountered a front porch blocked by a hedge... she threw the paper high so it would clear the bush...
And clear the bush she did! mainly because it landed on the roof! After a few a few choice words we just left another paper and finished the route.  It was a good work out, and I didn't mind helping but BOY was I tired. But I couldn't sleep, so I wrote Sundays post, and a term paper then it was 12:30 and I had to head down to the theater for the reading and didn't get out until 6:30  and then I came home and slept! Thus ending my 'Paper Boy' career.

*  *  *  
On a different note, Roxanna (over at Cheetavalour) and my self have come up with a FABULOUS idea for those of you who simply cannot join us this summer for "As Time Goes By".  Here's What you do!

1) Dress up in your very best Summer vintage/ retro clothes. (or just dress nice!)

2) Take a picture of your self (keep it clean).

3) Print said picture, and sign it with a sharpie (think Hollywood Autograph)

4) Mail it ! Send me a message at for my adress.

5) Mail it!

Then Once it arrives via snail mail, I will add it to the collection and will display them with the party decorations! That way you can be with us in spirit!

What do you people think? Wanna be apart?! Send us your picture! 



Chickens in the Basement said...

All nighters are the worst! I have been known to drive while sleeping. Yep, scared the crap out of myself and the guy who was riding with me! Thank goodness we were on a straight road with little traffic. You are a good friend and Amanda owes you BIG!

I'll have to see what I can come up with for a photo. Can Skippy pose with me?

Colleen said...

Im on this little picture thing. Saturday I'll snap that picture

Miss Megan said...

i love the paperboy look! and i'm following the girl whos comment is right above me now :).. thanks for the heads up!

Retro Keith said...

sounds like it could have been a little bit fun!?! i had the worst day ever!

Alex said...

You're such a good sport, giving up your sleep for the greater good :-) Pictures sounds like a lovely idea!

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

LOVE the Pajama a matter of fact, we've got the soundtrack on the ipod at the store (love Hernando's Hideaway!) Anyway, that building is fabulous - I guess if you were going to be staying up all weekend, that was the place to do it!!
Thanks for stopping by for a visit (glad you like that was quite interesting trying to get that in - discontinued, then found another & it was backordered...but soooo worth it!)
Have a great week!
Karla & Karrie

Java Bean Rush said...

I do like the idea of the photo so that people can be there in spirit.
I have always wondered what people on a paper route do to prep.

I didn't know they had to roll their own; I imagined there was some big machine that did it for you, like those harobeds that roll up the hay.

Thanks for sharing.

Dizzy Dame said...

I"ll try and do this! i like the photo idea

Zootsuitmama said...

Sounds familiar! But you are a really good friend to help like that! Zootsuitmama

SueLovesCherries said...

Oh, I wish I could head on down for the party but, unless I win Publishers Clearing House, it's a no-go.

I've really enjoyed your last few posts (just haven't commented) - the DuBarry, and the fab gold dvd holder!

Miss CherryBubbles said...

Good for you - coming through in a pinch for a friend! Nice paper boy outfit too ;)

Neat photo idea! I'd love to be there in spirit via photo :) I'll try to get a swell pic taken soon!